10 Strangest Things Washed Ashore

From large amounts of WWII ammunition to the
carcass of a colossal sea creature, here are 10 strangest things washed ashore:
Number 10 Live Bombs from WWII Seventy years after WWII came to an end, 87
live bombs ended up in Hampshire, on the southern coast of England. At the time of the discovery, in 2011, the
moon was closer to the Earth than it had been in almost two decades. The gravitational effects of the so-called
Supermoon generated very low tides which brought the previously undisturbed bombs to the shore. The Mark I high-explosive mortars measured
4 by 20 inches. The Royal Navy claimed a find of such magnitude
was unprecedented. Explosives expert Lt. Commander Al Nekrews
warned members of the public not to handle the explosives themselves, should more be
discovered, as years of corrosion had made them highly unstable. The bombs were stacked by the Navy around
1,000 feet from the shoreline and a wide exclusion perimeter was set around them. They were wired together in groups of ten
and detonated in high tide, so that the water absorbed the shock generated by the explosions. Number 9 Doritos
Due to an overturned cargo container, thousands of bags of Doritos washed ashore in North
Carolina’s Outer Banks. As a result, humans and seagulls were treated
to an abundance of free chips. The birds feasted on the bags that were already
open while humans went for the bags that were intact. Because of the bags’ airtight seals, the
contents were still unspoiled. Some of the locals criticized the reaction
to the spill, as people reportedly didn’t seem as preoccupied with cleaning up the federally-protected
beach as they were with getting free junk food. Nevertheless, the littered area was eventually
cleared of the bags. Number 8 Dead Birds
In 2011, thousands of dead birds were found washed ashore on Wasaga Beach, in Ontario. Botulism has been determined as the primary
cause of the mass die-off which resulted in anywhere from 5,000 to 6,000 dead birds being
scattered along the 2-mile stretch of land. The fatal disease is caused by toxins produced
by bacteria which dwell at the bottom of the lake. After fish become infected, they die and float
to the surface. This turns into a deadly feast for the waterfowl
which are quick to prey on them. Afterwards, stormy or windy weather brought
them to the shore. The rise of botulism in recent years has been
attributed to a combination of increasingly oxygen-deprived conditions, gradually warming
waters and higher levels of bacteria. Number 7 Motorcycle
In 2011, an earthquake struck Japan that would come to be known as the most powerful disaster
of its kind to ever hit the country. It generated a massive tsunami that measured
over 24 feet at its highest. Thousands of lives were lost. The disaster caused also tens of billions
of dollars in property damage. Ikuo Yokoyama lost his house and three members
of his family in the disaster. The tsunami also swept away his van, which
he was using to store, among other things, his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. About a year later, a man named Peter Mark
stumbled upon the van on a remote beach on Graham Island. The currents had taken the storage unit more
than 3,000 miles away, to British Columbia. Mark found the Harley Davidson inside. Apart from some rust, it was mostly intact. When news of the find broke in the media,
a Haley-Davidson representative paid for the motorcycle to be repaired and transported
back to its rightful owner. Number 6 ET
In 2011, a beach goer from Portsmouth called the police after spotting, what appeared to
be, a body in the water. When they arrived at the scene, the authorities
were shocked to find that it was actually a life-size ET replica, very much like the
one from Steven Spielberg’s movie. It had been taken from the house of Margaret
Wells during a robbery. Wells’ daughter had created the one-of-a-kind
alien model as part of a stage makeup course. The replica eventually made its way back to
Wells, who told a media outlet ‘There’s only one in the whole of England and that
is mine, I always knew ET would come home. Number 5 Friendly Floatees
More than two decades after they fell off a cargo ship, children’s bath toys are still
turning up around the world. In 1992, a container with 29,000 Friendly
Floatees, toys consisting of yellow ducks, red beavers, blue turtles and green frogs,
spilled into the North Pacific Ocean. From that point on the buoyant bath toys have
been found in Alaska, Scotland, Newfoundland, Hawaii, South America, Australia, the Atlantic
Ocean and even encased in Arctic Ice. Some were even spotted floating over the site
where the Titanic sank, 17,000 miles away from the spill. It’s true that the 29,000 plastic pollutants
can impact the ocean negatively, but, in the time since they fell in the ocean, the toys
have become unintentional educators. Oceanographers have tracked their movements
and learned more about the currents of the North Pacific Gyre and the Great Pacific Ocean
Garbage Patch found within. Number 4 Lego
On February 13, 1997, a huge quantity of Lego pieces fell off the Tokyo Express container
ship. A huge wave, described by the captain as a
‘once in a 100-year phenomenon’, struck the ship and violently tilted it. As a result, 62 shipping containers full of
4.8 million pieces spilled into the ocean. Lego bricks have since been turning up on
various beaches, particularly in Wales, Ireland and southern England. Ironically, many of the pieces were nautically
themed. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the only
strange phenomenon involving Lego washing ashore. Giant Lego sculptures have been sporadically
found in the sea or on beaches, ever since 2007. A Dutch sculptor and street artist, who goes
by the name Ego Leonard, is known for making giant fiberglass replicas of Lego figurines. They usually weigh about one hundred pounds
and measure 6 to 8 feet in height. His works typically feature the words ‘No
Real Than You Are’ written in capitals on their torsos. The first ‘Ego Leonard’, as the giant
sculptures have come to be known, was recovered from the sea near the Netherlands. Since then, Ego Leonard’s sculptures have
been found on Brighton Beach, in the UK as well as on beaches in Florida and Los Angeles. One was even found floating on the Danube. The sculptures were placed in art museums
or in front of landmarks. Number 3 Gigantic Eyeball
In 2012, a man in Florida stumbled upon a gigantic eyeball that had floated onto the
sand of Fort Lauderdale. Knowing that it might be of interest to someone
from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, he took it home and put it in his
refrigerator. The eyeball, which was slightly larger than
a softball, didn’t belong to some colossal sea monster, as it was initially reported. Wildlife authorities identified it as belonging
to a very a large swordfish, one that might have weight almost 1,400 pounds. Finding a fully intact eyeball, which has
been separated from other body parts, is exceptionally rare. There was evidence of clear, straight-line
cuts around the tissue, which means that someone had deliberately cut it out. Number 2 Bag of Human Hands
On March 8, 2018, a fisherman made a gruesome discovery on an island in the Amur River,
in Khabarovsk, Siberia. He initially saw a human hand sticking out
of the snow, and, although startled, he kept searching the area expecting to find a corpse. Instead, what he soon discovered washed ashore
was a bag containing 54 severed human hands. The authorities were contacted and rumors
started circulating that they were evidence of the work of some vicious serial killer
or criminal organization. Investigators subsequently reassured the public
that the hands had probably been kept in a forensics lab for identification purposes
and had been improperly disposed of. Number 1 Mysterious Creature on Seram Island
On a remote Indonesian beach, a local man discovered the remains of a gigantic creature
washed ashore. 37-year-old Asrul Tuanakota, a resident of
Seram Island, Indonesia, initially thought that he had seen a boat wreck. Then, when he got closer he saw a 50-foot-long
carcass that looked like it belonged to a massive marine monster. After the discovery, as rumors of a new unidentified
species started spreading, researchers arrived at Hulung Beach to examine the remains. They determined that the creature was, in
fact, a large decomposing whale. The exact species would be determined following
a DNA analysis but the fin whale and blue whale were the primary suspects. The animal had been dead for anywhere from
a few weeks to several months. Whales have bacteria in their guts which produce
gas. The bacteria kept on reproducing after the
whale died and had inflated several segments of the carcass like a balloon. Therefore, instead of sinking to the bottom
of the ocean, the animal ended up on the beach. The advanced stage of decomposition made identifying
the cause of death nearly impossible. Even though the gases surrounding the carcass
are noxious and foul smelling, inhaling them isn’t really a health risk. However, researchers stated that swimming
in the water near the carcass wasn’t advised. Thanks for watching! Do you know other strange things that have
washed ashore? Tell us about them in the comment section

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