[Big Eating Challenge] Super Size Paella (≒7.7lb)!! Afterwards… [MAX Suzuki] MAX Suzuki TV Good evening. I am MAX Suzuki. Today, I am visiting this restaurant ~ The restaurant called “EL TRAGON” I will have the challenging meal today. Wow~ I didn’t expect the size. Wow! This is how the meal is being made. I wonder that the viewer could see the size of the pan. Amazing! The restaurant “EL TRAGON” in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Menu: Limited Seasonal challenge meal, Paella (≒7.7lb) The doll named “Paella-kun (Mr. Paella)” I will set the timer here, so everyone could see. Rule: Complete the meal within 40 min, then it will be free of charge! Total weight is about 7.7lb. I am ready. Apology for the unclear view of the timer. Due to the time challenging meal, the video didn’t edit. There might be some unpleasant scenes. [Man] Will you upload this video today?
It’ll probably take a few days. Apology, once again. Alright, I am ready! [Man] Challenge meal, Paella. Get ready, set and go! ITADAKIMASU (Thank you for the meal) Thank you for your support! Well~ I am not sure where to start… Let me have some rice first Do you use uncooked rice to make Paella? It is dense seafood flavored. Surprising! Amazingly delicious. I will move Paella-kun. I got the strategy of completing this meal. First, shellfish. Delicious shellfish! I taste the delicious shellfish broth. It is the similar taste to “ASARI NO SAKAMUSHI” (Japanese littleneck clams simmered in SAKE (rice wine)) My strategy is having shellfish first. It is my first time I am having the Paella in this size. When I was in 3rd grade, my mother took me a trip to Spain once, and I had the Paella at there. I don’t remember the taste of it though… Visited at Madrid. Well, it’s probably nothing to relate right now. Can you all the see the timer clearly? The Paella is so delicious, however, It takes time and it’s work to eat this meal. I will use the fingers to eat. Well, thank you. What are they? [Man] Some spices for arranging the flavor. Lemon, Aioli oil with garlic flavor. Thank you! Such a thoughtful restaurant staff. Shellfish! Yes, I will have shellfish first. The broth extracted from seafood is emphasizing The first bite of the Paella rice, I thought that I could have it with plain rice as a complete meal. Thank you. Next, I will have shrimp! Shell is even eatable! Is shell eatable though? This is a regular size of shrimp, That one may look like jumbo crawfish/crayfish, yet This is so big Very rich Very rich Pretty fancy Alright I completed eating all the shellfish except “the boss” (the big one) so far Next target is the rice! Rich flavor This is fun way of eating. The bottom of the rice became like OYAKI (crunchy rice). savory aroma I am having a daydream about being in Spain by listening to the Latin music (playing at the restaurant). Adding some lemon juice matches well with rice. I like the lemon juice taste! Taste good with lemon juice. I can have some more and more. Flavor arrangement spice, in part 2. I thought that it’ll taste rich, yet, it tastes pretty light. Delicious! Even using flavor arrangement spices won’t takeover the original flavor of Paella. I like those spices. This is so delicious. I haven’t figured out when to get on the forte yet (the lobster). “GANBATTE” (Cheering you!) I am feeling heavy in my stomach. I will concur the forte (referring to the lobster). I like to eat crustaceans very much. So good~ Delicious!! Tasty claw fingers! Let me place it there. Claw fingers taste so good. Let me use the other claw finger to get the meat out. In general, this is how to use the claw fingers in Spain. Hah! I am kidding. This looks like “INROU” from “MITOKOUMON” (JIDAIGEKI: Japanese Edo era drama). So big! This reminds me of the Godzilla vs something…. like an enemy… wow “MOSHI MOSHI” (“Hello” imitating making a call).
Doesn’t mean anything much… Is the head part eatable? [Man] Yes, it is. [Man] Crack in half and open. There will be innards. You could sip those innards. Is this it?
[Man] Yes. [Man] Sip the innards, then you will get a strong shrimp taste. Very rich!
[Man] Yes, it is rich. [Man] The is good. This flavor will go well with liquor.
[Man] I do agreed. [Man] You may bit the shell, and sip the innards. This is amazing!
[Man] Yes, I like it too. So good. This is luxury food! Well, the shrimp….. What?!? What is it? “IKA” HA “IKA” GA? (joke and rhyming) What is going on?! A squid was hiding. This Paella is seafood luxury! The meal’s main seafood was not only the lobster but also this squid. Amazing! Ouch! Only 13 minutes remains. It’s cool looking isn’t it? Squid~ There are 10 tentacles certainly. This is a squid. Delicious. Fresh-like texture. This squid was stepped on the lobster whole time. This flavor reminds me of having grilled squid from food stands at some festival. Apology for using fingers. Good texture. I should’ve used the sauce… The flavor could have been better…. Oh well I am getting quiet….. Consider that is because I am facing the difficulties of completing this meal. Thank you for the meal
[Man] Thank you. GOCHISOU SAMA DESHITA (Thank you for the meal) Thank you. Thank you. Can you see this? Completed!! [Man] You completed the meal, [Man] there is a gift for you. Oh! Gift?
[Man] One moment please. What will that be? Take a look! The mounted shells. Can you see the amount? Compare the size to my face. Gift?? [Man] Excuse me. Well, I am pretty full. I was told that the total weight was 7.7lb….. I would say this…. This wasn’t the same deal as 7.7lb curry & rice or 7.7lb RAMEN noodle challenges. I felt like I had about 13.2lb of meal. I wonder the rich broth flavor made me feel it so….. Surprisingly the meal made me so full. I am glad that I completed the meal though. Big size of spoon! Right! (Imitating “eyesight exam”) The Paella-kun (Paella doll) helped me… ARIGATO~ (Thank you) My name is Paella-kun. Is Paella-kun chef or a customer? His hair looks like GOKUU (an anime character). Big nose! I felt the breeze of Spain. [Man] Well, I present this for completing the Paella meal to you…. [Man] This is the gift [Man] This is very rich Shrimp Ajillo. Thank you so much.
[Man] Congratulations! Thank you. Looks like very rich Thank you so much!
The gift was very rich shrimp ajillo~. Well, how to eat an ajillo meal is… Dip in the bread to eat, doesn’t it?
Oh! Soft and warm, freshly baked bread. Thank you very much. It is all about shrimp meal, isn’t it? Wow! So good! This is so good. I can have some more! This is so good! [Man] Cooking with rich shrimp innards in the ajillo, go well with the bread. Cooking with the innards which I had earlier? [Man] Well, it is not the exactly same spices of shrimp’s innards, but yes, cooking shrimp innards for this ajillo. Wow~ Delicious~.
Thank you once again. So delicious. Oh, I see it. This is the innards. Do you see it? Innards. Very good flavor. This innards tastes different than which I had earlier with Paella. To describing this ajillo is that UMAMI (savory flavor) is emphasizing, rather than rich dense flavor. Hot! It is a luxury food! This is the last bit of shrimp. I am satisfied. GOCHISOU SAMA DESHITA (Thank you for the meals). They were all delicious! See ya~

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  1. オープニング凄く良かったー!

  2. チャレンジだけじゃ無く パーティーメニュー等でも提供して欲しい🎵
    しかし 70cm幅を焼けるオーブン?グリル?が有るお店 素晴らしい!

  3. 有吉ゼミのヤツだー!

  4. 嫌がらせにしか見えなかったオチだけど、楽しめたんならこっちもOKですwwwwwwww

  5. MAXさんお願いなのでコメント欄閉鎖してください。

  6. 曽根ちゃんの放送より前に挑戦したんですかね?量が曽根ちゃんと違いますね😳曽根ちゃんのパエリア4.6キロだったけど、、🙄

  7. 今日は、凄い可愛さも出てクスクス笑いながら動画見ました~!最近いい動画ですね。顔が見えないと最初心配しましたがカメラ直しテクれて、凄い美味しさが表情トークから伝わりました。あー楽しかった

  8. 誰のせいでもないんだけど、鉄板とスプーンが擦れ合う音でめっちゃ鳥肌立つ…ぞわぞわする…

  9. MAXさん、体調悪いんじゃないですか?


  10. MAXの動画見てるといつも思うんだけど、お見苦しい場面申し訳ございませんとか謝り倒してて、そんなに言わなきゃいけないこと?なんかすごく気を使っててなんだか可愛そう。

  11. 開けたら閉める!付けたら消す!バラしたロブスターは元に戻す!大人の基本ですね!

  12. わー😅 はんばないっすね❤ マックス鈴木さん 店員さんに対してすごく髪の毛対応🎵 パエリア美味しそうですね😉

  13. Hola me gusta verte 👀👀🤔🤣🤣🤣🇩🇪🏡👏👏👏👍💪💖🤴 tú siempre feliz y tubreaccion con la comida , yo también quiero comervasi y no engordar , traductor por favor ok chao sigue así 👍👍👍 te veo en instagram👀👀💪👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘😘

  14. Estas comiendo paella española ole y ole 👏👏👏👏👍🇪🇸🇪🇸👏👏👍

  15. パエリヤの具材を、食べなれてるみたいですね。貝類の食べ方が、綺麗ですね(^_^)ど真ん中に写っているロブスターかな?ですが、デカイですね(*_*)

  16. えー 小学生の時 スペイン行ったんですか〰 お金持ちなんですね❗
    私は父親が自営業してましたから 旅行一切行ったことないです しいて言えば 海ですね 逗子 江ノ島 三浦海岸❤でした。

  17. 相変わらず食べっぷり


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  19. マックスさんにはいつも、笑わせられておりますwwwそのキャラで頑張って!元気が出ます!

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