? Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ➖ ‘Over The Rainbow’ & ‘What A Wonderful World’ Medley ➖ 1993 ?

💚 Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – ‘Over The Rainbow’ & ‘What A Wonderful World’ – 1993 Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole (Oahu, 20 May 1959 – Honolulu, 26 June 1997) was an American singer and musician native of Hawaii. It is also known by the pseudonyms Bruddah Iz, or Bradda IZ, or simply IZ He became famous in 1993 with the release of the record ‘Facing Future’ containing the medley of the songs ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’ He died from respiratory problems 26 June 1997 at the age of 38 years His ashes – as you can see in the video – were scattered in the ocean at Makua Beach

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  1. An angelic voice and voice for the Hawaiian people. A beautiful soul, I never knew him, and that is unfortunate for me.

  2. If the world was more like this instead of hatred and discrimination of each other race color religion and where you are from. There would be peace and harmony but until then I will be ok with who you are and have peace so I can live with myself knowing I'm not like this society wants me to be.

  3. Holy ghost gives me shivers an reassurance when I hear this song. Thats why I p.u.s.h
    Pray until something happens
    Trust me Jesus sees tears

  4. I don't understand how people can't listen to this type of music its as if all that spiritual trap music has clogged their heads with a bunch of irrealistic bullshit.

  5. Anybody ever been to the Islands? A paradise they all once used to be. Today tourism is the main source of income to everyone who works. We took that paradise without blinking.
    Isi should never have had to lose what evolution gave those great peoples.
    Those islands are the very last of unpolluted pieces of land.
    We tried to turn them into paid slaves but they would rather fish and just live. This is why we shipped in people from other places where people wanted to work.
    Philippines, Samoa, Japan, This is why there may be ten thousand full-blooded Hawaiians that still exist on this on this planet.
    I was there on the Big Island in January 1983 when the volcano started talking again.
    IF you ever go, go to the Big Island. There is everything you could want to see and see it on one island. Over the Rainbow.

  6. I plan to become one of the greatest authors ever later on in my life and the way I get ideas for stories and chapters is through music, and mostly the tune of the song not the lyrics themselves. I can't stop listening to this song because what I imagine is the main character of the book I'm currently writing; who's gone through these tramatic events in his life and struggles with PTSD and mild deppression, suddenly finding a sense of peace and calm.

  7. I want this to be the first song I learn on the uke, and that is entirely because of the joy this man’s voice gave me listening to his songs when I was a kid. mahalo ❤️❤️

  8. This has always been my favorite song, it makes me feel safe. He had the voice of an angel, and who knows, maybe he was one

  9. My son ..my only child.dedicated this song too me when he was 16 yrs old..u see my son&i r only 15 yrs apart and he is my heart&soul..when i was told too "not have him".."i was too young"..he has been my blessing since..i had no clue at 15 what i was gonna do but i knew he was going too be my priority..and now i am so blessed too say he is now 31yrs old and an amazing young man!!i guess u can say we " grew up together "but it's the best thing that has ever happened in my life!♡♡

  10. This is just a YouTube poster capitalizing on someone else's Talent. Nothing else. Pretty sad. Look at their description. It makes no sense. It's nothing more than a way to grab searches. You people are pathetic.

  11. In 2019, more than 20 years after he left us, Iz's songs still touch us. I hope he is smiling every time someone listens to this. Greatness never dies………..

  12. does anyone know where i can get the instrumental and the humming or "OHHH" part from.  We want to play this for walking down the isle?

  13. Cool story: heard the comm. that had this song, got drawn to it as a lullaby and learned lyrics while wife expecting. Come to find her family saw the guy live back in the day, (they’re also into folk and bluegrass). My 3yo daughter still asks me to sing it to her most nights. Such a good song!

  14. I had no clue this song came out so (fairly) recently. I thought it was one of those classics from like the 40's. This really is a classic that's probably gonna out last us all.

  15. Holaaa no Israel no va morir nunca. Dejo un hermoso recuerdo con su canción. Y eso hará q en cada arco iris lo veamos y recordemos. Gracias x tanta admiración. ?????????????

  16. Beautiful song, beautiful voice. My wife and I love this song. I went to the University of Hawaii. I can relate to this song. We are all Ohana. (Family).

  17. The best song ever …so sad he left us . One of the most talented musicians in a world of fake and synthesized singers. Thank you so much for this song ❤️

  18. I’m using this song for a very special project. It’s perfect for any touching event; weddings, baby showers, parties that mark something special, etc. it’s a beautiful song. I highly recommend it

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