Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel. I’m Mary, I’m Izzy and this is our dad Today we’re gonna be making the biggest, fluffiest, giant-est slime ever! So the ingredients we have today – we have 12 bottles of glue We have…18 bottles of shaving cream and of course our activator – Tide (each) We each have our own And we have food coloring! So I have pink food coloring Daddy has blue food coloring and red food coloring because when he mixes blue and red he gets purple And I have sky blue (whispering) Okay, I have sky blue And at the end we’re gonna mix them all together and we’re gonna get the biggest slime ever! It’s gonna be extra fluffy. Say whaaaat? That was my idea – Say whaaaat? So we’re gonna make the biggest, fluffiest unicorn slime ever! So we’re basically just mixing them in 3 separate containers because it’s easier to mix So let’s get started! Okay, let’s pour in the glue Last time you stole all the glue from me But this time I’m gonna be first We have clear and white glue because we couldn’t find enough gallons of white glue and plus you can still make fluffy slime with clear glue so… It just won’t turn out clear. Or maybe it will, we should try that I’m onto my third bottle I’m onto my third It’s okay, if I don’t have it clear I’ll have it white They just mix together. She has clear and white No, no, no! That’s mine! No, she has half and half cause they didn’t have enough Woah, look at that! I’m on my fourth It looks like a giant cloud Look at the glue, guys! It just sinks down Elmer’s glue always has this yellowish tint to it like Tide Okay guys, so we got our glue all into our containers and divide it and it looks so cool I’ve never mixed clear glue and white glue together Now it’s time to add our shaving cream Woah, this is extra foamy. We never use this kind of shaving cream Woah, that foam went so high! Oh, it’s super cold today This is gonna be the most puffiest slime ever This one got deep and this one got deep too Look guys it’s making a huge shaving cream bubble in my hand! Look at this guys, we got all the shaving cream all into our glues Look at this, it’s so fluffy! Now it time to mix in the shaving cream. Ready? Put your hands up Did I just hear a car beep? Ready? Put your hands up everybody Now drop them into your slime! Woah, this looks like a giant fluffy cloud It’s so fluffy I could just keep my hands in here all day Okay guys we got our shaving cream all mixed in and it’s so fluffy! So now it’s time to add our food coloring Okay, let me add in mine Oh, that’s chuncky Okay, now we’re gonna mix it in. Look, tic-tac-toe Look at mine. Fourth of July! I know! I still have my stick We’ll have to do it with my hands See how dark that it is 5 gallons? Watch this guys Okay guys, so we got our food coloring all mixed in now it’s time to add our activator Look you guys, shhh Okay, here you go Hey, pour in some for me You wanna pour it? Yeah Pour some into here, please Yay, all mine now Me too, can you pour some on my hands, please? Me too me too me too You sound like a host: “Let’s go!” Mix some slime! Okay, we’re mixing it together guys Oh, it’s turning into slime! Look at mine. Mine’s almost slime I’m a slime monster! What if they made a costume of just a slime splatter and you were just a splatter of slime There is glue in my armpits Okay guys, we got the slime all mixed in together – here’s mine So fluffy! This is mine A little sticky Look like I have corners that just peel off. Look at that corner, it just peeled off Woah, super stretchy Now it’s time for the best part You go first I can’t go first It looks like a birthday cake That was so cool Mix them up everybody! Let’s mix it and then make bubbles Oh it’s so fluffy, guys! It’s getting all over you clothes, dad Look, this one doesn’t fall on the floor like our last one You are part of the slime, dad! This slime is so fluffy and big. It’s HUGE! Let’s make 5 bubbles, let’s have a competition It’s so big it came off the table I think I won Mary, that’s your bubble, this is my bubble I won Comment down below who won for round 1 Now round 2 I won. I think I won Who won? Me Wait, you didn’t see my bubble, you ready? Dad, you’re a part of the slime. I know That’s so scary! It’s so cool! Woah, it’s so blue under it! He said Kaboo This is 12 gallons of the unicorn slime Oh yeah! No look you guys, look. He doesn’t poke Slime shirt The new improved slime shirt Thank you. He just woke up. Thank you, okay Bye guys! Thanks for watching! Please remember to give this video a big thumbs up and Subscribe! Comment down below whose slime you liked better or if you liked them mixed. Bye! I liked them better mixed.

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