10 INSANE Weapons Invented by the German Army!

Nazi Germany was a full-fledged war
machine with the extensive use of the blitzkrieg war strategy
the Nazis managed to conquer a huge part of Europe with a minimum loss of
manpower but they were able to do this because of their advanced weaponry many
of their weapons were later adopted and developed by other countries but luckily
for us the Allied forces were able to crush the Nazi army before some of these
inventions were able to see the light of day in battle here are 10 weapons
invented by the Nazis stay tuned in number one to find out which one could
have single-handedly changed the course of world war 2 number 10 the horton 2 to 9 the horton 2
to 9 became famous as the first stealth bomber ever the prototype for this Nazi
weapon was created by Hermann Goering who wanted to make a lighter aircraft
powered purely by jet engines Goering had the famous three times 1000 plan an
aircraft that would carry 1000 kilograms of bombs travel 1,000 kilometers per
hour and to reach the distance of 1000 kilometers Horton 2 to 9 was allegedly
equipped with stealth technology it had a sleek design and apparently it
was very hard to detect via radar the initial test proved very successful but
there were some problems that the Germans needed to fix they spend the
entire year of 1944 to come up with a better design and operational features
for this aircraft when a model took off in February 1945 disaster struck one of
the jet engines caught fire and just stopped working
the pilot initially survived the crash but died a couple of weeks later due to
his injuries at this point that Nazi forces were working against the clock
because the Allies were closing in on them and they didn’t have enough time to
further develop the ordinary aft however they continued working on it
until the Allied forces were able to confiscate it it finally landed in the
hands of the US Armed Forces who used it in developmental research for their own
stealth aircraft number nine Zilber at 12:29 this military device which is also
known as the vampyre scope was an infrared attachment for the Sturm guerre
assault rifle the main purpose for this device was to be used during the night
when visibility is very low with it attached to their assault rifle German
soldiers were practically able to see in the dark
considering the time it was created this is one of the most advanced pieces of
military equipment ever invented the vampyre night vision was first used
pretty late in the war in the winter of 1945 there were some experiments a
couple of months prior to this but it wasn’t anything serious when it was
introduced full-time 310 German units receive this device if it had been
introduced some time earlier it might have had more of an impact on German
military success because it enabled a soldier to move around and shoot in
pitch dark places such as caves but also in forests and mountain ranges with or
without the moonlight however because it came into being in the early days of
1945 it was luckily too late for any type of mass production nevertheless the
device definitely worked well number 8 kugelblitz kugelblitz or ball lightning
as it could be translated was an anti-aircraft gun with a rotating turret
my 1943 it was clear to the German commanders that they had to come up with
an effective anti-aircraft weapon the reason was simple by that time the
German Air Force simply didn’t have enough power to stand against the
increasing attacks of the Allied bombers the Allies were gaining supremacy in the
air and the only way to find them was from the ground thus the Germans started
building several types of self-propelled guns for anti-aircraft warfare which
could be mounted on a panzer 4 chassis that is how the kugelblitz came into
being it had the basic structure of the panzer 4 tank the chassis was the same
and the turret was mounted on it a highly effective aspect of the
kugelblitz is that it could go around its axis 360 degrees again the problems
with frequent allied attacks combined with the need to defend on several
fronts prevented the Germans from placing the cuca blitz in the mass
production there were only 5 prototypes and allegedly they were all used in the
Battle for Berlin number 7 fallschirmjäger fallschirmjäger or
parachute hunter is the name of the german paratroopers although the idea
for using paratroopers didn’t originally come from Germans they are responsible
for introducing them into combat this is because the german paratroopers were the
first such military units to be used in airborne operations on a large scale
they were very effective so much so that the Allied soldiers refer to them as the
Green Devils the first airborne units were created in the 1930s at the behest
of Hermann Goering who wanted to include these units into the regular German air
force german paratroopers were an important part of the occupation of
several European countries including Denmark Norway Belgium Netherlands and
France but they were also employed by the Italian and Balkan campaigns as well
as on the Eastern Front they were also known to perform successful raids and
covert actions becoming an integral part of the German army number six where
Gustav this weapon is also known as the great Gustav and it was the biggest
cannon ever built but also the biggest cannon ever used in combat this massive
weapon was being developed in the late 1930s and its main purpose was to
destroy the major French fortifications on the famous Maginot Line and thus
weaken the French defenses the Maginot Line had the strongest defenses at the
time and it was crucial to create a weapon so strong to literally annihilate
the Maginot Resistance and provide an easy access for German troops when fully
assembled great Gustav weighed one thousand three hundred and fifty tons
and was capable of firing seven ton shells up to thirty miles the original
plan was to prepare the cannon for the Battle of France but they were not able
to meet that deadline the German army decided to go without it and when they
experienced an initial success and the Maginot Line collapsed there was no need
to rush things so the making of the Gustav was
prolonged it was finally ready for the siege of sevastopol in 1942 Gustav
proved very useful but in April 1945 the Nazis decided to destroy it so that it
wouldn’t fall into the Allied hands number five Fritz X Fritz X is a German
armor-piercing bomb that was precision guided it is generally considered to be
one of the very first smart bombs in modern warfare it was designed to be an
anti-ship glide bomb and was the first of such to sink a ship in battle fritz X
was operated radio command system via joystick n it
proved very effective in combat this bar managed to take down several merchant
ships such as the Royal Navy ship Uganda and the US Cruiser Savannah however it
achieved its greatest success by taking down the Italian battleship Romo and
damaging the battleship italia on September 9th 1943 as they were going
toward the Allied forces to surrender the magazines on the Roma exploded and
it soon sink but its sister ship Italia although badly hit managed to reach the
coast of Tunisia soon after the initial success of fritz
X though the Allies began developing their own electronic countermeasures to
try and keep Fritz X at bay and by the time of the Normandy invasion the Allies
had air supremacy they were able to block German electronic ordinances
making Fritz X practically useless number four flattener F 1 282 the
colibri or hummingbird as it was also known was a single-seat German
helicopter the first mass-produced helicopter ever this helicopter was
actually an improved version of a model the Germans had been working on
initially the idea wasn’t to use this helicopter in combat its primary use was
to transport objects from ship to outpost patrols and scouting missions
but as the war moved on there were thoughts about using the FI 282 on the
battlefield as well at first there was only room for one soldier but the
improved b2 version of the chopper had an additional position at the rear
this version proved highly effective in spotting enemy artillery posts the
helicopter was also excellent when it came to operating in bad weather which
was a signal for the German Air Ministry to go into mass production of this unit
in 1944 of the German command ordered 1,000 units to be manufactured by BMW
whose Munich Factory was producing German army aircraft at the time the
production started but only 24 helicopters were made because air raids
by the Allied forces resulted in destruction of the BMW facilities number
three stg44 Sturm go where 44 or assault rifle
44-inch was the first weapon with a shorter cartridge which enabled a
soldier to control automatic fire compared to the standard used by
infantry soldiers at the time it was very effective and influential because
it assured in a new era of assault rifles and automatic weapons Sturmgewehr
44 is the first assault weapon of its kind to be mass-produced
it is generally considered one of the most important technical advancements in
smokeless powder because of its reduction in muzzle impulse this is also
one of the most important military inventions by Nazi Germany not because
its impact on the war but because of its later influence the operational
principles of this assault rifle can be seen in collision a calms a k47
as well as the famous m16 number two Panzer 4 this was one of the most
heavily used tanks in the German army it was a medium tank developed in the 1930s
and produced 8500 units Panzer 4 was a reliable piece of
military equipment as it was the only tank to be continually produced during
the war it was regularly upgraded and improved panzer 4 took around 30 percent
of Germany’s total tank power it served on both the Western and Eastern Front as
well as in North Africa considering all the technical aspects it is absolutely
clear that Panzer 4 was the best German tank at the time On June 6 1944 at the
moment of the Normandy invasion there were 748 Panzer 4 tanks present in
the area and they played a major role in the German resistance against the
advancing Allied forces number 1 v2 rocket this could have easily been the
weapon to change the course of the war but luckily the Nazis didn’t have enough
time on their hands to finish it the initial development and construction of
the v2 rocket started in the 1930s but the weapon didn’t see any battle action
before 1942 the whole idea behind constructing the v2 was to have the
ultimate revenge weapon as the Nazis called it because they were infuriated
by the bombings of German cities in retaliation
the Germans were planning to use v2 and cause destruction on a massive scale on
June 20th 1944 v2 became the first object ever to travel in space from
Earth when it was launched vertically the v2 rocket would rise ten kilometers
into the air and then fall down in a curved path at the speed of almost 6,500
km/h hitting the ground hard and exploding several feet below the surface
it came into use in September 1944 when it was launched against London Antwerp
and Liege where it killed several thousand people however as the Allies
were advancing towards Berlin they managed to capture key manufacturing
points in Germany and eventually all the members from the v2 team surrendered the
facilities where the v2 was manufactured went to the Soviets who moved production
to the Soviet Union and zero to hero we are definitely glad that the Allied
forces won World War two but the German army definitely has some unique and
deadly weapons that they had invented for the battlefield what weapons did you
think were the most intense let us know in the comments below don’t forget to
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