Boosie badazz fuck police

boosie badazz fuck police

Fuck The Police Lyrics: I'ma send this mothafucka here to the mothafuckin' crackers / Rot in hell mothafucka, plotting on my diamonds / They killed Venelle when.
Judging by the title, Boosie is mad. And he has a very good reason to be. On his new release, he details the recent incident that left him pepper.
Fuck the Police x10 Lyrics: This goes to that motherfucker who just maced my niece / Them motherfuckers who just took a million dollars worth...

Boosie badazz fuck police traveling Seoul

I'm at the point where I can't take this shit no more, nigga. Walked me out like I'm a killa scared the fuck out my neighbors. Dey went in Webbie house tha otha day dirty mothafuckas. Boosie BadAzz is pissed off. You pussy bitches, look how they do us niggas.
boosie badazz fuck police

Looked at me cross da street and said "Boy you ugly". Action Antifasciste Paris Banlieue. For all dat, I coulda been a bitch ass cop. And put another color suit on instead. New Video: Termanology x Saigon "We're Both Wrong". It's on now, motherfucker, boosie badazz fuck police. Sat me down put a pen and paper on the table and told me. Don't give a fuck nigga freedom or jail. You pussy bitches, pigs in trainin'. So they all put a pen and paper on the table and told me. Le Blog de Saïd Bouamama. To connect your existing account just click on the opiniones ashleymadison garantizan eficacia sitio activation button. Wonder why I look at yo ass under eye. Que fait la police? Boosie Badazz - The Rain. They do it in your city, fuckin' burn it up. You lost B, you jost Trell and want T and L.

Boosie badazz fuck police - flying Seoul

I ain't watchin' your show, you a hoe, nigga. But you dirty bitches I'm ballin' I ain't miss it at all.