10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

Hi! I am Emi! First, thank you Audible for sponsoring this video and I’ll give you guys a little bit more details at the end of the video So it’s time for another lower abs workout Many of you really like my previous ones and you want some new exercises to work on this area While you ask and I am here to deliver and this workout is super fun It only takes 10 minutes of your time So, no excuses And if you’re ready, let’s go! 10 exercises 45 seconds each Focus on your goals and let’s get this done We are kickstarting the lower belly burn Best ab machine for home
with “Reversed Ab Bike” We’re doing it slow here for more burn Lie on the floor Hands under or next to your bum Legs lifted as you bend one knee towards yourself and extend the other leg a few inches off the floor This is just like the reversed motion of riding a bike Both legs are off the floor during the whole exercise Try your best to work your lower abs and press your entire back on the floor without arching up Do it slow and controlled The closer you extend your leg to the floor,
the more it burns Good work on getting the first one done Second exercise We are continuing the burn in the lower abs with “Leg Extension” Same starting position Using the power in your lower abs to lift both legs off the floor Pull both knees in, bending at around 90-degree angle then extend your legs together straight to a few inches off the floor Again, our legs are not touching the floor the whole time But the closer they are to the floor the more it works the lower abs If you are a beginner, you can have them lifted higher No problem but challenge yourself to lower them as much as possible You can feel the burn in the lower belly area That’s what we want No dropping, keep going Third exercise is “Leg Raise to Reversed Crunch” to hit the lower abs in different angles Same starting position Using your lower abs to lift both legs up perpendicular to the floor Then crunching the abs Lift your butt off the floor Feet pointing towards the sky then lower your hip to the ground and legs back down to a few inches off the floor Again, feet not touching the floor until timer is up Enjoy the burn focus on crunching your lower abs in every rep Keep breathing You are doing really good so far Don’t let the burn stop And we are getting up for our fourth exercise “Knee to Elbow Plank” Start in high plank position Crunching your abs bring one knee towards your elbow on the same side This is one rep Alternate side for 45 seconds Here we are doing it slow and controlled
for the ultimate burn You should feel it in your inner and lower belly
for each rep I know this is tough I am dying here, but I will keep going No pain, no gain You want the results? You gotta put in the work 10 seconds, almost there Hold on 4 down, 6 to go Fifth exercise is “V Up Hold” Holds are the best for burn tough but effective, so let’s get into it Sitting up, contracting your abs to lift your legs up as you reach your arms straight forward to balance yourself Your body is in a V shape Hold it there Don’t drop The more you extend your feet towards the floor the harder it is Hold it You are stronger than you think this is what gives you the lower ab burn So, hang in there Don’t give up We are almost done 10 seconds And we are halfway through Sixth exercise, we are lying back down for “Flutter Kick” This time we are making the burn more intense but having your hands on your tummy with head and shoulders lifted off the floor As you tighten your abs to raise your legs up and make small, rapid up and down scissor-like motions with your legs By having your head and shoulders up It helps press your back onto the floor and focus the burn in the lower belly The closer your feet are to the floor the harder and more burn it is I know this is super tough You can see my legs are pretty high up here as well Just try your best If you can go lower, go lower The key is not dropping the legs to the floor until timer is up Come on, you can do it a few more seconds to go And we are on to our seventh exercise “Windmill” to hit our lower abs from all angles for a complete burn Hands below or next to your bum lift your legs up with slight bend in the knees Then make a big circle as big as you can from one side to another without touching your feet back to the floor then rotate back to the other side You will feel the burn all around the lower abs from side to center and that’s our goal You are doing great Keep pushing, keep making big circles No stopping 10 seconds Another one done Only 3 more left Eighth is “Leg Raise Pulses” This is similar to “Leg Raise” but instead of lifting our legs all the way from bottom to 90-degree angle We are pulsing up and down in small motions mid-air This is definitely harder than normal “Leg Raises” But it works even more The closer the movements are to the ground the crazier the burn would be Although even mine are pretty high up my lower abs are getting very sore at this point But challenge yourself, see what your body can do Only 2 more minutes to go Ninth is “Leg Raise Hold” to give an extra burn to our lower abs after the pulses Basically, hold your legs straight up together in mid-air for 45 seconds Again, the lower they are, the harder it is and the more burn you get You get what you work for Hold it, hold it Just like Chad said hold it guys Keep your legs down and off the floor Legs as straight as possible This burn is going to be worth it We want flat belly, slim waist, lower abs then we gotta work for it No, put it, put it back down 20 seconds Put it back down! And we are on to our final exercise “V Up and Down” for the maximum burn Sit up, hands behind your bum Supporting your torso up raise both legs up with slight bend in the knees then working the abs rock your legs up and down while keeping them off the floor This is so hard but I said it before and I will say it again No pain, no gain Hard work and determination is what gets you to success If it’s easy, everyone will have abs So work hard, believe in yourself You can do it Only a couple more seconds to go! And we’re done! Good job for not giving up, you did amazing! Keep working hard and the results will come Remember to “Like”, “Comment”, “Subscribe” and press the bell button So you won’t miss my awesome videos best ab machines that work
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100 thoughts on “10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. I am doing this workout and I will update when I can!!

    Day 1 – 10th August 2019 – 7:47 pm AEST:
    I finally finished the workout… It was extremely painful and I couldn't stop screaming, but I kept pushing myself! There are no obvious results yet, but hopefully, I can see a difference the more I do it. ?
    Day 2 – 11th August 2019 – 11:46 pm AEST:
    I literally couldn't do it haha! My stomach still aches when I try to stretch, bend back, twist my torso to look behind me and so on. Because of that, I decided to skip today but I'll do it twice tomorrow. Hopefully that will enough to recover!

  3. hi! so i’ve been doing this workout and one of your arm workouts for 2 days already. and i was wondering if its safe to do them twice a day, everyday?

  4. Emii I love your workouts so much!! Yours are the only ones that make me feel like I'm actually burning calories. You're so encouraging and I'm excited to try this out today. Keep up your great work, thanks a lot! Also I love how supportive Chad is 😀

  5. Omg this actually works this is my first time and day and I can already see a change I can see my lower abs went smaller Guys gotta keep trying And never give up!

    I'll do this everyday and two times SOOO EXCITED

  6. Im a mummy of twins.. and have a saggy w/ stretched mark tummy due to pregnancy. 🙁 I’ve been doing this abs burn for a week now. And im seeing a big change. I’m going to do this for 2 weeks and will update here for progress. Thanks Emi, i really enjoy your videos.

  7. this one is NO JOKE HARD GUYS??☠️but it feels SO GOOD afterwords and i really love the burn!!!!! thanks for this workout?

  8. Okay I’m gonna update cause I feel like it might motivate me to continue so here it is (btw I have quite a lot of belly fat, not expecting abs but just flatter belly):

    Day 1: Obviously no difference, workout was hard but I’ve been doing workouts irregularly for a long time so I was used to it

    Day 2: Done, a bit easier than yesterday

    Day 3: Done again, I think I’ll keep doing this for 2 weeks and decide whether I’ll continue depending on results

    Day 4: Sorry guys, I skipped today, but if it makes you feel any better, I was really tired from dance cause we had to do planks, 120 jumping jacks and 120 crunches ?

    Day 5: I skipped again, noooooo

    Day 6: Finally did it again

    Sorry guys I’m gonna stop and redo it another time cause exams are coming up and I don’t need any more distractions + I know my diet is gonna get worse

  9. Me: tries this workout
    Also me: my legs are flailing all over the place and my lower body hurts. How do people manage this again??

  10. I underestimated this workout so bad. I can't even lift my legs with my torso up, how much more hold it there. ? I took so many breaks but goddamn the burn is REAL.

  11. I redo Emi Wong's 4 weeks training. I can proudly say "I made it"!!! Abs workout are my weakness, but I made all the exercices without stopping. Thank you Emi! Thank you Chad for supporting Emi and us! Enjoy travelling and doing fitness!:)

  12. I was making frustrated noises (animal like really) but I crushed those 10min. Emi, thank you so much girl! I love those quick and effective videos.

  13. Ok so whoever’s reading this and is actually doing to workout on a daily basis it rly makes the results better when u push yourself and actually put ur all into this workout like before I just wanted to get it over and done with but now I put my all into it and the results are ten times better

  14. I promise my self, I wanna start from today not TOMORROW!

    Day1:I stopped so many times and to be honest its making me very tired so I took rests between the exercises…but I finally did it and I think its not bad for the first time,so guys keep going on and don't GIVE UP!
    Day2 it was not so hard as yesterday and I did it better

    Day3 I was out all day so I didn't have time

    Day4 my leg still hurts me so I didn't do the exercises

    Day5 I did it and I can see a little change in my Body's shape!
    Please like my comment to encourage me❤

  15. I hope… I don’t loose track of this within the week cause of my school schedule but, let’s try it
    Day 1: (gah I’m nervous let’s go) ??
    Day 2: torture again but it’s worth it! I’m gunna watch anime after this (it motivates me)
    Day 3: I did the whole thing IT HURTS BAD but hey gotta keep going!
    Day 4: oh yeah 2nd day of full video
    Day 5: lol the pAin (I’m not seeing much difference yet but then again I need to eat better)

  16. After doing this workout for 2 days, my stomach feels hurt?
    How’s about yours?? Tell me your feelings guyss
    Need motivation☹️

  17. So I’m gonna TRY key word TRY to do this one and the 15 minute thigh burner no jumping on emi’s channel and on the weekend I’m gonna try to do this on once in the morning and once at night/afternoon but on school days I’ll TRY again keyword try, to do it once a day at least because of stupid school and I have to wake up at 6:00AM but I end up waking up at like 6:45AM soooo I can’t fit those in before I go to school and yeah if I do it (and if I don’t) I’ll let you know and keep you guys updated on how it works!

  18. Me when flutter kick comes on.; that doesn't look bad at al!:

    Me 15 seconds later; OMG I WANNA DIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    Make it blue if you agree!!!

  19. Thankyou emi..i have been following and doing your exercise routines and have noticed positive results in my body…i have become more stronger , not bloating like used to , and have become healthier…. thankyou very much???

  20. My abs are so sore but I feel great! ? I’m trying to burn this little loop of fat on my belly. Love your videos! ❤️

  21. i will write down my experiences because i have the feeling it gives some people more motivation for doing the workout by themselves. while starting this workout I also try to eat and drink healthier. I'm drinking water only and I eat a only one to two "big" meals a day. if im hungry between the meals im drinking water or I keep myself busy and ignore it. (btw english is not my native language so please don't judge me)
    Day 1: there was one exercise I couldn't to. it was too hard. on the next day i died in school because of my hurting belly haha
    Day 2: today i did all the exercises but i lost everything at the last on, i guess because of the pain. but i feel great while doing this.

  22. Everyday iam doing this exercise its help me so much i want to thank u emi i never belived that one day my body will changed till now iam doing ur all exercises my body changed iam so happyyy with my body thank you so much emiii????❤️❤️❤️❤️love u

  23. Ive been doing this for 5 days and i see changes, normally i would just give up the work out, but this one is something differend , im even doing this on my period, it hurts but the second day already it became a little easier, love it ♡

  24. Wow! For most ab workouts I can't feel a burn, most likely because of improper form due to me being obese. This is the FIRST workout where I can genuinely say that I'm doing ALL of the workouts properly and it's burning my abs. I think your tip to push down my stomach and keep my back on the floor is what did it. My back was coming off the floor and that's why I couldn't get a burn in my abs in the other exercises I've done.

    Thanks Emi! This was a real game changer and I have a feeling my workouts from now on are gonna be a lot more productive and have more payoff!

  25. Hello!!, Thank so much, i love it, and it really feels the burning, i have a question, can i do this rutine all the days?

  26. I’m doing this so I can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I’m gonna do this 6 times a week for a month and share results so far I’ve done
    Day 1✅

    Day 2✅

  27. this does work. after jus 3 weeks i started seeing some results. but also make sure that you are doing these correctly and drinking water no soda.

  28. my only problem is keeping my legs straight and still :") and i think crossing my feet works , that might help. and also closing my eyes helped when i find it difficult. ppl wearing specs, you try working out without your specs. but make sure u are doing it correctly by checking.


    I’ll be updated to keep myself motivated— I don’t expect anyone to see this though hehe.

    DAY 1: ❤️ I mostly felt the burn on the upper leg region rather than my belly, but I did feel something in my belly. Obviously, results won’t come instantly.

    I am hopeful.
    I can persevere.
    I will achieve my goals no matter the challenge.

    It’s important to not become impatient, and love yourself… ☺️?

  30. I will do these every day with a healthy diet and see my progress…

    Day 1: 58kg
    Day 2: 57.05kg
    Day 3 56.90
    Day 4: 56.95 ( didn’t eat well that day )
    Day 5: 56.45
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:

  31. I'll update you daily:
    Day 1: Ahhh my muscles are on fireeee, obvsly no difference but I think the pain will be worth it!
    Day 2: my belly didn‘t hurt today but I screamed when I did the workout?
    (No difference today)
    Day 3: ouch this workout is definitly painful…no difference today!
    Day 4: it‘s going to be not as painful as yesterday…no difference!
    Day 5: it starts to be easier than in the First days…my belly is getting hard so I think my ABS are growing
    Day 6: so today I did another workout but it was as hard as this one…no difference to yesterday
    Day 7: Today I did the Workout from Pamela Reif..it was so hard…no difference yet
    Day 8: Today I did a harder workout, it was painful…no difference

  32. i know you probably dont care, but i have to say it… after almost a month i finally did it all without any breaks (i mean those breaks while you still working up)! im so happy bc its not easy to me but i did it anyway jsjsjs thank u so much emi for your effort and making these videos! bc of them i started to lose some fat and finally like myself step by step haha thanks again and have a nice day ❣️

  33. its been about like 2 weeks since i started doing this workout and my belly definitely got flatter also starting to see my abs and i lost about 2kg btw i’ve been doing this workout + a thigh burn workout from this channel and im on a -1000 calories per day diet!

  34. Emi very good your video! I liked to display the list of exercises, not to repeat exercises, I liked everything! Gratitude!

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