Красивый пробег №2

Hello dear viewers here came out
the first part of this video is about beautiful mileage on cars
frankly I will tell you did not expect such reactions on the one hand a certain
I do not know the number of negative reviews why the truth probably expected to see
beautiful pro without which you can do by myself
successfully he suggested write down in comments are want to be new
rubric on video feed channel run well, as it were reviews below diablo
mean don’t want the other side got too many runs
accumulated plan Particularly active spent two Russian
volkswagen club also showed activity about their
mileage subscribers to drive2 thank you all if that
forgot to mention be sure to write about yourself in the comments next video on
media for in the next video about so everything is interesting whether you open a new
rubric on our rewind channel run us to study it comment
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put huskies well or dizlaik and of course I myself want so much be sure to write below in the comments
repeat again on yew or not to we opened a section on our channel under
her mask runs various cars so do it all yourself here and of course do not forget to send your
beautiful run on our channel sure to post next time thank you so much for watching
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2 thoughts on “Красивый пробег №2

  1. красивые совпадения ) это еще ловить все надо )

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