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  1. I learned a lot. If I would buy a Roay Enfield when I get my license, I just show this video at the dealer and say: "hey, these modifications I want to have done!" 🙂 Grtz, Pat

  2. I would rather just replace a tube than try to patch a tire. I would carry a couple of tubes.
    I dont like the bike for myself being over 6 foot and over 200 lbs. It would be good for a lighter rider.
    It sounds sweet though.

  3. I just bought this bike yesterday, I’m waiting for take it at the RE store, your history help me to take that gladly decision

  4. A very comprehensive review of your bike which is honest and forthright. Thank you for sharing your experience. Ride safe.

  5. You say 30 km/l… I'd say you need to revise the number because no 400cc bike does 113mi/gal (US, that would be). This is the consumption of a 25cc scooter. Please stay in credible numbers and rectify the claimed consumption. Have a great trip!

  6. Whithout question one of the best, if not the best, straight forward mc reviews on YT👍👏🏽 And presented in such a competent, pleasant way👍😎

  7. Now this is what I say a real review, after using 10 thousands kms/miles you are the one to talk about it. Glad you did not have any difficulties unlike few other who had been to hell with some technical issues. Good luck on that.

    10 hours of riding is a real deal, may the angels of road, God speed be with you always.

    Indian from the adventure riding point of view does not have a wide range for that matter none at all except royal enfield himalayan, now Hero is offering xpulse other than that there's nothing however there is a increase in long touring population thus making this sport more enjoyable.
    You should have chosen the Ducati in my opinion as it would be great on power and easy on spare parts issue if god forbid you come across.

    Appreciate you sharing your experience with us and do let me know if you need any help from India. Good luck, great going.

  8. Good review… thanks for that.
    I might have to rule this one out… as we have 110kph motorways here.
    Exhaust makes it sound like a beast hehe

  9. Sehr interessante Beiträge und mutige Frau!
    Gratulation zu den tollen Bildern sowie des immer interessanten Reisebericht!

  10. Noraly, When I see you stand next to the bike, the seat is higher than you. How can you handle the bike and reach your foot on the ground? I think you're at least 5'-8" tall. Have a safe trip around the world. Greet from Washington DC.

  11. Hi thinking of taking you lead you amazing lady, where specifically did you buy the bike, so I know the best place to go out of the bat for a good deal?

  12. Finally a great real world review! Thank you. A couple packing tips. On your air compressor, you can remove the cover for the pump to save room/space. 1 can of chain lube is plenty, you can get a new can when changing tires at most shops. Use a soft tool bag kit instead of a hard case version, saves space. Using a old film canister(do they still make film camera's. ! 🙂 ) Wrap about 2-3 feet of safety wire or wire around canister. Then wrap duct tape around canister. You can get more tape on there than you think, put only the last wrap around the wire. Put spare nuts and bolts in canister. Off roaders have been going tubeless using a specific type of 3M brand tape. Works and can still adjust spokes if required, Google it. Tubes are about 3 lbs each. Add a couple of single sided razor blades to your tool kit, tape up sharp edges. I would bring a spare clutch lever. Even with guards you can break 'em. Try getting a Triumph clutch lever in Kentucky. End of my 5 day trip. Ugh. Keep the shiny side up and keep the inspiring video's coming our way.

  13. Best review of a bike I've seen. No bullshit hands on and honest. Great video as always 😁 Get yourself stickers and T-shirts for sale and create a go fund me page or similar. I'd buy to support you💰. Really enjoy watching your adventures and love that I've another 90 or so to catch up on 😊

  14. Yes, this is the information that I asked for at your other video. Okay, now I know the name brand of your bike and that it has a 411cc size engine. That is a good size engine.

  15. Excellent review. I've been eyeing one of these and I really appreciate the depth of the review. I've owned many dual sports including an old R80G/S, but I'm looking especially at the 650 Himalayan when it's finally released in the US. Congrats and best wishes as you go. Keep the rubber side down and keep the reviews coming. Cheers!

  16. hi NORA , loved your review, me too owner of himalayan,loved your passion of biking,as I met my Himalayan..n fond of it, now i am fond of you too, definitely want to ride with you….

  17. Proper real experience review , royal Enfield shud step up and support you all the way,, I’m sure you’ve boosted sales for them, let’s see how royal Enfield respond 👍👍👍

  18. Hey ..!! Thats wonderful that uve been having a good experience with this bike.. even I love it too.. I got my 1st flat tyre (front) recently after 15k kms in Spiti (Losar) .. & guess what I had no back up .. But still God was kind enough!! Would love to join you sometime…

  19. … plus it's a fuel GAUGE (pronounced to rhyme with CAGE). A fuel GOUGE (with the vowel pronounced as in mOUth) is something else …

  20. I was back in England this summer (I live in Italy) and visited a UK dealer and was indeed very interested in the marque but as an inveterate Honda rider (yes really!) I don't know if I'll actually get one … but I am signing up to your channel.

  21. I have a photo in a frame hanging on the wall has it has for many years of about 30 odd bikes with riders on out side fred lee's royal Enfield cycleworks in around 1902 ish , i had an old 700 twin many moons back were English made back then though

  22. Congratulations on very gutsy trip so far. Hopefully they can improve your front brakes. Get your front/rear chain cogs changed with your chain.

  23. That's an epic journey you're on; massive respect to you. Makes my recent little trip to Norway look pretty tame!

    A couple of thoughts on the spares you mentioned; I carry a small compressor which connects to the battery if I need to re-inflate a tyre, which is a lot smaller/lighter than a foot pump. It was part of a puncture kit from Bike-Seal, which includes a bottle of gunk to put in the tyres which fills and seals small punctures before you notice them; that's the theory, anyway. Also, I decant my fresh engine oil into used (and thoroughly cleaned!) liquid soap sachets, which squish around other luggage, unlike a rigid plastic bottle, and get smaller as I use the oil.

    Incidentally, I think the heat coming off the engine is an inevitable result of it being air-cooled. My liquid-cooled KTM (700 single) does get hot in heavy traffic or when working hard, but I'd imagine yours is a lot worse.

    Thanks for a really good vid; I'm looking forward to the next one(s).

  24. Dear Nuraili ,

    Why you say Good morning internet before starting every blog??
    Tell me are u really taking to the machine or indicating to humanity!!!
    It so embarrassed when you say good morning internet,

    You should have to say good morning friends/People.

    I also see your blog but when you say this I'm getting embarrassed

  25. Hi, great ride report and review. I see you have a reinforcement bar for the rear rack (top box) that is attached to both the side pannier racks. Where did you get it from? Many thanks. Ride safe

  26. I Loved ur simplicity without any show off for review on bike u are real world tomb raider I see myself in you hope I could get wife like u take care Noraly Good luck

  27. Great video! You have a lot of courage and drive to take a trip like this and I'm so jealous.. And….I think I'm in love! 😎😍

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