(groaning) – Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Guys we put in two packets. This is gonna be the most green hot tub you’ve ever seen in your entire life. (people gasping) This is like the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life bro,
like my entire life! (dramatic music) This is the face of someone
who’s been up all night working while his Mom’s
been upstairs sleeping, and you know just having a good time. And this also someone that just so happens to have a megaphone in his hand right now. Do you see where this is going? It’s currently 7:14 a.m.
right now, and it’s time we go wake Mom up in style, wink. I call this one Operation Megaphone. (door opens) Good, wait what, good,
g-g-goo- he-hello, is it… Wait, what? Oh, the volume wasn’t on ha ha ha. Hello guys and welcome
back to another video! Right now, as you can tell
I’m currently pranking Mom who is really really pissed off right now. It is 7:14 a.m., I am
feeling very very good. Mom is feeling very very bad. She probably hates me
right now but I don’t care because I’m a young boy who’s living life and having a good time. I’ve been up all night working. Mom’s been up all night sleeping. That means she wasn’t up all night. See I’m already ready for the day. – Get out! – I’m afraid I can’t do that. Oh yeah Mom, one more
thing just before I go, merchandise link is in the description. Go down there and get
your Morgz merchandise. It’s selling good, it’s selling good. (coughs into megaphone) Oh sorry I’ve got a bad cough Mom. I’ve been up all night
(coughs) so it’s bad. Mom you’ve got five seconds
or the siren comes on. Five, four, three, two, oh you didn’t make it
out of the bed in time. (siren blares) Okay I think I’ve kind of
outstayed my welcome here. – You were never welcome, go away! – Okay, I’m leaving now mom, bye! (laughs) It’s only a matter of time before I am kicked out of this house and forced to go live on the streets because my mom must absolutely despise me by now. Like not even hate me,
I’m talking despise me. Like I am surprised I am still here in this house with a room. How do I still live here? (radio static) Yo, so guys, another day, as you can tell, another bit of merch. Today I’m reppin’ the
signature Morgz logo. And yes, this is actually my signature so if you see me in public
and want an autograph if doesn’t look like this then get me and frickin’ just punch me,
because this is what it is. Guys, today’s little project is we’re gonna fill the hot
tub outside with slime. Now I’ve had loads of you guys telling me “Morgz, fill it with
this, fill it with that”, and a while back, as you may know, I filled my bath with slime
and it was really, really fun so today, as you can tell,
I have a box full of slime. I think there’s like 20 packs in here. I’m hoping it’s gonna be enough. Well guy. (box thuds) So guys if you’re new to the channel and you haven’t seen my
face on your screen before, you already know what to
do, go down there and smash that subscribe button, join
team Morgz, join the family. Where are we going, up! So join the movement right now and while you’re down
there if you wanna be, you know, a true Team Morgz member go and get yourself some merch. It’s hot, it’s new, it’s sellin’ fast. And there’s currently a sale for the hats, which I haven’t got right now but I could definitely use because my hair is floppin’ all over the place. But yeah, let’s go upstairs
and see how the hot tub’s goin’ because I started heatin’
it up a little bit ago. Hey hey, that’s better! If you ever noticed this hat actually kind of matches the colour of my hair. I don’t know how though
because beige isn’t that similar to the cheese
string colour, but yeah. As you can tell I’m upstairs now. Well, I’m not really upstairs but we’ve got the box of slime here and funny story right,
you can probably tell how it looks really really nice out today. Basically I went up to heat
the hot tub this morning and it was absolutely chucking it down and there was just rain everywhere, and now the sun’s come out and it’s all going I’m loving this. But yeah guys I ain’t even gonna lie, this is the first time I’ve seen Mom since I’ve pranked her
this morning I think. Yeah there she is. Hi mom, how are you doing? – Hi Morgan, did you have a good sleep? – [Morgz] Yeah it was great, thanks. – Yeah, good good. – [Morgz] Did you have a good sleep? – Yeah, I had a good little bit of sleep. It’s good when you can
sleep in the day, isn’t it? – Yeah, I mean that’s what I always do. – Something that you bought that came yesterday is in the bin. – Wait, wh-wh-wh-what wa what what? – It’s just something,
I’ll just give you a clue. It makes you louder than
what you already are. – No you haven’t binned my megaphone. – Yeah.
– No you haven’t. – [Mom] I have. – No you haven’t. – Broke it in half and binned it. – [Morgz] No you’re jokin’,
tell me you’re jokin’. – No I am not joking, why would I joke? – Where is it, where is it? Where is it, mom? – [Mom] In the bin, broke in half. – Are you taking the mick? – [Mom] No, why would I
want that in the house? – You’ve broken it. – Yeah. (sighs) Why would I want that in the house? – Yo, so guys I’m just
in the studio, right? Take a look at what I just set up. How freaking cool does that look? Oh, oh hold on! I made a mistake. There we go, ha! All sorted (laughs) way! Mom, check this out, check this out. Real live reaction. – To what? Oh, what’s that? – [Morgz] Well them, that’s
the nose strips but… Are you, is this like a joke? Just– – Reaction? (screams) Oh god, that’s good. – [Morgz] Look at that. – Excellent, they came. – [Morgz] M-O-R-G-Z. You can actually spell if
you look at the letters you can actually spell mom
is not very good looking. – Can ya? – Yeah. Okay so guys basically a little bit ago I ordered a, like a bean bag and I’m talking like a
huge bean bag, right? And then a few days ago in the post we got these huge bags of stuff. Now I wasn’t initially
sure what these were because I thought have we
ordered these by accident for like a challenge or something? Turns out you actually have
to make the bean bag yourself. I think the instructions are in here. Yeah okay, we got ’em,
let’s put them on there. There’s bloody boxes everywhere in here. Oh, that feels good! This is it guys, we need to find the zip. – [Mom] Do you want me to help ya? – [Morgz] There you go, mom. (knocking) What the hell? Was that you? – That’s that ghost. – Guys I’m gonna teach you a
valuable life lesson right now. Number one is that you
know if you buy Morgz merch it’ll make your life 25
times more attractive. Oh, I should probably clean that. Yeah, okay we’re good! Number two, if you’ve
got people in the house who can do jobs for ya make them do it and then just make an excuse
like I’m a camera man. Can’t help ya because I’m a camera man. – Would you like me to be the camera man? – No I think I can take this, mom. There’s special unique
skills that you don’t know. – Is there a line, I would’ve thought there would have been a lining thing for it. Oh well, I guess it can’t get out. – Not all of it, not all of it. – We can’t get it all in. – [Morgz] And then you make
a slit, do you want scissors? Do you want scissors, there you are. – Oh, please don’t make, you do it! – [Morgz] Oh, okay. Guys, guys, there’s a– – [Mom] Ah! – [Morgz] What? – [Mom] Watch the scissors, we’ve done it. We’re good, we’re good. What you doin’? You’re meant to go inside it. – Oh my god. Oh my god my feet. I’m gettin’ zipped up. What the hell? Don’t, ah, ah! (screams) Oh god! (screams) No! – Do you want to come out? – Yes please, mommy. – [Mom] Come on, then. – Okay I’m gonna get out now. So guys there’s a lot of mess on the floor but we have just finished
with the bean bag and seriously this is Martin’s head and then that’s the bean bag. It’s absolutely ginormous but now what we’ve got to (letters crashing). – [Mom] Oh, shit. We’ve got a wind tunnel. – Thanks mom. Okay, okay, this is gonna be a lot harder than we thought. – Normal one. – [Morgz] What? – Couldn’t you have just
bought a normal size bean bag? – Mom I’m sure you know by
now I am anything but normal. – I like how it’s me and
Martin doing everything. – Yeah, well I mean I really
do appreciate it, thanks bro. By the way guys while
we take this upstairs the hot tub is almost done. So if you’re excited for
that go down and smash a thumbs up on the video. Let’s try and smash 20,000 likes because that would be amazin’. Oh my gosh. – This stupid thing, pull me up. I’m stuck in the bean bag. – [Morgz] Mom all your
rolls are coming out. – Oh, no (laughing). Cut that. – (laughs) Don’t cut that. Come on, any day now guys, any day now. She’s breakin’ the frickin’ pictures. She’s pullin’ the house apart. Oh, hey Click Bear wait wait wait. Click Bait the bear or Click Bear. How’s it goin’, bro? Guys have you actually been
introduced to Click Bear yet? – Who? – [Morgz] Click Bear. He’s the, yeah he’s
the new channel mascot. He’s like you but more improved. He does all the work behind the scenes. – He’s an improved version of me? – Yeah he’s your replacement, basically. Oh by the way, mom, you didn’t
get rid of my megaphone. Thanks a lot mom! Thanks for not gettin’ rid of it! Wait, I haven’t said this in awhile so, merch link in the description! Go get your Morgz merch right now! Right then, mom, well I think it’s time we do the first test on the bean bag. Seems Click Bear’s kind
of already got on to it. You know what Click Bear,
time to do some work buddy. – [Mom] Click Bear, how
much does he pay ya? – No no no no no. Mom, he’s on minimum wage. Don’t tell him, though. I told him that it’s like
a really good paying job. – [Mom] Well, he’s actually
getting paid a bit more than me then Morgan
’cause I’m even on that. – Are you ready then, mom? I’m gonna go for a jump
obviously off of the bed. – [Mom] Brilliant. – Oh! (groaning) Yo, that is rock solid bro. – [Mom] Where does it hurt, Morgan? – I feel like I’m– – There? (Morgan groans) Or there? – No. – [Mom] Or does it hurt there? – Oh, my ear. (intense electronic music) (laughing) Oh my god, I got him in his. – That’s not funny! – Oh my god! That was the plan (laughs). Oh my god, mom, mom. – [Mom] Why did you do that? Would you like– – I meant to land on his stomach not his. Okay guys, as you can tell
we’re outside right now. I’ve had a quick change of clothes. I am in my swimming trunks but obviously still reppin’ the merch, link is down there in the description. As you can see over here we have an absolute tonne of slime baff and over here coincidentally
we have a big fat hot tub and down there we have a big
fat dog his name’s Bruno. So guys basically what
we’re gonna be doing I think you probably
know where this is going. But yeah, we’re gonna be
taking all this slime baff putting it in the hot tub and trying to make our very own slime tub. So you get two packs in these I believe and one of them is supposed to do a bath. We’re gonna be puttin’
all of them in there so I really didn’t know how much to buy. I bought quite a lot as you can see. Cost me like fifty pound or something and yeah we’re just
gonna take it one by one filling this hot tub and we’re gonna make a fricking Shrek swamp. Now guys if you’re excited
you already know what to do go down there and smash that like button and comment down below
what you want me to fill this hot tub with next. And if you’re not ready then you know you could always just go
down there and subscribe. You know, that’d be pretty cool. Okay, here we go, first one’s going in. Oh my god, oh yo, oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Guys we put in two packets. This is gonna be the most
green hot tub you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Oh, here we go! – Morgan, I’m kind of looking forward to when the bubbles start. – Oh my god, when the bubbles start. – You know, that’s gonna be so funny. – It’s gonna be amazing guys. Oh my god, yo this is so cool. This already looks like, that would probably enough. We don’t just do the
minimum we make it crazier. We make it more extreme
here on the Morgz channel. Guys, let’s keep going. Oh my god mom, we could literally just stop now couldn’t we but– – I think we could. (packets crashing) – Oh, no! Mom, how could you do that? Martin, show ’em how
green this is, literally. This is ridiculous. Okay guys we’re down to the final pack and you guys already
know what it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be in slow motion. (intense electronic music) Okay mom, now comes the messier part. Roll them sleeves up because we gotta mix it all together. Come on, mom. – I’ll just stand back
and let you do that. – Get your sleeves rolled up, come on. Wait, mom, it’s all come
to the bottom. (gasps) – [Mom] Ooh! – It’s all stuck at the bottom. Come on Martin, get your hands in. We gotta get it all from the bottom. – [Mom] Go on Martin,
you’re ready for this. – Oh my god, can you actually see that? – [Mom] Yeah. (gasps) Oh my word. – That is crazy. – [Mom] You’re gonna
have to get in it Morgan. I think the only way you’re
gonna do that Morgan is in it. – Do you reckon I gotta get in it? – [Mom] I think you’ve definitely, yeah. That was the whole point, wasn’t it? (slow techno music) – Okay guys, Martin’s got
out of the hot tub right now. I’m just in here chillin’ away you know. Don’t judge me, this is like
the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life bro,
like my entire life. I’m just like recreatin’
my childhood dreams and I’m just having so much fun. Like admittedly I’m still kind of a child but don’t judge me bro. I’m just having fun. I’m living life. I’m recording it. Like, check this out. Check this out. (slime gurgling) It’s so thick. (grunting) Ah, god, it’s actually
like hard to pick up because it’s that thick. Guys, this has been so fun. Like, I ain’t even jokin’. Guys if you haven’t already go down there and smash that subscribe button because I do crazy stuff like this all the time every day at
6:00 p.m. on the channel. You can come by every day
6:00 p.m. get a new video and also while you’re down there feel free to turn on post notifications
by clicking the little bell so you can be early to my next video. And if you do both of those
things that I just said you can get a shout out in my next video. The shout out for this video goes to Adam. You’re a legend, bro. Yo so guys one day later and I realised I never actually out showed this video. This is becoming a little bit of a regular occurrence, isn’t it? But yeah guys, I just want to say again remember to tell me in the comment section what you want me to fill
my hot tub with next. Could be a food, a drink,
it could be a like, I don’t know, just tell me
some stuff, I don’t know. Well guys, thank you
all so much for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. because it’s 6:00 p.m. every day. Let’s do this. Guys thank you so much for watching as always I’ve been
Morgz you’ve been awesome and I’ll see you tomorrow
in tomorrow’s video. Peace out. – If you enjoyed the video
then remember to subscribe to Morgz’s channel and
don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis. (laughs) (rap music) Thanks for watching. Peace out.

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