【大食い】【ノーカット】3.5kgボロネーゼ!15分で完食なるか!?チッタ激盛りダンク VOL.4【ロシアン佐藤】【Russian Sato】

Hangry Monster! Hello, I’m Russian Sato. Today, I’m going to try the final challenge at the Chitta Mega Dunk. I’ve already tried 3 of them. I was able to finish eating all mega dishes at 3 restaurants I tried. As the last challenge, I want to try the most difficult mega dish out of 15 challenges in my opinion. R: Thank you so much!
Audience (A): You can do it, Monster! R: One of the audience is a guy who eats the fastest. And, another audience is a guy who can eat the most in Japan. The most difficult challenge is this Naples Bolognese at Osteria Galileo. It weighs 3.5 kg, and this wouldn’t be a problem. But the time limit is only 15 minutes. Apparently, the guy who can eat really fast over there said that he took 12 minutes to finish this. How was it? Max Suzuki (M): In this challenge, I burnt myself for the first time. Hard! I’ll try my best! Let’s do this! Please watch~! I’m at the restaurant. I have a lot of audience who are praying for me. He is Mr. Kamiyama who can eat really fast (can eat 2 rice ball in 30 seconds). He is Max Suzuki who can eat a lot. He is Mr. Ishii who can make huge ramen. She is Ms. Osaki who is a professional basketball player. She is a member of the women basketball team in Japan. Crazy! This is the first time I met her. She drinks a lot, apparently. She likes sumo. I feel relaxed now and talked a lot but I wouldn’t be able to say anything in the challenge. Let’s go! This way. It is a Neapolitan restaurant. Osteria Galileo
They serve authentic Italian food. They import ingredients from Italy and use fresh seafood and meat. I’m going in. Enter! I’m in the restaurant! The pasta takes 7 minutes. I think this is really hard… I’m very nervous. These are the general rules at the Mega Dunk challenge. How do I feel? I wanna finish it in time but I’m not sure… I’ll do my best! Wow! It’s here! Worker (W): Thank you for waiting.
R: Can I open my eyes?
W: Yes. Huge! Weighs 3.5 kg
Time limit: 15 minutes
If I fail, have to pay 5600 yen. 【Caution】
Big and fast eater challenges are dangerous activities which give you a physical burden.
Please do not attempt.
They could cause life-threatening injuries such as suffocation, organ lacerations, and burns.
Please enjoy only watching me trying these challenges! Time to fight! I’m nervous! Which hand am I supposed to hold these? Forgot how to hold a spoon and fork. Shoot! I’m too nervous! Friends, workers, and the owner are looking over me! A: You can do it! Itadakimasu~
I apologize for my eating manner in some parts of the video. If you feel uncomfortable, please watch my other videos. It’s really hot. I wanna eat this slowly. When I put a chunk of the pasta in my mouth, the center of the pasta releases the heat! So hot! The hot pasta is coated with lots of olive oil, and it makes the pasta not cool down. In addition, the pasta is perfectly al dente, so I can’t swallow it smoothly. I’m in a hurry and trying to put bigger than bite size of the pasta. It’s not good because it messes up with my own pace. The pasta is coming out from the pasta… Good speed! It’s important to maintain the rhythm of wrapping the pasta, put it in my mouth, and swallow! The pasta becomes chewy as it cools down. Not being able to drop the pasta to the bottom of my stomach↓
Mistook how I distributed water and fat. The food is staying in my stomach. If food stays in the upper part of my stomach, I can’t swallow much. The number of times I drink water indicates how bad I am doing… The pasta doesn’t go down to the bottom even though I’m drinking lots of water. The time is almost up! My chest feels tight…! I didn’t notice the time. I failed the challenge! I feel frustrate! It’s not the temperature. It didn’t go down. The pasta didn’t go down. I feel so frustrated! Darn! It wasn’t smooth. It’s really different from ramen and hard to eat. If I mistake the amount of water, food will
be stuck in my chest. So, I can’t put food in my body even if I want to. This is why I was slow at the end. I can swallow it but the food doesn’t go down. This happens when I eat soupless noodles. Bad strategy.
The noodles were harder than I thought. I’m going to finish it because it’s delicious! Very filling bolognese with fresh tomatoes and big chunk of other ingredients Diced potatoes are nice and fluffy! Owner: When you finish it, there is a dessert too.
R: I want it! I wanna eat gelato! This is the last bite! I finished it all! Gochisousamadeshita~! Gochisousamadeshita!! Thank you so much! It was “Bono!” These handsome staff took me to the door! It was so close! But I really enjoyed the pasta. It was a bad strategy. Soupless noodles like pasta tends to be stuck in my chest. I wasn’t able to make the pasta go down. So I was really slow towards the end. I needed to consider more how I tackle big eating challenges. I learned a lot from today’s challenge at Osteria Galileo. I want to try more big eating challenges in the future. So please subscribe to this channel if you want to see me trying big eating challenges! Alright! Hangry Monster! Thank you very much for watching till the end as always! Today, I tried 3.5 kg of the Neapolitan bolognese at Osteria Galileo, the final boss at the Chitta Mega Dunk challenge. It was delicious even though I wasn’t able to finish it in 15 minutes. It was very filling! It has fresh tomatoes and chunky potatoes. Please try this! They have normal size too! Alright! I’ll see you in the next video! Bye bye~!

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  1. 油分の多いもの食べるのに冷たい水はNGでは…。常温かほんの少し温かくして貰えば良かったのに。

  2. たしかに厳しい制限時間だしすぐに感想を言いたくなる気持ちもわかるけど、作ったシェフが目の前にいるのに、食べにくい!とかの感想はどうかな〜〜と…

  3. I really enjoy your videos. For soupless pasta, try pouring some drinking water over the dish – if it's allowed. That will help both to cool down the dish and add some liquid to help it go down more easily.

  4. 特にファンでもなく、ときどき目にとまった動画見せて頂いてますが、批判コメントが容赦なくて動画内容云々抜きで嫌な気分に(^_^;)

  5. Oh Wow!!! You are awesome!!!!…i might not understand Japanese but i enjoyed watching you and your friends do the challenges!!!!😊👍

  6. チャレンジを見てて、いつも思うんですが、激熱との対決の時、一生懸命食べた後に水を飲んでいますが、直接そのものに水をかけて冷ますのは反則なんですか?それともたぶ-なんでしょうか?

  7. ロシアンちゃんには早食いではなく、味わって食べる大食いのが合っていると思います。急いで食べると詰まりますよね、美味しさも半減する気がする。早食い部門は他の方にお任せして。笑

  8. You took WAY too much time tried to rolled the noodle. U spent more times rolling the noodles than eating. Too sad u lost. Next time just eat it with a fork. Lol

  9. 見ててハラハラしちゃう!
    心配になってきちゃいました( ´∀`)ハハハ

  10. いつもは可愛いと思ってたけど、今回はかっこいい!

  11. 最近ロシアンちゃんの動画色々見返しててたまたまこれみたらお店でサウンドオブミュージック流れててそっちに気がいってしまった😂

  12. Thank for doing in English subtitles…I think u did really good to come close to the time …you nearly there ..😊

  13. 3キロも4キロも食べないけど普段から早食いだから麺が詰まるってめっちゃ分かる…スパゲティ食べてる時いっつも胸らへんが詰まって苦しくなる

  14. 制限時間には間に合わなかったけど、全部食べれる事自体すごい。

  15. おおー!それでもすごい! でも、たまに失敗した方が毎回の緊張感あるからもっと面白くなりますね。

  16. オーナーもシェフも見守ってねぇよww 携帯見てるしお互いしゃべってるしw ただの見物客やんww オーナーなんてほとんどロシアンさんの方見てないよね

  17. パスタ大好きだからイケそうと思ってるが無理だな。(笑)てか、食レポ上手いですね。凄く内容が伝わって来ます。後、2回目から登録してます。可愛い声や顔や仕草やクッキング。毎回楽しみにしてます。(≧∇≦)お疲れ様でした。👏( ˊᵕˋ*)パチパチ

  18. くるくる巻き過ぎでタイムロス

  19. 今まで見てきたロシアンさんの大食いって楽しんでる?というかとりあえずそんな感じがしててこのシリーズのチャレンジも今までは楽しんでる感じが少しだけしてたのに今回本当に鬼気迫る感じでやばいんだなぁとね(語彙力)むっさかっこよかった!!!!!!

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  21. ロシアンさん好きだったんですが、ほとんど噛まずに食べてるのに気付いて何だか苦手になりました。

  22. 最近見始めたばかりでこの動画はおすすめに出てきたんですが、この回のロシアンいつにも増して可愛いね。パスタでかすぎて衝撃だけど、こんなちっこくて細いのに最後までちゃんと綺麗に食べるからすごいよ!

  23. I laugh a lot when she hasn't idea how to use a spoon and a fork because that's me with a sticks😂😂😂

  24. ロシアンでも苦手な食材があるんですね。

  25. この量を15分で食べろとか

  26. 15分が短かろうとそれにチャレンジするのは本人が決めるんだから店が意地悪とかは違くね。異常に熱すぎるとかどんな言いがかりw温いのなんてまずいし。

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