$11 Steak Vs. $306 Steak

– It’s time for another
food adventure, let’s go. What’s up? – Oh my god. – How’s it going? – Yay. – Yeah, you wanna get some food? – What are we eating? – Steak. – Yeah, I would do that. – Should we take Adam? – [Steven] Hey Adam. – All right Andrew. – Today we’re eatin’ three steaks– – No!
– For three different prices. – That’s my line. Today we are eating three different steaks at three different price
points and we’re gonna find out which one is the most
worth it at its price. – The most worth it because that’s what we’re
– Because it’s the show name. – calling this show. – [Steve] It’s called Worth It. – [Both] Worth it. – How do we wanna judge these steaks? I think we should get medium rare. – I mean that’s the only
way to eat steak, right? – It’s not the only way
but it is the best way. – $10 for parking? Gees-a-loo, #NotWorthIt. – Which is funny because the
first steak is actually $11. – I hope this isn’t a mistake. – Ho-oh, that was terrible. – If a vampire comes along,
maybe I’ll have to kill it with a stake. – I’m so done with your puns. – Well get ready for more
’cause it’s gonna be punishment. (upbeat music) – My name is Shirley
Ng and I’m the manager of Uncle John’s Cafe. Originally the owner
started as an American diner and a Chinese owner
purchased the business, so he incorporated Chinese food in it. You can get pancakes,
or yeah, unconventional with the chow mein, it just works. – This diner is my
childhood ’cause that’s what I would eat growing up. – We’re gonna serve you
guys the Uncle John’s steak and eggs. We start off with a cut of New York steak. It’s about eight ounces. We marinate it with a
little bit of soy sauce, garlic salt, salt and pepper. – And it’s $11? – $11, and it’s not only the
steak, it comes with two eggs however you like it and it also
comes with a side and toast. – How can you provide it at this price? – We have other items on
the menu that helps outweigh the cost of the steak. For a diner, you need the steak and eggs and it’s just on the menu
because people want steak and eggs for breakfast. – Not just $11 steak, $11
steak plus fried eggs, plus pancakes. – And they have Thai tea here. – [Andrew] And black coffee. – Cheers. – This is probably the
most excited I’ve ever been for a meal in my life. – That is so good. Whoa. – Yeah, dog, she knew what she was doing. – We have to cheers the steak. – How about we like elbow
touch, like we just touch forks. (groans in pleasure) Yeah, that’s good. Look at that delicious morsel. – My mom used to cook
steaks for me growing up. This is exactly the same
recipe she would use. Love you, Mama Lim. – Let’s get real here. This is America on a plate. Fried rice, two eggs, a giant ass steak. – Ketchup, syrup, chill
oil, salt and pepper, A1 steak sauce, Sriracha. – This is seriously one of
the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. I can tell you right now, this wins. – You’re not gonna find a
better deal on steak anywhere. It’s okay, man. – Let’s go to the next place, I guess. – Let’s go. – Wow. – Yeah, that steak was really good. (phone rings) – Hey, Mom, how’s it going? – So we ate steak and on the
side was fried rice and eggs. (laughing) – It was really good, I’m
here with Andrew and Adam too. – [Steven] Yes. – All right, love you too, bye. – I’m ready for a medium rare steak fact. – Steak fact. Did you know that you’re
more likely to die from a cow than a shark? – Describe a cow related death. – You know, sometimes cows
get tired of you milking it and they just revolt. – What’s our band name? – How do we feel about
the Three Buzzkateers. That was a fan favorite.
– Mmm. – It’ll grow on you. – Nothing grows on me except hair. (crickets chirping) Probably some moles. (easygoing music) – My name is Andreas Roller,
I’m the executive chef here at Nick & Stef’s
Steakhouse in downtown L.A. Here we have our beautiful
28 day dry aged prime bone in rib eye. We dry age here on premises. – Why do you dry age? – Maybe not the right
term but it’s a little bit like spoiling on a very controlled level to tenderize the meat. This little fur here
might look a little scary. This piece, we cut all this off. This is an indication
that a dry aging process has happened correctly. Another thing that happens
is kinda like when you reduce a sauce, if there is less
moisture, flavors get intensified. – This is not dry aged yet. – [Andreas] This is not dry
aged, this arrived yesterday. It’s still pretty moist
and this has been 28 days in the dry age. This is the real deal. Here you see I put a lot
of salt and a lot of people when they first see this,
they’re like, oh my god, this is a lot of salt, but
believe me at 28 ounces, you wanna make sure your
steak is well seasoned. So I’m putting our steaks on. What we’re looking for here is to get that caramelized crust on the outside. The characteristic of the
flavor, I always describe it as, it has a bit nuttiness,
you know when you have a cheese that is matured. – It’s like a good stinkiness.
– Deeper flavors, yes. – Yeah. Andrew.
– Steven. – This is the greatest
presentation we’ve ever received on this show. – I’m actually very confused
because this is only our second stop of the day. – [Steven] Oh my goodness! Do you see that? – My knife has never had an easier time going through meat. – Cheers. (sighs in pleasure) Wow. – Yeah, holy moly. – This is how people live. (laughing) – It’s like a satisfying savory taffy. Perfectly tender, you
gotta chew it for a second and then it just
dissolves into your mouth. – Sometimes when you get things this big, you get tired of them. – No.
– It doesn’t happen here. – I’m also gonna say
that eating this steak with this big, bowing
knife really does a lot for the whole experience. That was way good. – We have one more steak
to eat, are you ready? – This is my burden to bear now. – That steak was magnificent. – I definitely went into
that steak situation thinking I know what steaks
are gonna taste like. (beat boxing) Steak fact. Steak fact. – This is the best fact we’ve ever had. In a drought, beef prices rise. (playful music) – That’s it?
– That’s it. – In a drought, the price
of everything rises. – Not true.
– It’s a drought. – Hot air. We’re in Beverly Hills, baby. How can this steak be more
worth than the last two? – I guess like come from a fancier cow. (classical music) – I am Hilary, the chef de
cuisine at Cut, Beverly Hills. Today I’m grilling two steaks. Grilling a dry aged New York strip steak. It’s dried for 35 days. The dry age is $48. – [Steven] That’s actually
a pretty good deal. – [Hilary] It’s a great deal. The other steak is a
Japanese New York strip. $25 an ounce. – So what separates
this $25 an ounce steak? – This Japanese beef is
from Miyazaki Prefecture. These cattle have been bred
for thousands of years. I have a certificate that
tells me all about this family. You can trace it back 80 years. – So who are we eating today? – I don’t wanna give this a name, we’re about to eat the food. – Yeah, but it’s a beautiful product, so we should respect it. – Exactly, this is the
reason that cow was raised, for you to enjoy it. – We’re gonna be eating Kango today. – Order in a steak, it gets
seasoned with our house steak salt, it’s quite a few ingredients and then it’s grilled over
white oak and charcoal and then the steak comes off, it rests and we flash it in our
1,200 degree griller, brush it with a little
garlic butter, fleur de sel and it’s to your table. – [Steven] So this whole
process takes about how long? Is it an eyeball thing,
is it you’re counting? – [Hilary] No, you feel it,
after you do it for so long, you feel it. – Is there a better cut
of steak in the world? – If there is, I haven’t had it yet. (classical music) (glasses clinking) – Did you hear that? – [Steven] That’s fresh. – Definitely feel the breeze
off the ocean on that one. – [Steven] It’s a nice little appetizer. Chef Hilary wanted us to first try her $48 dry aged prime New York strip. – [Andrew] Like a hot
knife through butter. – [Steven] Cheers. – [Andrew] Very interesting. – That was a wonderfully tender steak. It was a nice dance. – Do your steak dance. All right, stop that. – [Steven] And now the grand finale, Japanese beef from Miyazaki. – My nose is having almost as much fun as my mouth is on this one. Let me select us some
delightful morsels to eat. – [Steven] My heart is racing right now. – [Andrew] Okay that was
the most fun I’ve ever had cutting something before. – Cheers. (laughing) Mm, okay, that’s the one. – That is a completely new thing. – There’s fat marbled into
every single bite that you get. It tastes like pure luxury. – I’m like embarrassed
to be watched eating this because it’s like something so pleasurable shouldn’t be done in public. Do we let camera guy have some? – Yeah, we should. That’s the first time I’ve
seen Adam really smile before in my life. – Was this worth it? – 1000% yes. – So you’re gonna come back here. – Yes, I’m gonna bring
my girlfriend back here. If you were to use one
final word to describe this entire experience,
what would that word be? – Legendary. Seriously though, candy corn? – Fine. Which steak was the most
worth it at its price? No restaurant has understood who I am as a human being more than Uncle John’s. – I think Uncle John’s is the only one that you cannot argue
that it isn’t worth it. – This is the hardest
decision I’ve ever had to make on this show. I can’t believe I’m saying this, Cut wins. You can’t pay to have your
life changed like that. – I think I choose Nick & Stef. There was a lot of
different things happening in that steak. The steak itself was a journey. Adam, what’s your winner? – Three Musketeers. Well that was a Worth It episode. Well done. – Oh my gosh, okay, can
we cut the video, stop, end this now. – Rare experience.
– No.

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