1 Mile Track Race Tips – The 1600 Meter Run

Hey, it’s Coach Tief with tips4running.com
with some one mile race tips. This could apply to a 1500 or 1600 too if
you’re running those events. The first thing, and this really isn’t a tip,
but you need to be in good shape. Hopefully, coming into the track season with
some miles under your belt. There’s no substitute for training hard. As for the race, the number one mistake is
going out too hard. Don’t go out too hard. You got to go out fast but relaxed. Not fast and gritting your teeth. The second thing is to make a move in the
middle of the race. The race will naturally slow down in the middle,
and if you’re able to push it in the middle, you’ll probably pass some people and get yourself
into great position towards the finish. My third tip applies only if you’re packed
in, but you need to run big. That means don’t let people cut you off. You’ve got to be a little bit aggressive if
people are coming up on your shoulder. Run wide, run big, and run mean. You need to know your goal. That’s another big tip for the one mile. If you want to run five minutes for the mile,
well you better get out at 2:30 or under if you ever want to break that. So, know your goals so you can plan accordingly
for each split of the race. My last tip is kind of like advice. It’s not really a tip. Make it a race. After the half mile mark, it’s pretty much
just being like a little kid again. You want to find that person that you want
to beat. Stay in front of somebody that you’ve already
passed, or go get someone that’s in front of you, but race and kick it home. Have some attitude that last part of the race
and see what you can do. That’s the best way to run a fast race, is
to race. I hope you find some of these tips useful. Don’t be afraid to share some of your best
one-mile tips below in the comments, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe. Happy Trails from Coach Tief.

100 thoughts on “1 Mile Track Race Tips – The 1600 Meter Run

  1. Well the fact that I got a mile PR in the two means I done messed up. (4:59 first mile, 10:23 two mile.)

  2. Another tip is to stay with the pack until around the last lap that's when u run full speed. It helped me out alot i got 8 minutes so i got 3rd place so ye.

  3. I'm a 7th grader going to 8th grade and I ran a mile in 6:00 flat, is that good. Over summer I wanna get a 5:30

  4. I run a 6:06 and I'm trying to get under 6. Any tips to get those couple extra seconds? Maybe do as close to a 400 sprint as I can? I'm a sprinter anyways but we're still forced to run it in phys Ed

  5. I got a pb of 4:13 in the 1500m at my city race last week. Most likely gonna break that today in my regional race. Top 4 for provincials!

  6. My last mile ran in my track season this year was 5:37. With summer training, cross country, soccer, and track conditioning, do you think I can get 5 flat?

  7. if you get a side cramp during a race, are there any breathing techniques to make it go away without stopping?

  8. How are all these middle schoolers and high schoolers that are like 4-7 years older than me have there best time like 40 seconds slower than mine I run on a track club named Texas Thunder and some of you other guys are running slower than me probably because you guys run on a school track team, the coaches on those school track teams don't nearly work you as hard than actual track clubs so that's why I won't join any of those school track teams, and I'm not completely sure how this works, but what if you are on the school track and you want your time to get better over the summer? There wouldn't be any coaches. By the way my best 1500 is a 5:19 and my best 3000 is an 11:03.

  9. I am done for , I am running my first mile today in gym and I broke my ankle last year and i haven't built up all the strength in it yet so I get tried really easily

  10. For the first 10 seconds
    run to an almost sprint pace l. because yiu will be using your bodies ATP CP energy which is lactate (leg pain) free and will have no consequences.
    like how you can jump randomly during your day and not feel fatigued or latic acid in your legs (feeling heavy)

  11. I'm a sophomore, I ran a 5:19 last year as a freshman, and I didn't train in the off season. I've started training this month, my goal is to be at a 4:50 or below at the end of the season.

  12. I take 7:50 to complete 1mile. I want to improve that to 6:20 with in 2 months. And my right leg is fractured earlier. Any tips…??

  13. Im 15 im a freshman in highschool I can run a 23:10 3miler and the track season is about 3-4 weeks away what is the best way to improve my speed during these 3-4 weeks. Also my longest run is 11.3 miles. I will be doing the 2mile most likely.

  14. will u please tell me how to run 1mile in 5 min if I have probably no running experience in short am a beginner in running

  15. my goal is to run 1mile in 5 min but am a beginner please help me to achieve my goal… currently am running 1mile in 9 min (I know it's very bad)..

  16. I've always found that you need to figure out what kind of runner you are. If you feel that you have speed and a good kick but fall short in staying strong in the middle of a race, then work on longer runs and workouts. The mile and other mid distance races require both speed and power as well as endurance and strength. It is important to see where you are lacking and make that area better.

  17. a good tip is to do sprints and train for two miles so you have stamina and you will have an extra boost when you need it

  18. I'm not going to lie about my time like half of these middle schoolers but yesterday I ran a 5:34 mile and I'm a senior in high school and I've cut a lot of time off to get where I am now, anyways I really want to run a low 5 something like a 5:05 what can I do to set myself up for success to get to that point?

  19. Today I ran a 1600 and got last place out of like ten people. My time was 7:35. My first
    lap was 1:45 and the second was 1:36. I didn't catch the third lap time. During the first lap, I was 2nd to last, and during the third lap I got 3rd to last. Then, since I'm not really good at sprinting, both people behind me passed me. I think they were luring me into wasting my energy so I couldn't sprint at the end. Also, I know my 2nd lap is supposed to be kind of relaxed, but like I said, I'm not good at sprinting so my first lap kinda stank. Does anyone have any tips?

  20. Tips:
    1st lap- needs to be fast
    2nd lap: slow it
    3rd lap: make some passes then slow down but keep the pace to stay in front of the person you passed
    4th lap: sprint lap and when you get to the last 200m it's a full on sprint your heart out

  21. My tip for running the 1600 is to hang back in the middle, but don't be first, and with one lap to go, start your kick, my last race, I was at the meet of champions and I was the second heat, I started my kick with 300 to go and was 4th, I changed gears each 100 until the last 100 meters, and I came up behind and passed everyone and got a PR of 9 seconds, dropped my time to 4:47

  22. 1st stay relaxed but try to be at 1-3 positsion
    2nd almoste at the end go faster
    3rd pass 1 st one
    4th at the final lap go fast as possible

  23. damn I'm nervous, I was chosen to do track and they're going to put me in the 1600 meter run. I only got 12 days to train but I'm going to work hard. I'll be back after the race May 10, 2017

  24. My track is so ghetto that when we raced at this nice private school track I demolished my pr by like 15 seconds

  25. Hey please help me out. I’m 13 and haven’t made up my mind to be a sprinter or a long distance runner. My mile is 4:59. My 400 m is 57 secs. And my 100m is 11.10 seconds. Please PLEASE help me out. As I know you can’t be a sprinter and a long distance runner. What should I pick?

  26. I'm 15 and I'm trying to make varsity soccer but to do that I need to run a mile in 6:40. I have ran a 6:50 but I just can't get that 6:40 I need and it's driving me crazy my best friend just made the time and I just can't

  27. I am 10 years old I am in year 5 I go to the front of everyone and jog in tell its finally the last lap I came forth in prep in year one I came third in year two I came 2 then in year three I came 3 in year four I Came first and this year is coming up it's 2018 now bye

  28. Personally my coach always had me chew a piece of gun during the race. (dont chock) but it always helped keep my thrught wet. If that makes any sense.

  29. Bruh these videos never help me im tryna see if anyone has good techniques im in rotc and i have to run a mile best at 5 minutes and at my best i run 8 to 9 and at my worst 10 i do train i have a treadmill in my basement but but seriously i always get to 8 i dont know how to shave those 3 minutes off my time i drink a lot of water im healthy but once my chest tightens i cant help but slow down

  30. I always sprint my hardest at the end and I try to beat the person in first but I’m glad you told me to start pushing it at 1/2 mark and 1 thing I always do is to not let the other people in front get to far ahead to where when you sprint you can’t catch anyone u have to stay with them or in front of them but run your own race

  31. I usually run 1600 m for track meets. this is how I usually do it.

    At the start, run fast for the 100 m, stick with the people that u know has the same pace or u wana be close to.
    the next 300 m, run relaxed. 1200m left now.
    try to pass the person in front of you. I usually try, but end up running with them. do not run behind, either ahead or right next to him. ones you have 800 m left, just go hard. u are not comfortable, just go go go. i usually beat atleast 3 guys. 400 m left. DO NOT LET ANYONE PASS YOU. DO NOT. They will come behind you, you have to go hard, you just have to.

    Do not wait for the 100 m straightaway to sprint. Most people wait for the straightaway. Start sprinting in the middle of the curve. (150 M left) ALL OUT, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO RUN 160m. you have to sprint like you have to stop at 150 (allll out). This is how i do this. my PR is 5:14. not bad. my goal is to go 5:05 this season.

  32. I am running a mile tomorrow, I will let you know my fastest time , and what I got using these tips! Someone comment on this tomorrow so I don’t forget lmao.

  33. Something I did that helped me win a lot of my mile races is when I got at around the last 100-60 meters of the race I would sprint as fast I could without stopping

  34. Literally 2 months of everyday 2 hour practices after school consisting of lunges and just running the mile really helped me. My mile time decreased from 8:40 to 6:24 in just those 2 months. You can do it, I believe in you.

  35. 75+75+75+75= 5:00 mile
    74+74+74+74= 4:56 mile
    73+73+73+73= 4:52 mile
    72+72+72+72= 4:48 mile
    71+71+71+71= 4:44 mile
    70+70+70+70= 4:40 mile

  36. The main thing my coach always tells me is to focus on the third lap and really push it then. Also, going out right behind someone and then passing them later is generally better than going out in the very front and dying out and getting passed by everyone you were beating previously. Good luck to anyone competing this season!

  37. Only one track meet left this school year for us. Ima get myself in one mine. I don't do distance since like 2 years ago. But I still train my ass off. I could probably hit a 4:30

  38. I know this is an old video but this is my greatest tip: split the race into 800s. Tell yourself you’re gonna run an 800, then after finishing that second lap tel yourself in your head “on your mark, get set, go!” and you finish that second lap. you then go into your third and fourth laps with a fresher mind and more energy

  39. Okay so I have been running cross since 7th but I started track ( this year) in 9th grade I’ve been running over the winter and now over the summer. My mile is fast but not as fast as I want it. Any tips to get a faster time and better placing in races.

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