Закуска на новогодний стол 2020. Канапе на праздничный стол. ENG SUB

Hello everyone what could be tastier than fried potatoes with cucumber onion and herring, only the same potatoes, but a little different, perfect for the new year, see for yourself. We’ll need potatoes, pre-clean, pickles, salted herring, salt and sunflower oil, some green onions. little say you no I will answer you cut our potatoes into these washers about 5-6 millimeters we love so preheat the pan and add vegetable or sunflower oil as once the oil is heated we lower our potato washers there and leave them there to gurgle until bubbling until Golden brown after turn over and repeat the procedure on top a little salt our washers just a little bit after cooked potatoes spread it on a napkin in order to get rid of excess and here is such a small life hack. go to our herring cut it into pieces like this about like me we go further cut cucumbers in half I have them here who knows the grade write I will be grateful then take the bow and cut off his feathers smooth them with a cross the middle our potatoes on top herring and also a pickle as I have now left the bow tie on the knots again like me if the bow is hard and breaks give it back with boiling water or throw in the microwave for a second but do the extra tips you can cut everything is ready beauty for any table if you agree put like and now tell me how you like you fried potatoes and with what we will be very happy this channel magic kitchen with you subscribe with us and happy new year everyone all the while

4 thoughts on “Закуска на новогодний стол 2020. Канапе на праздничный стол. ENG SUB

  1. Закуска на новогодний стол. Напишите, пожалуйста, в комментариях, какие #закуски вы готовите на Новый год. Очень хочется сделать этот новогодний стол особенным и приготовить все блюда по рецептам моих подписчиков)) Делитесь своими идеями, тут в комментариях, а мы один из них приготовим!!!!
    не забываем ставить хэштэг #Волшебная Кухня если готовы отдать ваш рецепт на съёмку.

  2. Отличная закуска на новогодний стол!🤠
    Спасибо за рецепт👍

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