1. How To Make F* Wine At Home ! What You Need To Know…

What up guys? Salut. So today. I’m super excited because I get to share my new series with you It’s the first episode and also It’s a massive relief for me to do this because I’ve been keeping everything so secret and so silent For quite a while now. I think I only mentioned it three times, so that’s very secret I’m going to show you how to make fantastic French wine at home. And I’m not talking about prison wine, no. I’m talking about a holy beverage made by hand with fresh grapes The Journey started eight months ago, even though I’m really getting close to the conclusion it still is not finished yet, this is where I am right now and that’s my wine aging properly in a barrel I know It’s a plastic bag that a barrel just sounds better [the] thing is I’m not even sure this is going to turn well I’m not even sure this is going to taste good But I think we will [find] out together. [I] started this whole journey in the precise stage you stand right now I mean a complete ignorant That’s a bit offensive maybe something softer, a zero. yes, it only means that we can learn a lot in this process So I Bought a few books online and will put the links in the description box down below also I read Tons and tons of stuff online just to get my head around it Now I have a crispier Overview on all the wine making process. so let me just give you a quick and dirty Crash course in winemaking, so it goes like this First, I’m not going to start with like juices, [or] you know an extract. I want to do it proper Two, mash them or stomp them with your bare foot. We’ll see about this three, fermented for the first time, it’s the alcoholic fermentation four, strain out all the liquid and end up (with) the maceration five, ferment for for the second time is called the malolactic fermentation six, bottle the wine and Seven drink it and probably get a headache from it. So of course it’s a tad more Complicated than this I mean interim Stages, optional actions you can perform but at the end of the day That’s basically it. so it just means it’s not impossible, and so we’re going to do it Let me share [with] you a bit more detail about the type of wine we are going to make. first, we’re going to make a red wine. Simply because it’s way easier to produce than a white wine. Second, in terms of volume we’re not going to flood the market We are more likely to make like five, six bottles. It’s not a small production. It’s called Boutique that’s what it is. Last, in terms of quality. I have low expectation. I mean if it’s superb, if it’s stunning, and I will be over the moon, of course. But if it’s just drinkable, that’s fine with me. I’ll drink it. And if it’s not drinkable Then I might try anyway so as you understood it’s a long process, not because it’s time-consuming but more because it does spread across a wide period of time. Let me give you the key timing in such a process. This usually happens in the full season like in September, October after about one of two weeks this is over. After about a month a month and a half this is over But, I would say that you have to wait a lot between five and six But, after six to nine months tops everything should be over. and you should have beautiful bottles of wine. To start this, simply, you don’t need fancy equipment. In fact, I’m using a few buckets with their lids, from the local hardware store. Super, super important, you absolutely need a sanitizing agent I chose bleach because it’s available, it’s cheap, and it bloody works. It kills bacteria and viruses in no time. However, in the winemaking world people tend to think It might not be the best option. Bleach will stain your clothing It will irritate your skin but the most annoying thing is that it leaves a persistent and super strong smell on all your equipment. Meaning that you have to waste so much time cleaning and rinsing afterwards So instead go for a no rinse sanitizer. the most famous is called Star Sun but there are plenty out there because home-brewers use them a lot. I used chemipre OXI for that method. So the reason why I insist on this is because this whole winemaking adventure is Touchy in terms of safety. Each and every equipment must be thoroughly cleaned. That means removing stains with soap and a soft sponge. But it also must be deeply sanitized. Meaning, disinfected from bacteria and viruses before and after use So, i guess that basically the next visit will be about grapes. How to choose them, because not all grapes are equal in terms of winemaking. and also what to do with them. And also the barefoot situation. if you like this project. If you are as excited as I am about this whole winemaking situation. Please give this video a like A big thumbs up. It really helps me a lot. If you want to go the extra mile Go check out my patreon page where you can financially support my work It really, really makes a difference. and last but not least, subscribe because I make new videos every week And you know it’s always about food, but it’s also about inspiration, about confidence, about creativity, about pushing our world’s boundaries. Just you know, to make what I think is a valuable content. I’ll catch you next time. Take care. Bye bye. Salut

12 thoughts on “1. How To Make F* Wine At Home ! What You Need To Know…

  1. I liked this video! I am a newbie to winemaking but so far I am loving it. I plan on showing my relatives during the holidays it would be a fun activity. https://bit.ly/2xBwh8o I used this to learn how. It is concise and easy to understand. Cheers and may all your recipes work out!

  2. You say you are pushing our world's boundaries. How are you pushing any boundaries if you are poorly repeating a vestige of exactly what thousands have done before you?

  3. If it's not drinkable … well you can put it on the salad.
    Seriously, I tried to make some plum wine and ended up with the best salad dressing ever. Organic 😉

    Just to add, white vinegar makes a great cleaning agent. One recommenation I read was that a tablespoon of vinegar and tbsp of bleach (mixed individually and carefully into a litre of water) makes a great cleaning agent and it worked for me.

  4. Alex !!!! I need your videos with Spanish subtitles now, please! For your followers who do not speak English. I like your videos and become more intelligent in the world of cooking. Salut!!!!!!!

  5. You should have taken some of it and actually aged it in a slightly charred oak barrel. It would impart a smoky, vanillin type of flavor.

  6. My best friends husband and I just made a riesling and a shiraz wine kit and now I am all decided I need to get my hands on wine grapes and make proper wine from scratch!

  7. Hi Alex, I have prepared about two batches of wine one is good with sugar and other without sugar… one with sugar turned out very good in smell n taste but other one turned so soar and seams like clumsy coz of sediment present at bottom I think I tried to filter it 3ce now it looks less sedimented can you plz pls suggest how to get rid of this soarness n left over sediment… of yeast I guess.. waiting for ua rep I don't want to throw it help me

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