1000 lb 45th birthday challenge to lift 1000 pounds – back squat – dead lift – bench press fatover40

welcome to fat over 40 my name is miles and in this episode we’re going to look at my thousand pound challenge now if you’re new to the channel please subscribe there’s a new film every single Friday and if you like what you hear then give us a thumbs up more importantly make a comment down below and let me know if you tried the thousand-pound challenge so I turned 45 I know as I was reminded halfway to 90 but i wanted to set myself a birthday challenge to really sort of push myself and yeah reassure myself I guess I’m getting older but that I’ve still got it so the thousand-pound challenge it’s basically built up of the three powerlifting disciplines of high bar back squat bench press and deadlift and it’s your accumulative score from your 1rm of each of those disciplines so that’s adding up to a total in excess of a thousand pounds or 453 and a half kilos now I knew I was sort of close if i added up all of my one rm’s you know I think I was about 10 kilo short so yes I was excited to see if i could PB and break that thousand-pound mark recorded my heaviest lifts i’m going to do some voiceover to these lifts to describe sort of how I felt really sort of snap myself and halfway through my back squatting and maybe I should have approached my lifts maybe in a different order maybe item that a better or a little bit worse who knows but we’ll see how I get on at the end so here we are then lift off crossfit I asked coach Tom if you could give me some some sort of sets to warm-up so he built me some ladders up to where my pb’s were you start off with a few more reps at the bottom wall of their weight so light and then as you move up toward you PB you just get down to single reps and there we go there’s the date saturday 19th November 2016 here we go so I’m starting off here at 140 again starting to feel quite heavy have been doing 130 for 5 5 x5 recently so one for you should be pretty easy and it was moving up now to 150 my PB my last PB was 155 so this is starting to get towards failure territory for me but again feeling pretty confident and little bit of a struggle pushing it back up again but that was a relatively easy 150 so this was equal my previous PB I do keep the belt on and had a bad back and in the last year or so so just more of a precaution anything else yep there we go nice n Easy equal my last PP smack the weights on the upright really pushing back through be out quite a bit there I’m so here we go moving up to 160 and this would be a new PB for me and I’m as I pulled this off the rack it did feel pulling in every way I can tell you big deep breath in hold everything as tight as possible and almost crushed myself in half seriously as I went down there is a little slow mo my head i think i should have had my head up high you can see my nipples almost touch my knees I basically just felt the weight pushing me down and forward I didn’t take things slow enough on my way down really and keep myself tightener so my coaches had a word to meet they said look big deep breath in hold everything in and go down nice and slow which I did it got stuck I bet is to pull myself up so we got a new PB 160 and it was great a bit the boys they’re congratulate me and just fantastic it was great to have some support so here we go pushing it even further I wanted to get as much on the Border’s I could this is 16 two-and-a-half and again nice and slow down and yeah I got it back up I mean I think I probably had more in me but the boys were like let’s move onto year bianchi next one whatever ok so if you look here on the left-hand side is my fail you can see how much lower i am and how much I’m so tilted forward in the right hand side you can see how my my neck and head is a stretching a bit more upright just wanted to sort of show you that to make some comparisons so the full 453.5 total my back Squat was 162.5 we sort of take that away and then leaves me with what’s left so moving onto my bench press now and this is my opener for 90 had a little bit of a bad shoulder blade and I asked any if he’d come in to spot me here at one at 95 seemed to go up reasonably well actually moving on to a hundred then again as it starts to feel this in my in my shoulder but a hundred again big deep breath in and pushed out most squeeze out quite easily and this is my old PB 102 and a half and to be honest with you I found this okay a little bit of a struggle towards you probably had a few more Kilos in me but again the coaches were like there and don’t risk injury on board was already a dodgy arm so there you can see i managed to equal and my PB on a bench at one or two and a half and that was another hundred kilos off of the target so last discipline the deadlift this was my opener at 150 we currently doing sort of like 140 5 sets 45 at the moment in class so 150 should be ok no belt on I’m trying to work on my posture and trying to squeeze my shoulder blades together trying to keep my back as flat as possible he would go 160 hundred and sixty kilos i’ll do some conversions on screen here in terms of the pounds food thousand pound challenge after all but we working kilos this is 174 previous PB was 190 but that was over so if eight nine ten months ago I think before i tweaked my back in March so again it was a bitter struggle off the all but that’s the expected 170 kilos and then we move on to 180 so put the belt on as I felt I needed to her a little bit of comfort in that branded me back at the top a little bit there that by this stage I’m pretty tired slap myself up for another go shouting going on in the background or the for Brotherhood slow yeah and squeeze squeeze squeeze come on go on no it just wasn’t meant ok so i managed to get to 170 deadlift which left me sort of 18 and a half kilos of my thousand pound challenge but I’m look 45 tomorrow it definitely sets the bar and i’ll come back and definitely do it again Steady Go I failed to hit my thousand-pound target i was 40 point 7 pounds short of the 1,000 pounds or 18 and a half kilos sure of the thousand-pound target huh I was disappointed but look I managed to PB my back squat i equal to my bench I was disappointed with my deadlift but maybe I should have done my debt first you know and that’s something that I learned for next time when will next time we put look I don’t know it won’t be very soon I’ll give myself a chance to work up certainly my deadlift capacity and get myself up there before I try it again maybe i’ll be another year who knows maybe i’ll try my 46th birthday now if you haven’t seen my video about crossfit then click on here and if you want to catch up with this other video here but have you subscribed if not hit the button here and get involved if you make one change this week why don’t you try the thousand pounds challenge and you won’t die fat

25 thoughts on “1000 lb 45th birthday challenge to lift 1000 pounds – back squat – dead lift – bench press fatover40

  1. Happy Birthday 🎉 I hope you had a blast!! Well done on the challenge that is insane!! I'm only starting to lift so working on my form first but I'd love to do this someday! Well done!!! 🙌🏻

  2. I hope you enjoyed your birthday😀🎉! All the weight was sooo insane! I'm glad you didn't get crushed😂!Fun video👍!

  3. Saw you comment on Omar Isuf's channel…not bad, but isn't it three red lights if you just drop the barbell after a deadlift? Its still impressive though. We have near identical totals, I'm at 335 squat, 345 deadlift, 265 lbs bench. Only I'm a decade younger. I hope to hit 1000 sometime in 2017.

    I feel like you could have gotten 245 on the bench if you didn't divebomb it. Just my input really, take it for what it is. Most of my 1RMs look like negative reps.

  4. Happy birthday–what a cool way to celebrate! If I could move the decimal points one digit to the left, I might be able to do those 😉 What you call "failure" is pretty impressive in my book!

  5. Yes love it! I was honestly impressed by the weights you were able to do, very impressive! Who knows maybe next years birthday will be the one 😄

  6. Happy birthday Miles and holy crap that was impressive to watch. The support of the guys is priceless!! You literally deadlifted more than what I weigh you deadlifted a Wonderbene and then some.

  7. great to see someone this age pushing yourself on your birthday! very inspiring! I hope to do something similar one day.

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