65 thoughts on “100 KG Veg Biryani Cooking and Eating Challenge | Celebrating 10M Views With Our Village People’s |

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  2. Sir don’t use Aluminium vessels and mix it with iron handle it will only strip aluminium particles that will mix with food. Aluminium is slow poison used in prisons. Only Brahmin are aware of this fact mostly Brahmin avoid using aliuminium vessel they use stainless steel vessels where ever possible Auminium is slow poison used by British for Indian prisoners

  3. Wish, i could do something like you.
    Love to see those cute little smiling faces while having food.
    Really love ur videos.

  4. Aduthavanga vairaara sapudala vechi paakra sandhosham iruke,,, ahaaa
    Avanga mogathula irukura siruppu podhum, it's priceless

  5. நான் பார்ப்பது உண்மையில் உண்மைய village food factory யை மிஞ்சிடிங்கா so அனதைகுழந்தைகளுக்கு தாணம் செய்வது. நான் ஒரு Army 👨.

  6. Uncle nenga sapdrathu matum illama aduthavangalum sapda vekaringa best eating channel ever..super uncle i love ur eating style

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