100 Shots of the World’s Strongest Coffee (WARNING)

– Yo, it’s your boy, Kill’em for the Win! I always Kill’em for the Win. And you’re watching me,
Kill’em for the Win. Woo! – Hi. – Hey. Over at VOL.at Just had an interview. It’s been really awesome. I was really nervous. Go check it out. (laughs) (New Age music) Whoa! Oh, it’s an absolutely gorgeous day today. I think the next few days are expected to be really nice weather, so I’ve got the little plants out here, the little chilis growing. And then there’s something
I’ve been planning to do for a while, so let’s do it. Let’s just do it. Why not? (light synthesizer music music) Puddly pool. (laughs) Yeah! (light synthesizer music) It’s just so hard to blow up. (grunts) (groans) Okay, okay, turn it off, turn it off. (laughs) Let’s get in. (gasps) Ah, that’s really cold. (huffs) You know when it’s so cold you can feel it actually in the bone? That’s how cold it is. (laughs) Okay, get it out, get it out. Oh yes, this is the life. Laying on my sun bed in the red hot sun next to my pool. Nice, fresh, cold cola
straight outta the fridge. Ah. What could possibly go wrong? (beeping) (gasps) Oh, oh, challenge time, baby! (laughs) Let’s go! (dramatic thud) So I’ve decided to try and do… (car engine starting) to try it. I’ve decided to try and do 100
shots of Death Wish Coffee. I’ve decided to do 100
shots of Death Wish Coffee, the strongest coffee in the world, but it comes in whole beans,
so I’m gonna go to the shop. I don’t know, they crush
it up for you for free so, yeah, let’s do it! (coffee grinder running) Is it doing it? Is it going? Oh, it’s done. Sorted! If I’m doing 100 shots, I’m
gonna need 100 shot glasses. Coffee filters. That’s it. Let’s go! You can never just buy
one thing at the shop. You buy everything. (beep) (beep) (beep) (beep) (slow beeping) (rapid beeping) (beep) (high pitch beep) (dramatic thud) Okay, so I’ve got 100
shots of Death Wish Coffee right in front of me, the
world’s strongest coffee. Jesus Christ! (laughs) There’s approximately four
liters of liquid right here. There’s a lot more than
you think it would be. I just don’t wanna (mumbles). No messing around! Let’s just get straight into this! Three, two, one, go. (rock music) Oh, that is disgusting. I hate coffee. (groans) (groans) (groans) So strong. (groaning) (groaning) Oh, I’m gonna puke. (groans) (groans) Oh, I’m gonna be sick. (groans) It tastes disgusting. (groans) (laughs) Jesus Christ! (mumbles) (laughs) There’s a hair in that one. Jesus Christ! I’m spilling it down me. (laughs) Come on! Oh, I’m struggling. I’m struggling. Final 10. The final one. (groans) Yes! I can’t believe it! (laughs) (groaning) My heart is racing. (groaning) Jesus Christ! God! (wheezing) Shot glasses everywhere. (groaning) (panting) Don’t go! (dramatic thud) (exhales) I’m just sat here, and I’m sweating. (laughs maniacally) Sweat! Need to do something. I need to go and do something. Woo! (laughs) Let’s go! (dramatic thud) – [Woman] Where is he? What’s that sound? – Aha! – [Woman] What the heck
are you doing there? – Swimming. – [Woman] You’re not even swimming! What you doing? Are you naked? What, are you naked? – Clothes will slow me down. – [Woman] Oh, get in now. That’s embarrassing. (fart noise) (laughs) Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you have, make sure you
give me a nice, big thumbs up. Thank you for watching. Please comment, thumbs up, subscribe, tell your friend, tell your family, let everyone know about
me, Kill’em for the Win. Stay awesome! I’m locked out. (laughs) Fuck! I’m naked.

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