55 thoughts on “10 NEWEST Nintendo Switch Accessories – Part 7 – HAULED – List and Overview

  1. Phew, these vids take a lot of work but you guys seem to enjoy 'em so I appreciate your patience! As a heads up, we've also labeled which are Switch Lite compatible and today I learned it's pronounced ruh·

    veerd ;D

  2. I saved all my money for the switch and now I don’t have any money to buy any games. I’m currently playing warframe and brawlhalla.😂

  3. Love these videos! Im disappointed you didnt mention any carry case for the blade or battle grips though. They are so big but no word from anyone on what bag to use with them.

  4. I loved this hauled i hope you make a give away for some of this accsesories i like all of them😁👌🏻👍🏻🔝

  5. sergio can Mumba battle case fit in waterfield’s cityslicker or bionik power tvale bag or whatever the hell that is

  6. Im kinda sad that no one talks about the steel series headset being able to be used dockable or not. If you are wondering, yes it is. it comes with a special cable just for that.

  7. Nice video, this is OIVO brand, are you interested to test our products? If yes, please let me know your email.
    Thank you

  8. Nice video! I have 2 questions:
    1. What's the game at 1:55?
    2. Will the hori dpad (mario edition) fit with the mumba blade series case?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Is the bionik battery bag bigger than the original? The old one Will not fit the skull and co unless you use the small grips

  10. i hope someone makes a big, protective case for the switch that works with the split pad pro, ive seen a case that has removable joycon covers so you can keep those protected while using them off the switch, and i thought that would be good so you could use it with the split pad pro, but the split pad pro has things sticking off the back that get in the way of the case, having a big protective case that works with the split pad pro would be great

    (edit: after coming across it in this video, no, it wasnt the big blue battery case)

  11. NES from GameCube Era: back then, life was not easy, we only had wired controllers…(shows no face but only Red eyes)

    Nintendo switch & Nintendo Switch LITE Era: I mean…you could go handheld or Tv Mode… + wired or wireless, it’s your choice dude, just saying you know…

    Also, I’m more of a wired gamer because you don’t even have to worry about charging or even having to lose it

  12. I should know because I have watched your videos, however, I cannot recall. What grip case is that at 3:09? THANKS!

  13. Fun fact: Switch and Switch lite both fit inside skull & co carrying case.
    The switch with the grip goes in the normal spot, switch lite nicely fits in the top mesh compartment and you can still fit extra joycons inside the joycon grip in the hollow bottom. Or even a portable charger

  14. I have the hori split pad pro and i love it. The joystick travel is nice, having 2 assign buttons is a great feature and so is the turbo button. What i like the most is NO FREAKING DRIFT!!!

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