आम का अचार जो कम से कम साल भर तो ख़राब नहीं होगा बनायें इस तरह | Aam Ka Achar Recipe | Mango Achar

today we are going to make Punjabi mango pickle we have taken 2.5 kgs of ramkela variety of raw mangoes always buy mangoes which have a lot of pulp and very little fiber only use mangoes which have a hard seed shell as pickle made with such mangoes will keep good for a year and more those with immature seed shell will not keep good for a year hence the need to use such raw mangoes chop the mangoes into medium size pieces then wash them well under running water & let the water drain out then spread it cut side up on a cotton sheet and let them dry under a fan overnight or for 10-12 hours these mangoes now are ready after overnight drying under the fan. we will now prepare the mango pickle in a large bowl put all the spices 325 grams of salt. we have used rock salt but you can use table salt if you wish if taking rock salt break the lumps as this has no added additves to make it free-flowing and hence clumps a bit together if needed you can add more salt later 125 grams of coarsely ground fennel seeds you can use whole seeds instead if you wish 125 grams of coarsely ground fenugreek seeds 75 grams of deghi mirch or 50 grams of red chilli powder. we are using deghi mirch deghi mirch imparts a very good color to the pickle deghi mirch variety of red chilli is less hot compared to the regular red chilli powder hence we are using a bit more of it 50 grams turmeric powder and 30 grams of nigella seeds mix all the spices until they combine well mixing all spices together helps in easier, faster & more uniform mixing of the spices with the mango pieces all the spices are now well combined and for 2.5 kgs of mango pieces we will use 500-600 grams of mustard oil but for now, we will add just enough oil to the spice mix to make it a damp spice mix. this will help coat the mangoes easily we will add the mustard oil a little at a time and stir the mixture, then add more oil and stir, repeating this until the spice mixture turns a bit wet we have used 100 grams of oil in the spice mixture now add some chopped mangoes to the spice mix and mix well then pour it in a jar some extra spice mix will naturally go into the jar as you transfer the mangoes to it do not worry we need to put in some spice mix in it as well repeat this process until the jar is full we will use 2 jars for the mango pickle in this recipe but you can fill all of it in one big jar the remaining mangoes 7 spices will be put in the other jar now in this jar, we will add 250 ml oil, that is, half of the total oil needed in this recipe but you may add a little more if you find this less we need to add a total of 500-600 ml oil for 2.5 kgs of mangoes which is 250-300 ml of oil in each jar if you are using two of them close the lid tightly and shake the jar thoroughly keep the jar in sunlight for 5-6 days and shake it well every morning and evening each day here are some tips to make a delicious mango pickle which will keep good for at least a year all ingredients should be fresh & take all the ingredients in the right quantities use good quality fresh raw mangoes with a hard seed shell, more pulp & less of fiber the mangoes need to be completely dry before you start making the pickle the jar you use should be dry & sterilized as well and the lid airtight keep the jar in the sun for 5-6 days after which the mango pickle will be ready to consume. the pickle will become better as it ages here we have last year’s mango pickle still very good both in looks & taste if you follow the recipe & tips given in this video your mango pickle will turn out as good as ours & will keep good for over a year do try this mango pickle & share your experience if you like our video please share it & subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon so you get our new video notifications. thanks for watching

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