? Cómo Añadir Animaciones en los Vídeos ?

The integration between real characters and cartoons is a technique that has impressed me since in 1988 I went to the cinema to see the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” film begins with a short animation entitled “something is cooking ” but he stopped shouting cut, cut, cut, cut and shows us a movie set where flesh and blood people living with cartoon It was not the first film to show this technique 1964 as it did in Mary Poppins later 1971 “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” and 1977 “Pete,s Dragon” However, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit Robert Zemeckis It was the one I saw on the big screen and aroused my curiosity to know how. today thanks to the Internet we can see how the special effects of movies and series are made but at that time It was not so easy to get that information current cartoons are created by computer programs that give volume and dimensions, and once created the movements are generated changing the position of the parts forming the character however the drawings that appear in this film were hand-painted at any time without using the computer for processing all the odd touch the shadows and highlights to improve its three-dimensional appearance in movies before recording Storyboard plan drawings by this way then it is much easier to place the character in the right place plane in my videos I use the external monitor to encuadrarme and fix the area where the elements appear later add and above all if they have good dialog calculate times that once added post-production is perfect. … In the tab “review” we will be able to use a number of predefined graphics that …. I did not tell you that your Salias at the end, your sentence is ultimately not now A series of graphics ehhhh .. Predefined that that phrase was not going to tell me. No, he tells you that you Salias at the end, your sentence is not the end … I see now want to be the protagonist A video frame comprises that reproduced one after another form the movement If we export all frames in a sequence to treat each of them in photoshop and apply any effect that can be made to a photograph such as for example removing the case from this scene using the patch tool, if applied to all frames at the end will disappear Video briefcase as well as eliminate can also include objects that initially were not on the plane using this ancient technique of treating the frames separately this technique is that I will use to include “Mummy” in my video will use part of an episode of “Discover with Tadeo” we will see below How it is performed. once you imported video in Adobe Premiere and taken to the timeline I’ll just cut and stay with the frames using the tool needed knife eliminating once and I cut everything else then to give me work I will remove image parts that I will not use I cut using the effect found in video effects, apply it to clip and effects controls will to clip the whole area on the left, I’ll play it using the playhead to refine the cut and not lose any area of ​​the mummy in a frame Once correctly applied the next cut is to export the video frames ie obtaining each of the frames that compose separately for editing then in photoshop. For export we ensure that we selected the entire video with the taskbar and go to “File” “Export” and select “media” format we will choose PNG in setting We choose “PNG sequence with alpha” for the black background export to us as transparent, on behalf output I will select the folder where you want the frame to be saved. I created above a folder called “momia sin fondo” and press the select save the video tab verify that the option to export as sequence and include alpha channel is selected In addition we will select “Prosecute the maximum depth” and “use maximum processing quality” once we have the options marked will press export. If we now go to the folder “momia sin fondo” we all frames listed 0 to 45. if we displayed we can see the animation Then we will take them to photoshop. select it and click open with photoshop Once I cut all the frames I use the tool “Magic eraser” to remove most of the background and “draft” tool to tune in to remove remaining parts select the “magic eraser” tool and I’ll give you a high tolerance as the fund is very uniform color and very different from the mummy face Thus I’ll give you a 80 tolerance in cases where the background color was very similar to the face of the mummy tolerance would have to lower it so that this tool will not erase unwanted areas we Once we delete the set tolerance clicking anywhere on the bottom then we erase the areas that have been in the inner area of ​​the bandages, fijaros how easy it was. then I will use the tool “Defocus” to blur the boundary and thus help to better integrate into the new fund We select it and give it a size 40 for example and a hardness of 75 as you can see that I have it selected from the previous times I used this technique We do a little zoom and we will apply this approach all around In this way we finished the first frame close it and keep all the changes we have the first then we arm ourselves with patience and keep everyone else Once you’ve finished editing all frames If we go to the folder “bottomless mummy” we all frames ready to import it again as a sequence in prizes we have prepared the video that I recorded on the timeline and the following will be import mummy frames as a sequence for this we will file to import Select the “bottomless mummy” folder only all frames and choose the first option select the option to finish image sequence import press If we are going to have our project panel sequence the mummy without the background ready for use I’m taking the timeline for editing. We zoom for better and if we reproduce the mummy out of the right corner says his dialogue but ends up staying on the plane and also with an open mouth at this point it is where we must work with the clip making cuts playing with the speed and especially investing speed if we need at certain times that dialogue is longer fijaros as playing back and forth accomplishment make mummy talk longer I can even make parones in dialogue and this technique is achieved by cuts in Adobe Premiere copying and pasting and investing speed In our example we want to finish speaking once again go is the right of the plane as he entered let’s look at the last frame that stays with open mouth mummy to go back we need the first part of the clip but with the speed ie inverted played back. we will be producing from the beginning to find the exact moment to remember that the last frame We are left us open-mouthed mum so we’ll have to cut a frame where the mummy this also with open mouth for example here this tool with the blade we cut that part of the clip select the copy we lead us to the end of the clip and paste so that the last frame of the clip matches the last frame of the clip we just stick reverse the speed of the second clip to do this once selected press the right mouse button and choose speed duration we opened the window clip speed and duration of selected reverse speed by pressing then accept if we reproduce again and we clip our mummy stops talking and leaves. the following once edited the clip mummy is right time to take it to where it should appear Video select the clip and take it to the main video placing a top layer and only we would include dialogue mummy this time has helped my friend and companion Alberto Garher which will send the clip as we have it now so that it will bend the mummy’s voice. I find this really interesting. Once we have audio files that Alberto has commanded us we will incorporate them into the project, for this go to “File” “Import” select the audio “super interesting” and press to import Once we have already in the project panel select and place it in the audio track 2, right at the exact moment that the mummy start talking. Once we’re done with the audio mummy we get the playhead to beginning and we enjoy our take To completely finished ….. it can be used in future projects .. that seems really interesting me Nothing

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  2. Creo que lo más fácil sería el fondo azul oscuro llevarlo a un negro, y luego a un verde o un azul para realizar un croma key o en todo caso llevarlo al negro, y usar el modo "add".
    O algo más fácil aún, rotoscopia xD

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    ¿Como puedo hacer que un haz de luz siga un objeto o una persona en un trayecto de un video?
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  21. Demasiado trabajo para algo tan simple, para eso tenemos After effects e incluso ni lo necesitas con el mismo Premiere puedes quitar el fondo al personaje, o bien buscar personajes con fondo verde.
    El título del video no debería ser añadir animaciones pues muchos pueden creer que siempre hay que hacer eso y no es así, abrir photoshop no es necesario, solo en casos muy específicos.

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