현실적인 운동의 이유

Sorry if your ears hurt Hello everyone Turn off the music Today’s finally the last day of fitness & exercise lectures Since it’s the last day we’re going to try
what we’ve learned from the lecture And there’s some papers I should submit I can get my certificate after I submit these documents It’s the final stage How can I clap? I’m going to buy something to drink, and water and I’m going to eat chicken breast I brought and the protein bar, protein BAAR then going to the afternoon lecture.. oh right Today’s sunday It’s summer vacation now and I’m not sure
the convenient store inside the building is open Is it? I should at least get water It suddenly became a survival game There’s a foot volleyball going on Someone’s telling people to eat lunch
and stop playing foot volleyball What’s Jokgu in English?
(Jokgu: Foot vollyeball in Korean) Jok is foot in Korean so,
Foot, and ball, football? Football is that american football Like..this.. Right? you hit people like this..? football? That’s not an important thing anyway You were busy I know A little bit I’m learning now Can you understand if I talk slow? Can you understand if I talk slow in Korean? understand? Yes I can understand Don’t worry – Goamoon
– Goamoon?? Gwanghwamoon! Gwanghwamoon Guys I finished! This exam is not that difficult If you study for 1-2 months you can pass it But still there’s additional course after you take exam But that’s a bit too long Anyways I feel good Aren’t I slim? I first started working out was
serving the military Every korean guy should serve the military in Korea Because of this I started workout Before military I’ve never been to fitness club Soccer with my friends was the only exercise I did So I was very skinny, though I was quite tall Then I got scared before I go to military So I first started from pushup Then went to military after I gained some muscles This is how I started And the reason why I kept on going was to keep in shape This is S by the way, not P or B I’m not good at writing I worked out to be in good shape in 20s But as I get older being late 20s and early 30s reason is 20s : shape 100% / health 0% You know in 20s, you don’t gain weight
no matter what you eat and always healthy by default But this changed when I became 30s Like this. shape 60% / health 40% This is a big change so 6:4 reason for workout You could think that
‘you workout because of money?’ The good effect of workout is amazing guys I heard that medical insurance in Korea is so good
that we pay much less for it than other countries Then what we pay for our health maintenance would be
fitness center, personal trainer, and workout tools Then the reason why I told you because of money is Do you remember I used to work at a hospital? What I realized at hospital is
when you listen to their history Those who work out regularly
barely suffer from serious health issues people who workout have less chance to be sick Then naturally it connects with money,
hospital bills Doctors also said people who workout regularly
recover much faster from surgery than those who don’t and have less chance for surgery go wrong You’d misunderstand I thought that way too by the way You’d be sick anyways even if you work out
then why should I do it? You might ask like this A lot think this way including people around me then here’s what I realized from hospital You’d get sick anyways though you work out But you’d sick slowly And your health condition gets bad slowly than others You don’t live 100-200 years when you work out But if you get sick and didn’t work out? Seriously I’m not even kidding
You might die You’ve known wrong if you thought
you can recover 100% after you get sick Let’s say there’s a really healthy person
and this person got surgery Then this person would recover his 70-80% of
his health condition, 80% at the most Of course it’d be different depending on their age Lastly this might explain everything If you make workout as a habit Your daily life would change completely
and its impact is unbelivable I mean unbelivable in a very good way Your mindset is different first off
no matter what you do It affects your relationships The power coming from work out is amazing Then you’d ask
‘what if I get hurt while working out?’ My advice is
don’t do alone when you’re starting for the first time Think as an investment
and learn it from experts I used to workout without
any proper knowledge at military I injured my rotator cuff
even when I was 21 years old It’s Hoejeongeungae in Korean My rightside rotator cuff teared a bit and what was I doing? chin-ups It still hurts sometimes when I pose wrong So you should! learn how to work out Thank you for wathing my video, as always 🙂
and I’m gonna take a shower now you don’t have much time to run actually
Run when you can

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  1. Haha…funny to see that people all over the world sing loudly in their cars while driving! 🤣😂 Interesting vlog on the benefits of exercise.

  2. Good day YoonSun! I have seen milkis but never tried it, was it Good? I liked this video! What are you looking to do once you've finished all your college courses?
    Thank you for the video, and for sharing your dining/rapping skills. 😁😁

  3. 20대 후반으로서 확실히 30넘어갈 즈음엔 체력이 떨어진다는 이야기를 실감하네요ㅠㅠ 없던 병도 생기고 그래서 스쿼트 운동을 하려고 하는데 한번 할때 몇개씩 해야 효과적일까요??

  4. Listen, if I leave the house that counts as exercise!

    (P.S. In the UK, if someone says “soccer” we suddenly get temporary deafness and amnesia! Soccer? We don’t know her!)

  5. The working out really make sense, I've started every morning, and 조금씩 조금씩 (to not have my muscle hurti. ng) takes a long way! Enjoy your vids, gamsahamnida!

  6. Love your narration! AGREE…. 100%! I exercise for 3 reasons…….1. I feel great and…..2. For my health….3. To keep me looking young! You look FABULOUS Yoon……..your so much fun…….keep on keeping on!

  7. I started to exercise 3 weeks ago! Habit is slowly building! I feel so much better. 💪🥳 when I started I couldn't do a plank.. now I can hold it for 20 seconds 💪💪 let's save money, everbody!!! Fighting!! 💪💪

  8. That video reminds me of a book that I read a few days. It was about how does our brain work? And can we improve it? And that neurosurgeon talked about the numerous benefits we can have by working out regularly! That was really compelling! Anyway… I really enjoy the positiveness that's reflected in your video!😊🙋‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  9. i'll just work on accepting my chubby self 😀 on a sidenote because of your thumbnail a song got stuck in my head all throughout your video >.<

  10. It's been a while since Ive cringed in laughter but when that music stopped oh my goodness. I think lip singing is your best bet but as usual you got me thinking and I'm not in the mood to share my every thought but I'm in the mood to what? Work out that's what. Bout to go hit the gym which wasn't on my to do list today. See the influence you have on some folks. You're good peeps. (Peeps is slang for people just in case you didn't know)

  11. 지금까지 꾸준히 운동하다가 게을러졌는데 이 영상 보고 좋은 동기부여였습니다! ㅋㅋㅋ 이 영상 진짜 필요했어요 ㅠㅠ

  12. 윤선님 제가 잘못 알고있는건지 모르겠는데
    지금 피티쌤하신다고 알고있는데
    저도 배우고싶은데 다른 곳이 너무 비싼데요
    윤선님은 얼마나 받으시는지 궁금해요
    그 헬스장이 저렴한가요??

  13. I think it should not be "Hospitality." It should be hospitalization instead (referring
    to be admitted to the hospital for treatment). The former one refers to receiving your guests warmly or taking care of your guests well. No offense mate. ✌️ I really like your vlogs & your concept. Very informative.

  14. I had no idea you were so good at English^^ I thought maybe someone else made your English subtitles. You might have said it before but I'm a new subscriber so maybe I missed it lol

  15. I think many people that have the option to go to a gym that is near, affordable, or have a car to travel, do not appreciate it enough. More choice and options regarding working out leads to harder habit forming.

  16. In France , the health insurance is really good also but it's not because of this i don't workout I'm just too lazy. Actually I'm going to work with my bike so it's a beginning ahahahaha
    your vlogs is like a motivation
    Hope you'll continue your video !!!!

  17. I was very active when I was younger and a competitive swimmer, but then I got an injury, stopped and got a very negative feeling associated with with workouts. I've tried alot for a long time, but I never seem to be able to form the same workout habits. I guess I just gotta continue to try

  18. … And thank you for this video.. I'm on a serious health kick and I have been losing weight for a while now.. But I really need to start exercising too 💪🏻… I'm on it 👏🏻 👏🏻

  19. 미안한데.. 점점 영상이 노잼입니다.
    패턴이 정해져있어요. 느끼하고 노잼이기도 하고.
    오글거리는 말(행동) 하고서는 갑자기 느끼한 씨익.. 상황에 맞거나 실제 웃긴거거나 해야 그 씨익이 쿨한거지.
    또, 화면 가득한 키워드랍시고 자막이나, 노트에 강의식으로 쓰는것도 이것도 런업인가 그 분처럼 그게 적재적소 상황에서 써야하는데, 그런 상황도 아닌데 무조건 나오고.. 안타깝네여

  20. Wait wait WAIT…..did you say you’re gonna eat chicken and a protein bar??

    No hamburger!??!!!!! Who are you and what did you do with YoonSun!???

  21. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 스케치북에 영어적으셔서 설명해주기는거 웃겨용!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    영어공부도 되고!! 이해력도 올라가요 🙆🏻‍♀️

  22. Falou tudo! Fazer exercícios com eficiência é importante e manter saudável em corpo e mente. Obrigada pelo vlog motivador ! Ganhou uma curtida " Gostei"!

  23. You know why I workout?
    Because I love to cook and eat 😩
    Exercise helps me sleep better and gives me more energy to.
    I hate it though 😩

  24. Damn.. I skipped my yoga lesson today and then you upload this video PWAHAHA! Ok Ok.. I will exercise tomorrow :X I AGREE! For me its like 80% health, 20% body.. If I don't exercise.. I take a very long time to recover from sickness or I get sick really easily :X seeing a doctor is expensive in my country 🙁

  25. Dude I love your personality so much. Thank you for more motivation. I think it would be cool for you to do a workout video at some point. I'm curious to see what all you do. You dont have to though. ☺️ much love to you 💕

  26. 좋은 운동 꿀팁 알려줘셔서 정말 고맙네요 우리 귀요미동이 형님 🙂 역시 우리 형의 몸에 아주 좋은데 섹시 보이네요 ㅎㅎ 🙂 그럼 고생많았어요 ^^ 언제나 멋지네요 ^^ 오늘도 좋은 할구 보내세용 🙂 시간이 있으면 같이 영어말 연습하장 🙂

  27. 매번 해야지 해야지 하면서 못하고 (안하는) 운동 (…) 지옥같지만 끝나면 뿌듯함 백배죠 ㅠㅠ 그래도 시작이 반이라는 말을 믿고 매번 작심일분 입니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 흑흑 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  28. Hi From Indonesia, just found your channel. I enjoy watching your videos, funny, simple and interesting. Keep uploading videos 🙂

  29. Yoonsun don’t listen to American football its a mess! I wish America had a different name for it! Korea is more advance then America. You are amazing! English is sounding good! I pay $36 for a gym no personal training. Jobs do not pay for gym time in my area.
    Habit in America is hard because life does not matter. work is (90%) life and personal is 10% (work and kids, sad life) when I worked all I thought about was work and how to make life easy for others! sometimes I wish life was like Korea! I like working out but I do it because if I get sick it is bad.
    An awsome video like always, one day I will go to Korea (better food) and everyone has a healthier vibe! Yoonsun, thank you for the hard work!

  30. As someone who injured herself while working out too hard for too long. Yes, please! Don't overdo it. Most importantly stay hydrated. We're almost chronically dehydrated. So drink up, keep cool and stay safe. Remember, quality vs. quantity.

  31. Good video about health effects of working out 😊 I do some regular excercise but this inspired me to work out even more 💪😊

  32. Thank you for the motivation! Just what I needed to hear to get back on track! I exercise when it’s convenient, but I need to focus on it being a daily habit again. I am in my early thirties and I am starting to care about exercise more for the health benefits(it doesn’t hurt to look great too😂). It’s also great for mental health!

  33. Sorry I haven't been here for you, I apologize 😢. I have to take care of my brother who has cancer. Since I was a nurse he asked me to take care of him and I couldn't say no. Just always know that I'll be here for you it just might be a day or two before you hear from me because I have injections in my spine between you and taking care of my brother. I always love your vlogs and I wait patiently for you to post more vlogs. As always I can't wait for the next vlog and much love sent to you and your mom. Love and prayers for you And your mom always

  34. I really enjoy learning about Korean lifestyle and Seoul neighborhoods through your channel… I'm half Korean so I like seeing my mom's country 🙂

  35. I haven't worked out in a very long time and I feel ashamed. I feel like working out now, the only hard part is getting up! 😅

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