=What’s up guys, it’s Collins Key, and for this video it’s lit. So basically today I am, this is like the most hype intro ever, I am making a giant pool of oobleck. And basically when people
usually do this video they only use a little bit of cornstarch like this amount here, they’ll kind of jump
in to maybe a bathtub. For me personally, I don’t think that this is
quite enough of the cornstarch. So, what’d I’m doing for this video is I’m not using these little ones. (laughs) I’m using a giant 50 pound bag of it, and not just one. I’m using a whole bunch of them. This is going to be
10,000 pounds of oobleck. I can’t do this by myself, I need some friends to help me out. So, give me on second, hold on. (cheering) We got the whole squad in the building! Give this video a big thumbs up for the fact that we are about
to make so, so much oobleck and do some crazy stuff with it. And if this video gets enough thumbs up, we might go crazy with orbeez
and try some wild stuff. So, thumbs up this video right now if you guys want to see that and comment down below if
you guys want us to fill up an entire pool with oobleck. Like, this is a pretty big pool over here, I’m talking an actual- – You’d do that? – I don’t know, we’ll try it though. And if you want to see this entire pool of oobleck dumped on me- (yelling) The video is live on
my Instagram right now. The direct link to this video is down in the description below and if you guys like that post and comment on it #KeyperSquad, I’ll be going through your guys’ photos, liking as many of them as I possibly can, so you should go check that out. For those of you guys who don’t know, oobleck is this crazy substance
that’s two things at once. It’s a liquid if you just
hold it in your hands, but if you hit it with a
lot of pressure really fast it becomes a solid. So, we’re going to be doing
a whole bunch of challenges, hitting with sledge hammers, baseball bats, and at the end of this we’re going to see if we can actually walk on water. So, without any further ado, right now what do you
guys say we get into it? We make 10,000 pounds of oobleck! (cheering) Oh man, this is way too heavy. Let’s do this. How this operation is going down. You need one part water
to two parts cornstarch, and we have to be mixing it as it’s all being added together. So, we’ve got Ava and Devin, they’re going to be the ones in the pool mixing it with their feet, and then Bella, Christian, and I, we’re going to be cutting these bags open, dumping them all in there, and just making 10,000 pounds of oobleck. So, that thing’s really heavy, I’ll take it here, oh my god. Let’s go. (laid back beach music) Alright guys, next is to add the food dye, and we’ve got how many bottles? We’ve got a lot of this, six bottles. This is all food dye. It looks like if you drank it, it won’t be good. So I think I’m just going to start adding a little bit of this in. Here we go. (laid back beach music) Yo, we are making the biggest thing of macaroni and cheese right now. You know like the powder, here look at this. It’s like the free mac and cheese powder and then you mix it in. Devin and Ava are the human noodles. (pop music) I’ve never seen like this much of one food in my entire life. This is so much cornstarch
just like in one area. Yo guys, check this out, it’s starting to work, it’s starting to work, look at this. It’s like a ball. (laughter) It’s so cool! This is a challenge fam. (pop music) I’d better not be orange tomorrow. – [Spongebob Narrator] Six
and a half hours later. (beep) – After way too many hours, this took up a really, really long time. We finally made it, – There is so much oobleck. So here’s what happens, check this out. So when you start of
it’s completely solid. I’m going to break this thing. Let me see if I can even get it out. To begin with it’s completely, and then it turns to liquid, you guys can see in the middle of that. But the moment you put
pressure on it like this, it becomes hard and then it
goes back to being liquid again. This is so, so cool. So I think first things first. Here, Devin, you can take this. I want to hit it with a sledge hammer. – Can you throw it? – Woah, that was so wild. Alright here we go guys, watch out. I’m going to hit it with a sledge hammer to see what happens. Here we go, three, two, one, (thudding) – [in Unison] Woah! – There’s like a hole in it. – [Devin] This is liquid! – That’s so crazy. Yo, this like literally powderifizes it. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but check this out, look at this. Three, two, one. (thudding) – [Devin] It totally cracks it. – [Ava] Oh my god! – [Collins] Yo I know, that’s so wild. I’m going to have to, I think I’m going to have to like make this stuff into a ball, I’m going to pitch it up to
you and see if we can hit it before it all dissolves. Ready? Alright, I’m going to try
to make this into a ball. You’re going to have to go quick, bro. Here we go. Three, two, one. (yelling) (electronic music) – Yo, that was wild. – That was so good! As you hit it it stops the bat and you think it’s just going to fall, and then it just blows up. – Alright, here we go. I’m making a giant thing of this, it’s so hard to keep it like solid. Alright, you ready? – You’re trying to kill me here. Alright. – Bro, you better get
a good hit on this one. Alright, here we go. Three, two, you ready, one. (yelling) (electronic music) Alright guys, this is the 55 pound weight drop. This is a terrible idea but hey, we got the weight. So, might as well do it. Three, two, one. (thudding) (yelling) Get it get it get it, quick quick quick quick quick. I hope I don’t fall off when I do this. Two, one. (thudding) (yelling) – Dude, that hit me. – What? – That like got to me. (laughing) – Yo get the close up on it. That’s like so wild. Go for it. – [Ava] It looks like water, but it’s solid. That’s so crazy. – I’m going to like do a thing
where I’m going to midair, I’m going to chuck this
up and then you’ve got to punch it midair, alright? Here you go, you ready? Punch it like that way. – Like you want me here? – Yeah. Three, I’m going to throw it up. Two, one, go for it. Punch it, punch it. And it just broke! – You know what, I’m going to punch it up. I’ll punch it up. – Yeah punch it up, punch it up. Try to like punch it up
into the pool almost. Alright, you ready? You’re going to punch it up. You ready? Here you go. Three, two, one. (yelling) And then it broke open! – [Devin] Wow, that was great. That’s crazy. – Alright Devin, what’s the next one? – Next up, we have an ax. – Alright, real quick disclaimer. Please, if you guys ever
try making this much oobleck and go crazy with it, parental supervision is a must. Because like my dad is here right now, we are taking this very seriously. So, you good? – Yes, I’m ready bro. What? Alright, this is the backyard Wimbledon between Ava and Collins. Touch rackets. This will be a fair match. Collins, you serve first. – Ah, perfect. Love love? – I want no foul play. – Love love. Uno love. – Alright, uno love. And go! Well that was great. – One bounce. Alright. I’m going to have to
like hit it really hard. (yelling) (laughing) – That almost like knocked Bella out. – [Collins] It almost hit her in the eye. – We’re moving out of the way, Collins has no opponent now. – Close out the game, this is love love, lot of love. (laughing) Here we go. I need to go like waboom, waboom, waboom. Right, I don’t know. Woah! Oh my god, did you see that? – Yo, that was crazy. – Like straight up I couldn’t
even do that again if I tried. But, I’m going to try. I messed up this racket so bad. Look at it, that’s not the shape of a tennis racket. I’m going to hit it now on this side to try to like even it out. It’ll make it go back to normal. Here we go. It’s real messed up. – Yeah, it’s so messed up, dude. – Oh no! No! Pass me like a ball of oobleck and I’m going to hit is
with the tennis racket. – Oh, yo! Three, two, one. – Dude, do it one more time, do it one more time. It like hit on the bottom only. – Three, two, one. – And now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for. Time to see if we can
really run on oobleck. So Christian, start over there, and here’s what we’re
going to do, Christian. You start over there, see if you can run all the way across. – Alright. – Alright, just one straight
line all the way across. Let’s see if we can do this. Everyone, here we go. (drumroll) Three, two, one, go for it. (yelling) – No way, I’ve got to try it. – [Ava] That’s so weird! – That’s so crazy! – Wait a second, hold up. Throw this on, I’m going to jump on it. I want to see if we can keep it up. – What? – Dude, it’s worth a shot. Oh my god! Yo, that’s like the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. – Wait, you’re sinking, you’re sinking. – Oh, gosh. – Dude, you gotta get up. – Oh gosh. I’ve got like platypus feet now. That was close. I’m about to attempt to
do a back flip on oobleck. This is like the stupidest
idea I’ve ever had. And if this works, if this works it’ll be legendary. If not, who knows. – If this works, this
is going to be insane. (beep) If you want to see me try
a back flip on the oobleck, maybe my feet get stuck, maybe I break my neck, or maybe it’s the most epic
part of this entire video. That clip is on my Instagram. Right now the link is down
in the description below, that link will take you
directly to that post. If you like it and comment
#KeyperSquad on it, I’ll be going through your photos, liking them. And you guys, make sure you go follow
my friends right now, that would really mean a lot to me. Show them a ton of love on social media. Their links are all down
below in the description. I love you all so much, and I will see you guys again soon. That was crazy. We’re doing one final jump onto
the oobleck right now, guys. Ready for this? Three, and we come back here, two, one, go for it. – (together) Bye!

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