كيف نحفت 80 كيلو بفتره قصيره ! My Weight Loss

before anything Im wearing oversized cloths 3 months ago I uploaded a video about how i lost 40 kilos in 3 months approximately and i talked about my experience in general and thank god a lot of people benefited from my experience and they shared their experiences with me and im so happy about that And as you can see now im still on my diet and ive lost even more weight Im so happy with my results so I decided to tweet about it with a before and after pictures and it was insane my tweet reached about 3 million impressions 10k retweets and 60k likes and this isnt even my public account I didn’t imagine it will be this huge a lot of people started to ask me about my diet and they want it in details im on this diet for about 10 monthes and now ive lost more than 70KG i was 191KG and now im 114KG so, hey everybody in this video ill tell you how i lost more than 70 kilos in such a short time Before i start everything you have to know that im not a nutrition doctor or a personal trainer Im a normal person just like you but i had a goal to get fit becuse i was overwight so i decided that i have to lose wight i had a plan an i wanted to achive it and im on my plan it worked for me ( that doesn’t mean its gonna work for you) but hopefully it will help First lets talk about food A lot of people tell me that youre for sure are starving yourself Actually no im eating anything i want literally anything In the begging i was committed to shity diet food that had no taste and didn’t fill you up and without fat or oil and during that time i reduced the amount of food that i eat When i got used to it and used to the amount i had more control over myself I stopped craving food naturally So when i got to that level i went back to normal eating like burgers cheese and pizzas but with control i knew when to tell myself stop I eat normally and not eat to satisfy or to snack So know I didn’t band any type of food and im still loosing weight Except for sugar i quit sugar since i started and tbh im so comfortable with that and im not thinking of going back to sugar I have my natural sugars like fruit and im working on a video that talks about my experience with quitting sugar And now we come to the most important point Waaaaatttteeeeeerrrr I repeat water
Water is so important and try to drink as much water as you can I saw a guy in the internet who did an experiment which was to drink one gallon of water a day i loved his results and i wanted to try it was very hard to drink one gallon a day mine was like 3 liter ish And it helped me so much First my skin was so much better The black bags under my eyes is gone And the most important thing its not making me hungry so im loosing weight so fast Water is so important to focus on if you wanna loose weight Here’s the last point Organize your meals You don’t have to eat only 3 meals a day you can eat 5, 6 or even 7 Its not unhealthy you need it to survive but eat logically
Dont over eat till you cant breathe take the nutrition out of the food and don’t eat jut because you want to in the end its jut a phase and you will go back to normal eating And thats it Theres a lot of fails for me to get to where i am now Am i happy with my body now ?? Of course no im still fat and im still going to continue till i get the body i want And remember if i can then you can

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