1.5 kg Punjabi Chhole & Aloo Matar Speed Challenge – Subscriber Requested Challenge by Wayne Algenio

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba [Music] own the choice nation I didn’t see you there thanks for coming back to another one my videos I was just tickling the ivories here a little bit one of my many talents I have if you weren’t aware that I can play the beginning of one of the saints come marching in and that’s it I don’t need no up to that note and actually seventh grade and use it class about forty seven years ago but today I’m very excited that you’re here with me because I’m trying a viewer-requested challenge many people have written me and notes of suggested things I try out a lot of times are not specific I got a bunch of requests about Indian food and I don’t really know a lot about Indian food I’m not as cultured as I might look you know I’m the type of guy who probably would eat sushi using a fork now I know after several hundred thousand comments that you’re supposed to eat it with chopsticks or your fingers but see I’m learning and I’m growing so today we’re going to take on specific Indian food Wayne didn’t just say the Indian food he recommended two dishes and the only place I was able to find them that would fit my schedule was this already prepared stuff so it’s already made in bags I just had to warm it up the first one doesn’t sound too bad it’s aloo Matar is potatoes with green peas which of course I like and tomato and onion curry that says medium spicy I was only able to find one box in the store for this one but he also recommended pooja B chole which probably miss Kraus again is curried chickpeas and in richly spiced hot sauce now this one have you noticed that says hot spicy that got me thinking that Wayne might be setting me up for this video cuz Wayne is another competitive eater he has his own YouTube channel he does a lot of food challenges contests but he’s known for being able to handle very spicy foods he has a Guinness Book of World Records for the most Carolina Reaper peppers eaten in a minute I repeat Guinness Book of World Records this guy’s no joke when it comes to spices so we’re seeing if he’s just being a buddy and recommending some just good tasting food or if this is as hot as it possibly could be so I have one and a half kilograms total of this stuff I’m going to go drop it in some boiling water get this cooked up and we’ll do a quick speed challenge and hope the bird is not too bad alright so we have 1.2 kilograms of the Punjabi chole 300 grams of the aloo Matar some water the aloo is very liquidy so that seems should that should be pretty quick it’s a job’ though is this thicker or lots of chickpeas so let’s give this a go and see why weighing recommended I think I’m gonna start with the I’ll start with a little the less placing them first here we go all right I get a lot of questions about the nutrition of what I’m eating on the buffets am I really sure sometimes but I can tell you that it’s about 2,000 calories for the 10 servings of food than a meeting here it’s two servings per box I wish had some clear bowls so you can see it a little bit better but I did use the overhead shot there so you can get a little bit better look at the food it’s not too spicy this is a spicy one I definitely had fun making this video it’s fun to try new foods that you haven’t eaten before so I want to thank all the people who suggested Indian food and particularly Wayne who suggested the exact type of Indian food and I’m looking forward to doing similar videos like this in the future as you can see it’s very easy to prepare this food you just put the bags in some boiling letter let it sit for five minutes and then it’s ready to eat so anybody could do this this reminds me of food that would be good to take on a camping trip or for a college student who doesn’t have cooking facilities I enjoyed the flavor of the food enough to make me want to have additional Indian food in the future maybe at an Indian restaurant something where it’s freshly cooked I found eating with a normal spoon and using five separate containers definitely slowed me down the clean of the sauce to each of the containers just took way too much time with a small spoon and if you just had one bowl so you have obviously cleaned the One Bowl so in future videos I’ll probably just combine them in a larger Bowl I apologize once again for mispronouncing the names of these two foods did not do that on purpose and also I attempted to eat these with the proper eating implement I used a spoon but as in the past please feel free to let me know if that is appropriate to use thanks and I’ll let the press the video play out [Music] wow that was good thanks for recommendation Wayne and thanks for all people that suggested a Indian food the Punjabi is definitely spicier than the aloo but it’s not really spicy at all just enough of a spice to give you a little flavor I heard Indian food was extremely spicy at least this stuff as it was made wasn’t so bad so please recommend something like see me eat thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys again soon [Music]

85 thoughts on “1.5 kg Punjabi Chhole & Aloo Matar Speed Challenge – Subscriber Requested Challenge by Wayne Algenio

  1. Lol, that was actually my favorite smurf record song of all times!!! Nice video man and I need to do more ethnic foods.

  2. Hehe a concert pianist in the making 😁 great challenge, ooh I do love a bit of spice… 🌶🔥 well done, brill video 😊

  3. I’ve never tried Indian food before, but it’s on my list to try. It’s good to try different foods from different countries. Awesome video B.O.B.👍🏽

  4. I love how you just pulled that Indian food out of your @$$, which coincidently looks like food that would come out of someone's @$$. Love your vid's…. and Indian food. BTW, didn't know you were a concert pianist and Indian cuisine chef. ;p

  5. Eh Notorious. I was watching the Koby & Joey 30for30 and I noticed what appeared to be a young B.O.B in the crowd right next to Koby when he was being arrested. Can you confirm?

  6. Our favorite Indian restaurant is Shagun in Collegeville. Go at lunch time and try their buffet. A nice variety and very tasty. Enjoy! 😃

  7. By the way… Seeing as you got lots of comments about how you should eat sushi, next time you should play 'chopsticks' on the piano.

  8. Vindaloo or phal curry. Phal will blow your socks off, Vindaloo will blow only one sock off! And drink milk with spicy foods not water.

  9. The intro on this one had me rolling with laughter, Bob. Great stuff- and very cool idea for a challenge. Wayne always be coming up with some clever stuff. Cheers!

  10. Bob seus vídeos são ótimos, adoro assistir eles, continue com o canal e todo sucesso para você meu amigo, um grande abraço 😀

  11. great job on the video thanks for the facebook accept ….i hope you travel to cali and challenge mollys challenges

  12. You've never had Indian food at a restaurant before? Indian food has always been at the top of my favorite foods, so you definitely need to try it out! Just like in other Countries, India is separated into different regions, and within those regions there are different groups of people based on things such as religion and beliefs. From those beliefs stems food systems different from others. From what I've seen, traditionally the food is consumed by using breads (naan, paratha, roti, Papadum, etc) to pick up foods/sauce , while others such dosa are wraps, or Samosa which is an extremely delicious what I would call "Fried Dumpling with filling." There is also rice dishes as well as such Biryani.

    A lot of people really enjoy Chicken Tikka Masala as their first choice into Indian food. It is a tomato and cream based sauce with spices. There is also butter chicken which is similar to TIkka Masala, but is more of a buttery sauce and less in spices from what I've read. In a lot of American establishments is usually the same as Chicken Tikka Masala, but in reality they are 2 different dishes, which is something to possibly note on how "Authentic" an establishment is if they have both, but at the same time not having 1 over the other might not indicate anything, but having both is something that would pique my interest. Speaking about authenticity, most authentic Indian places will not have beef on the menu, as the cow is a sacred animal of I believe the Hindu people, so they will not eat beef, but at the same time there is a small region of India where people do eat beef which a lot of people do not know about. IF there is beef, more than likely I would think it's not authentic, or else I would ask questions about the beef dishes and investigate if those beef dishes actually match the regional dishes.

    I personally am a huge fan of Lamb Rogan Josh. It is a darker sauce used by caramelizing onions with garlic, ginger, spices, yogurt/cream, and lamb.

    I personally suggest you to find an Indian buffet near you and go for lunch (usually buffets are a lunch thing for Indian establishments), and make sure the buffet looks good as some of them are kinda weak…. But some are amazing! I used to live 20 mins from a pretty good one that I really enjoyed!

    As for spice levels, it really depends on the dish, as well as what you're going for. Buffets usually will have more milder dishes with maybe one or so dishes having some kick to it, but they are preparing for the general population, thus go for the milder route… .Sitting down for a meal would result in getting spice to your liking. hot spices are used in Indian cooking because it allows people to sweat, which in the heat in India is good because it cools the body off. This is part of the relationship we have with food, where we eat the food to nourish ourselves while the food also allows us to cool our bodies off. I was at an establishment that I got TIkka Masala and it wasn't that spicy where I wanted them to add some more heat, to which the server mentioned that since it's a cream based dish it wont get that spicy. Even though I know he was trying to save face, as I've had spicy Masala, Cream(diary) will cool off the spice affect so there is some validation to his comment. I mention this only if you want a more milder dish, compared to a dish that could potentially be spicier. If it has some sort of diary in it, chances are it's a safe bet… But they can make any dish at any spice level for people I'm sure…

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a great day Bob!

  13. Fucking hell mate, you're like a drain…people must dread inviting you over for dinner.
    Not everyone can afford to buy a whole cow for ome sitting.

  14. Hey B.O.B. I don’t know if you’ve done it yet but I think you should try eating your favorite food next! Maybe you can eat so much that it’ll no longer be your favorite 😂

  15. Perfect song to start the intro and that's funny I'm a saint's supporter. "Oh when the saint's go marchin in oh when the saint's go marchin in I want to be in that number oh when the saint's go marchin in!" Love that song but never been to a football stadium before in my life but I've only been in a stadium when it's empty on a school trip a while ago lol. Excellent job getting all that food down. " I love the Madness"! Cool two cups with two awesome logos on them. Amazing eatting video! Hope you have a wonderful day unless you made other plans! Disposal Team and Notorious B.O.B. shout Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💙🏆😁

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