10 Fastest Trains in the World  |  Max speed 603 km/h (375 mph)

Maximum speed of high-speed trains
has been gradually increased in the past century. And the hunger for higher speed
never stops as it’s proven beneficial in improving people’s productivity,
lower carbon footprint, as well as smaller mortality rate
compared to other modes of transportations. That’s why maximum speed testing on
new train prototypes is held occasionally. These are 10 fastest
train models in the world. Tenth place, 300X. 300X or Class 955 is the Shinkansen
trial model introduced in 1992. Six total units were produced by four different
vendors with little variations among them. In July 1996, Unit 6 which is
the last unit managed to clock 443 km/h in test-running and became Shinkansen’s
fastest train record which still stands today. Nineth place, Transrapid 07. Germany’s transrapid development began in 1969. 19 years later, the seventh generation
model registered maximum cruising of 450 km/h along one-year-old Ermsland
test-run facility. Until today, it remains the
fastest rail record in Germany. Eighth place, CRH380A. China relied on foreign trains
for their first generation fleet. In early 2008, a development of
homegrown high-speed trains began with a target of commercial speed of
380 km/h, hence the model was named CRH380A. On December 3rd, 2010; the train reached
486.1 km/h during 220 km test-run. Seventh place, CRH380BL. Derived from Germany’s Siemens Velaro, 100 units of CRH380BL were built
locally by China Northern Railways Company. During a subsequent test on
January 10th, 2011; these 16-car trainsets broke China’s own locomotive record of
487.3 km/h; that’s about 1.2 km/h faster. Sixth place, Transrapid SMT. The only commercial version of
Transrapid train began its operation between Shanghai International Airport
and Longyang Road Station with travel distance of 30 km.
Albeit able to reach 501 km/h, the daily operating speed
is capped at 431 km/h which was already the fastest
commercial speed during that time. Fifth place, TGV Atlantique. TGV Atlantique is the 2nd TGV
model introduced by Alstrom in 1989 for France high-speed rail service.
On a sunny day of 18th May, TGV Atlantique trainset 308 cruised along
LGV Atlantique railway line at 515.3 km/h. It was the fastest commercial
train model on the planet. Forth place, ML-500. Miyazaki test track was
built at the length of 7 km with monorail track upon opening in 1977,
but changed to u-shape in late 1980. The first trial train model,
ML-500, was built specifically to become the first ever train
to break 500km/h speed mark. Third Place, TGV POS. A series of test runs called Operation
V150 were conducted on the LGV Est prior to its June 2007 opening
using a specially modified train. On April 3rd 2007,
top speed of 574.8 km/h was reached, making it the fastest
wheeled train on the planet. Second Place, MLX01. Yamanashi test track is the
third generation track specifically for testing maglev train
at the length of 43 km. Upon its completion, MLX01
trains were introduced in 1997. From that day, continuous efforts were made
by exercising serial test-run for years. In 2003, the train clocked 581 km/h which
was the fastest train ever during that time. First Place, L0 Series. When the MLX01 service was
terminated in 2011, JR Central, the body which governs
Japan research in maglev train introduced a new generation
train model called L0 Series. L0 Series was shown to public in
November 2012. On April 21st, 2015; a seven-car train set a new land
speed record for rail vehicles at 603 km/h. It is the only rail vehicle
ever surpassed 600 speed mark.

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  1. China started operating the latest train CR400AF and CR400BF in 2016. Design speed to 420Km/h, Operating speed to 400Km/h, The current operating speed is 350km/h.

    Did not test the highest speed.

  2. totally wrong

    world's fastest train tested by indian railway "gatiman express"
    650 km/h in 2018

    and now india will be the first nation in the world who will operate the hyperloop at speed of 1200km/h…… lol

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumYdO9XknE
    and 70% high speed rail ways are in China.
    From Beijing to Guangzhou, 2300km, 8 hrs. 120 us dollar for second class.200 dollar for first class

  4. china and Japan belongs to advanced civilisation, USA,Africa and Europe are in medieval era, middle east are in stone age

  5. I just need to correct you on one minor point, you kept saying fastest rail records when you were talking about the maglevs, a maglev specifically isn't a rail train.

    It's a maglev.

  6. ドイツ製、上海Transrapidと、日本のリニアは別枠で良いだろ。鉄道としては、保守効率や運用コストを考えれば350km/h、機械効率600km/hだから日本はリニアの開発に着手したわけだし、ずっと時間、値段、サービスを、航空機と比較されて来たからね。現在、東京←→大阪までなら、LCCの勝ちだよ。

  7. I recently rode the Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Kyoto round trip and it was an amazing ride. Smooth, quiet and very relaxing. I was surprised that, even at high speeds, one can still enjoy the scenery outside.

  8. صٙلُّوْعٙلٙیْہ وٙآلِہ۔ صٙلُّوْعٙلٙیْہ وٙآلِہ۔  صٙلُّوْعٙلٙیْہ وٙآلِہ

  9. Technically, maglevs are not railroads, so one could argue that they have not set any rail records. They are something a bit different.

  10. 1:21 well i am from germany. we never used or use it. everyday or so here. i was in japan, that's what i call engineering for everbody! with the german ICE (the normal one, every german ride, we also have IC) i take 11 hours….to my parents. 900km. from stuttgart to the north next to Rostock. i would go by car in 9 hours via the Autobahn, but I am alone and drive all the time by myself? wish me luck for my christmas travel. haha. afterall german engineering seems overrated to the outside world. i mean…with trains. trains are very awful here.


  12. Bugatti chiron, Koenigsegg one: 1, and Henessey venom: "we are so damn fast"

    these trains be like "hold my powerline"

  13. Do not consider prototype trains. The fatest commercial train if the Maglev from Shanghai Airport to Pudong. PAS SNCF non plus.

  14. Japan is technology development country. Japan always number 1…..they always make many thing from impossible to possible…..that why I like this country…

  15. TGV POS train by 575 km/h is also great fast train! French railways have with excellent airwys AirFrance even the fastest trains in Europe! That's why I like France so much!

  16. These all trains are very, very, very slow, trains speed should be 10 thousand miles per hour so that a person can sit in the train from Karachi and reach to London in just only

  17. Those speeds were achieved in test runs, weren't they ?
    Is there any line that has a commercial speed above 400 km/h?

  18. It was Japan that over 500km/h and also 600km/h first in the world!

  19. Meanwhile we got trains in the US clocking in at a max speed of frickin’ 100MPH taking us halfway across the country.

  20. リニアは素晴らしいの一言!更に改良を重ねて700kmまでいかないかな〜?

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