【MUKBANG】 The Gyoza Love♡, Donbei Dumpling-Style Noodles + 30 Dumpling, 5.3Kg 5781kcal[CC Available]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka
(English subs by ~Aphexx~) so today! tadaa I’ll be eating Nissin’s fried gyoza udon noodles
(english subs by ~Aphexx~) on the package its written
“Gyoza love” ~I too am very “Gyoza love”~ alrighty lets get cookin’ this is Nissin’s ‘Donbei’ fried gyoza udon noodles ‘Gyoza love’
udon noodles the picture is so Kawaii ~but whats up with the frog and bunny?~
why those animals? this is what it looks inside its got quite a lot of onion in it
and plenty of meat as well K… we’ve got 9 packs worth in here pour hot water on it…. and lid tadaa they’re done looks so delish it smells so wonderful
I also have 30 gyozas to eat with it such a delish looking meal
itadakimasu so hot and steamy chives, chili and meat in this and these ‘donbei’ udon noodles are so yummy
as well they look so yummy and here we’ve got some gyoza
the charred bits look so yummy ahh so good it totally tastes like gyoza the soup is strongly flavored and has a nice spicy hit
a very Japanesey flavor … well its gyoza flavored with a nice hit of togarashi spice
its so delish I totally thought that they had tiny gyozas in the soup
itself… but instead its gyoza flavored udon noodles its such a strong flavored soup
… its so delish and the noodles remind me of gyoza skins in how
nice and chewy they are… they’re so yummy and now for a regular gyoza this is so delish as well
gyozas are the ‘bestest’ they taste great as an udon noodle dish
or the regular way as well ~ it broke ~ I stripped the gyoza apart its made with cabbage chive and minced meat
its pretty well a gyoza in itself I love the flavor that gushes out when
you bite down on some of the minced meat ok so I think I’ll top the gyoza udon noodles
with some gyozas they taste great on their own as well the gyoza skin separated from the gyoza and the
meat inside melted into the soup this is def: gonna taste great I’m in Gyoza heaven right now and since its in soup form you don’t need a dipping
sauce for the gyoza either when you add it to the soup the gyozas taste
way better that gyoza skin mellowed out in the yummy soup you can also experience the charred gyoza
skin at the same time… such a wonderful taste experience since I made the soup on the strong side
I’ll add some hot water perfect I’ll drop all the gyoza in it now last gyoza goshisosamadeshita
the gyoza flavored udon were so tasty eating gyoza with this gyoza flavored soup
tasted really wonderful these fried gyoza have that wonderful
caramelized crust on them that makes them taste so much better than boiled wontons in soups
especially with that wonderful crunch and since this soup is fried gyoza flavored
it tastes so good when its soaked into those gyoza pieces as well the gyoza flavored udon noodles were very delish
as well these gyozas made me really crave a big bowl of rice these were so tasty won’t you all give them a try? and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this
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