11th week OMAD one meal a day diet results. Lost 0.8Kg / 1.7 lbs for 7 days

Happy New Year everybody I hope you well
and have an amazing holidays. So is this time of the year for a new year new
new me . So my thing is quite simple to had amazing results from my diet so let me
know what’s yours. Here are the results on 11th week one meal day diet minus 0.8
kilogram which equal to minus 1.7 pounds and I decided to not measure my results
in centimeters every week but maybe once a month so we see that later actually
quite a lot of people are super excited to start new diet from the new year
which make no sense for me I mean if you want to start dying just do some little
research trying to figure out what’s the best thing for you and just make it
wherever no matter what time is of the year of the day of the week or if your
life is just do it and of course you can be pretty sure you will make a lot of
mistakes at the beginning it will be hard maybe you can give up which is
totally fine because this will teach you some hard stuff and maybe you can learn
new things and you know how to make it better next time and just for example I
started my diet just as an experiment and one meal a day looks ridiculous at
the beginning for me I’m doing it now for almost three months so at the
beginning it was just let me see if that works so I’ll check my measurements
because it looked ridiculous to eat just one meal a day so one heavy meal I was
thinking I will probably gain weight and my measurements will be
bigger but hey look it’s almost three months now and I think to continue this
until the end so give it a try so I’m gonna try a new format for my videos I
will basically put what I eat every day and in the top left corner there will be
some fragments for what’s my exercise during that day so I believe this will
be more informative and will be more vlogging style informative video let me
know what to think about that new format as well I just did eleven push-ups four times
eleven push-ups and it was so hard it’s like I’m doing it for first time and
possibly this is because of the holidays junk food I eat so sugar and junk food
in general is worst thing ever all right for those who make it to the
end thank you very much for watching stay inspired start something new today
and I will see you with updates in exactly one week goodbye

2 thoughts on “11th week OMAD one meal a day diet results. Lost 0.8Kg / 1.7 lbs for 7 days

  1. Hello. Loving the new format. I will support whatever you do on your channel as long it gives you results:)
    Let's get healthy! 🙂
    Congrats for the loss success of the week. 👍💪🤞🙂

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