1 KG banana challenge – UNDER 1 minute!  RARE healthy eating challenge

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba notorious nation thanks for coming to another my videos oh it has something on my sleeve oh look it’s Carl’s cards and collectibles it’s it’s almost like you’re a sponsor of mine you ever need any cards collectibles memorabilia autographs that type of stuff check them out in Havertown PA anyway thanks for coming to another one of my videos really appreciate it today we have a special video it’s a healthy eating video it’s going to be 1 kilogram of bananas this is a different banana video than you’ll see in the rest of YouTube most of them just eat a certain number of bananas 5 bananas 10 bananas 20 bananas however many don’t peel them on camera eat them but be honestly how big are those bananas there’s no way to know so I’m just going to make it it’s real simple just get a kilogram of bananas it’s about 2.2 pounds for office in the United States you got them all peeled I got them all weighed back there in the scale you saw in the last video so we’ll get this started but before I have one more thing they had no it’s not another endorsement of a great company like Carl’s parts and collectibles is it thank you for helping me get to a hundred thousand subscribers on my youtube channel now granted I already have thirty eight thousand subscribers right now but it’s all of you people that are helping me get there I really appreciate it if you could just get a hundred thirty-seven to your friends to subscribe to the channel I’d get to that hundred thousand level thank you very much in advance for contacting all those friends let’s get this video started so I think I have 12 bananas here but it’s more importantly not the number of bananas that it’s one kilogram just have regular drinking water let’s get this video started here we go [Applause] [Music] yeah under minute excellent so anyone wants to try to help the video he’s gonna place one up excuse me you can look this warm up that’s the end to remember I’ll see you guys in Brazil and nay or maybe I’ll get some fresh Brazilian bananas blow this time away thanks again see you soon [Music]

100 thoughts on “1 KG banana challenge – UNDER 1 minute! RARE healthy eating challenge

  1. OMG Notorious B.O.B. congratulations on this Banana challenge! You crushing it and smashed it again and it's incredible how many subs you are getting too! Congrats on the time of 57 seconds!!! #Notorious B.O.B. nation!!! 🙂

  2. Queria ver esse cara num rodízio de pizza ou carne ou aquele self service paga 1 vez e come avontade do Brasil kkk ia ser top os donos iam ficar espantados

  3. 1kg weight before or after peeling? 57 seconds is awesome man. Looking forward to the videos from Brazil next month.

  4. Nice work B.O.B. I am a professional eater from the states. I live close to the Arch one of the wonders of the world. I also have a channel but no sponsors like you have, wowwww man you are freakin'. I have 135 friends to go to get your goal but I only really had 1 real friend and the other one was his friend.

  5. Incrível! Menos de 1 minuto. Acho que todos estamos ansiosos com sua vinda para cá (Brasil), logo você atinge a mete. Quem sabe mês que vem você não fecha com 100 inscritos! 💋💋💋 até o próximo vídeo.

  6. Parabéns !!
    Faz o desafio dos ovos cozidos
    sao 60 ovos cozidos no menor tempo
    o corbucci fez tenta bater o tempo dele

    Congratulations !!

    Challenge the boiled eggs

    are 60 boiled eggs in the shortest time

    the corbucci made a try to beat his time

  7. Depois do vídeo do corbucci o Bob vai ficar mais famoso…. Parabéns Bob pelo seus vídeos. Tamo junto.. Esperamos vc aqui no Brasil.

  8. Show. Finally a fitness video. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Only 12 bananas. So do not get fat and never have cramps. Again my daughter participated in the comment and watched her video. Giovanna. Big hug.

  9. I love the music B.O.B. and as far as the myth of two many bananas can kill you. Not possable unless you eat around 400 in one day. Great video B.O.B. as always. THUMBS UP MY FRIEND!

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