Worlds biggest aluminum foil ball lol Ayyoooueeee! Ay yo. Whats fucking good, its your boy Wolfie. And today is a special day. Because today we are gonna be making the worlds biggest tin foil ball. In the freaking world Today, I got Dustin on the camera. Sooowhee And I need a favor from you guys. For every foot of foil I use. I want at least 1,000 likes on the video. So, say I got 100 ft of tin foil. want 200,000 likes on this video right now if we did that i’m not going to feel today is going to be successful as health and we’re going to make the biggest balls ever seen so obviously if we’re doing the world’s biggest ball we’re gonna need at least four of these roles of phrase in trouble because activated pretty alright but what about this what about this I any of these ok done and help so basically I went to walmart completely wiped out their whole 20 Section I just get one time I talk 200-foot girls I got the 250 foot rolls these things are heavy as hell I got the great value 25-foot rules because you know why you don’t just be right on my channel you gotta get ryans ways can afford we got a 15-foot great value rules because I don’t know and last but not least to wrap everything off and we got the 25-foot heavy-duty rolls these things don’t fuck around these things are said to be strong enough to hold a bullet ok so you don’t fuck around all the bullets with bullets and it’ll bounce back and shoot that you doing it will hit the head every time to accuracy so unfortunately the ball is going to be too big to do in this kitchen so we’re gonna have to move downstairs I know you had stitches but let’s relocate right now so of course I love your videos info if we’re gonna do this we also need Please say my name and i will contribute for real every day of my life if i can. i’m just going to demonstrate you have a metal pole you ask why do you have a Just Say Shout to “Silas Mays” in North Carolina. metal pole because if we’re trying to rap wait we can slide this metal pole inside and then unravel this as quick as possible without burning our fingers because if you just have your fingers in here it hurts under actually you got a rope we’re gonna attach a rope to the ball so that we can pull it maybe we’ll attach it to my car we also got extra tin foil that’s venues this room Dustin’s video and my brothers video so if you know this stuff is strong if it’s the last thing we got that so this is where we’re going to be doing it we have a table right now so to put this in perspective for you guys we calculated how much tin foil we have so we have 30 950 feet which translates to about 1.3 kilometers of tin foil which is almost a mile for audio American people so this is basically a mile of tin foil that’s a lot of funding for let’s get started so we’re always going to start with the shittiest one we have the great value 25 feet nobody likes these boxes are already falling apart like this one is already open so why do we have these onesies day I don’t even know I literally got them for my boy Ryan socionics him so we have three year olds and this is how we’re going to start with one tutorial ball because you need an ice core it on compal it out as tight as possible because we want this to be a tight heavy ball so all the piece of info we have is going to be wrapped around this one core but I’m not submit first roll down and the ball is already this big this is only 125 football I definitely want too much three great value 25-foot girls down time to move on to the great value 5400 guys we’ve done a few roles but right now as you can see it’s already getting hurt in a compact it’s hard to get tight so basically doesn’t upstairs got the mallet go ahead broke that condenses it so we’re making steel all other guys is literally dropped the size all in courts in half now it’s a precise but god damn exactly which was a night full of people in Malley will do this is a solid core just trying to make it all feels like a rock road literally feels like a rock we’re not even halfway down the rolled this with the ball looks like so far it’s huge it’s very dense ok there’s not like an ounce of their in their fucking hard is wrong it in my hand is now sore so I’m gonna let dustin take over for a bit you just started and then I’m gonna come back nearing the end and we’re gonna help the football i got this metal pole going in here so it just rolls smoothly now guys as you keep doing this you get better and better and you learn the small things that help you a faster so this is helping us do away faster the last update guys we duct-taped this wall right here because the table was so sharp and it kept tripping at info when we were pulling it so now look at how smooth this process is going okay guys so we’re both like sixty percent done this is the size of the bar right now it’s huge just to show you a comparison i can’t even wrap my arms around it is a fucking big wall but i keep cutting myself so I’m leaking heavy here this blood dress outside right now for me wiping my other cuts so to cut so far on one hand so there’s one right here guys I put on love recently because that’s fucking put on gloves so this is the glove of using now don’t try to set on this is dangerous how do you want every video haha ok so we’re almost done guys were literally finishing up on just about the last layer the ball is right there is absolutely massive and the strategy we chose to do now we take it off the table cuz it was taking too long we’re rolling it all the way down there running back unraveling it and then doing it again so i’m gonna time last part you’ll see how fucking much work it is the balls ok guys so we just finished wrapping with almost every single rule we only have the 25-foot heavy-duty rooms left but those are just to make it look pretty those are like really nothing so here it is guys here is the picket boiling water over my god been so happy you guys for how much you think that way honestly if i had to guess i’d say around 543 anyways guys we’re gonna drive me all these ones and i’ll show you the final reveal so here is the world’s biggest aluminum foil ball although should look it took three hours to construct use every inch of oil didn’t waste anything which is where everyone wants to know how much the same way that hard 543 pounds yeah so time to fuck around with this ball so the first thing everyone wants to know it doesn’t go down the stairs well i got an answer for you Jesus Christ there’s really quick boy destroy my house seriously that’s all what is this i was even that was there before it was ok i was that I wasn’t you meet so we’re good i don’t know if you guys know what I used to play soccer my date and I have a pretty strong case so your class in there just right over oh this is coming you want to raise it i can raise them all for you as a stretch there was a warm-up hold it still is my favorite you can reach me right here then the school’s complex shape is going to black guys not comes up 12 birthright is one of these due to the wolf that’s hard to make your party yeah i’m talking about the dance floor look at that dent though that is a nice soccer kick dats my foot is going to be on fire tomorrow I’ll tell you that your whole leg hits Joe our destiny you want to bring some fruit this obviously my god yeah yeah already Apple no more this will work to squash this thing as you can hear it’s hard as fuck this thing’s like the coconut take a break ah yeah 3 u14s my tin foil ball but you’re good you know what well my foreground your football iphone 7 fucking hey guys this is 542 pounds straight up in the air i’m going to attempt a keg toss up to my balcony because i want to throw it off but why I carry it up the stairs when I could just throw it out first in my form ready-to-wear is true that people like your father so we need to reevaluate how we do that what they have been working on my spot oh my god it almost killed me you must be little railing okay we’re just gonna walk the same story every instinct I think I got the accuracy it’s a pretty big ball this is that I smash the scope you guys better smash that like button and I have faith in my ball it’s not going to break right here so here we go wow you look worn usually oh but look at bringing them to the ground brought you this thing is very so let’s go tie to the rope in the bottom right now and then Dustin’s gonna hold onto one end of it swing at me as hard as possible and see if I fall on the ground I’m taking a hit again for the wolf and I died for you guys got like 17 cuts on my arm in this video this has been a struggle setup ok guys so Dustin has the record goals are doing some practice right now I’m going to get smoked know through like one step closer to making literally standing to identify what you’re doing it again I promise I’ll oh hey guys so it’s mad i see on the ground right now this little the ice everywhere on the ground i got my mom driving the car and i’m going to see if you could call me and by the way guys the way we did it is dustin tied a rope here we have a shock for a car here holding the three back seats are going to take all of the weight when the ball pulls me but it’s not gonna break and driving this escape the window you guys missed it i literally broke it trying to escape the guys it’s hailing i don’t know if you can hear that but it’s hailing around you gotta wait mom I can’t do anything 32 wants ok so as you guys can see this ball is thrown capable her bowling ball so basically it was everything about so now what I’m going to do just to prove to you guys that this ball is 100-percent aluminum foil looks like it’s nothing I’m gonna cut it open so i’m gonna try and beat it open with the Mallik and if that doesn’t work yeah yeah he’s going so what I’m going to go shine this ball this ball has been through a lot ok mouse to work oh but the harder you hit her two cats if you got rid of my four guys from alan is not going to work so which one do you think butter knife again that ok bigger than that i have this nice that i use for the thousand degrees no no we definitely wasn’t that no I got that’s a good idea but bigger because ok i got a big question yes romance off it compressed it bounces it’s only getting stronger probably get a stronger yay what does not know what’s going on your butcher and two usually cutting stuff open is fun to watch because it’s really satisfying but this doesn’t cut there’s a layer in there will not move oh it sounds so bad bro i don’t know what that sound is the texture so I was losing all then I found my go-to nice life will be re-opened already come on let’s loosen it up let’s get in there guys come on really so much ten ok guys so as you can see what’s inside going to looking to get your kid in there anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video this took me so much time so you better go down and smack that like button guys don’t have a two-part thousand lights unbreakable unsaddle undrivable ball this thing’s indestructible but also something else I got to give a huge shout out to my boy just resting on the camera i love that so if you want to see some more players going to his channel link at the top of description youtube com stands just but you already know what it is and comment down below what other giant things you you’re welcome to make and I will do it next time on tri-di one from movie anyways I’ll see you guys soon with another banger video and as always let go

100 thoughts on “10,000 LAYERS OF ALUMINUM FOIL BALL (100+ LBS WORLD RECORD)

  1. I have a friend that everyday he brought a sandwich to work in aluminum foil and put each piece on a ball like this for 40 years…..Your record was broken some 15 years ago, sorry dude..you loose…been there done that….also he took chiquita banana stickers that came on each banana and put them on a fridge….the fridge is covered from top to bottom….no metal showing….another one of his records that he did…..Now hes buliding a China Wall ..in his back yard….Its amazing….

  2. Your friend comes over

    “Hey what’s in this closet”
    opens closet
    huge aluminum foil ball rolls out and hits your friend
    “What the f*ck”
    Wolfing: that wasn’t there ?”
    * wolfie rolls ball away cause it’s to heavy to kick*

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