1,5 METRO DE SUBWAY COM TUDO 2.0!! (Collab com Raina Huang)

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Corbucci Eats! Today I’m in Brasília to redo a challenge that some people asked me and I was already thinking about this I’m here to try and break the record on Subway of 1,5m of sandwish, that I recorded a little more than 1 year ago And I did it in almost 11 minutes What the hell?! I know you! It’s Corbucci! Damn! And the rule here is simples: I’ll order exactly the same way I ordered before It’s 5 30cm sandwiches, white bread, steak, all vegetables, no exceptions, this will be around 3kg of food Before we go, I want to tell you guys that this is a distance colab with an international competitor from the USA, her name is Raina She’s the female competitive eater that has the most subscribers on the USA She has more than 200k subscribers today, and she’ll do this same challenge So we can compare our times Of course the Subway from the USA is a little different, but even so, check on the e-card her video And don’t forget to subscribe to her channel ’cause she posts videos almost everyday And I want to take this moment to challenge BOB, I want you guys to help me! I’ll leave on the e-card his last video Go there on his channel and comment “Corbucci is challenging you!”, ok? Let’s try to record the order on Subway, but first I want you to check out 5 things First, are you subscribed to the channel? If you’re not, subscribe right now Activate the notifications so you can receive all the calories from the channel Leave a thumbs up to help with the hunger And follow me on Instagram, so you can maintain a directly link with me and the eating world And… five! Let’s do this ’cause I’m hungry! Subscribe And activate the notifications 5 30cm white breads Five?! Five Is it really all this? Yes, I’m hungry Picles I hate picles Total weight: 2.9kg / Previous challenge: 2.6kg It’s really full 1,5m of Subway challenge 2.0 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Go! Let’s start another video! And now with Subway! It’s been a long time since I last ate it and I was already thinking about redoing this challenge On the last video I tried to break other competitors’ records and I couldn’t make it… But, as I noticed a good evolution this year, I decided to give it another shot And, although having the same ingredients, this time it is fuller Which made it have more weight The speed was really good at the beginning and I was really hungry I just had to know if I could maintain this speed until the end ‘Cause I remember that last time the last sandwish was really hard to eat One more thing that I changed was to take the sandwish out of the paper and put it on a plate ‘Cause I know that, the way that I eat, all the vegetables end up falling everywhere And the idea was to take everything at the end, so I didn’t lose much time The vegetables, especially the raw ones, are really hard to eat ’cause they are harder and this tires the jaw But this time I noticed that my jaw was stronger and this helped a lot And in the end happened exactly what I thought was going to happen There were vegetables everywhere, which would take me some extra time to eat The worst part is that eating this fast is not at all pretty But I was satisfied with the overall evolution and the speed Next week we’ll have a new video of the Breaking Restaurants series Stay tuned! And this Saturday, the 14th, I have a Nathan’s’ training here in Brasília Follow me on Instagram for more information, ok? I’m heading out now guys, so thanks and see you guys next time! Too much salad Oh god… Oh my god, my phone! Lucky Ivna wasn’t here That’s it guys, I cleaned things a little here It became a mess, there were too much vegetables, a lot of water… I broke the record The previous record was 11 minutes, this one was 6min43s, but this one had almost half a kilo more So the speed really increased Even my cookie got wet Even my cookie got wet But that’s fine ’cause it had all the vegetables, so obviously you eat and water starts to come out and becomes this mess I tried to do this as fast as I could, and that’s it I want to see you all on BOB’s channel challenging him! I want to see him doing this time Also go check Raina’s video out, we did this colab together And that’s it guys… Sorry about the mess… I’m lucky Ivna wasn’t at home And at least the afternoon’s snack was guaranteed, right? So, if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram And thanks! Subscribe And activate the notifications It doesn’t even feel as if I’ve eaten…

100 thoughts on “1,5 METRO DE SUBWAY COM TUDO 2.0!! (Collab com Raina Huang)

  1. Esse sábado 16h vai ter mais uma prática pro Nathan's 2020!! Vai ser no The Famous DB em Águas Claras / Brasília! Além disso é aniversário da loja e terão várias promoções! BORA!! Mais informações no meu insta: http://www.instagram.com/CorbucciEats

  2. Não tem mais nenhuma competição que pare o corbucci, então ele acaba bolando pra ele mesmo os desafios pra quebrar os recordes srsrsr

  3. Vc é foda cara, ja desafiei o BOB , sou seu fã, ano que vem estarei com minha familia no aeroporto de Brasilia, queriamos te conhecer seria um prazer!!!

  4. TOOOOOOPPPPP !!!!!!!!!! E BOOOOOOOAA QUE EU TO COOOOM FOMEEEEEE . . . . . 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. Eu fico imaginando se o Corbucci, quando ele tiver mais velho, ver esses vídeo e falar: " Não era possível que eu fazia isso".

  6. uma dica, quando refizer esses desafios, pega o video da primeira vez que comeu e o exato momento em que vc começou a comer com o cronometro do lado no canto inferior da tela pra comparação, ficaria bacana.

  7. Matt Stone tem uma técnica que quase não deixa cair as coisas, no final ele junta mais é farelo do que comida msm, mas de boa, sou fã!

  8. Hmmmm corbucci sempre quando vejo seu video me da vontade de comer nossa kkkk minha fome aumenta estou querendo fazer videos no meu canal não tem nada mas eu não tenho criatividade 😢 mas bora comer 😋

  9. Mas como que ela é a competidora com maior número de inscritos dos EUA sendo que por exemplo o matt stonnie tem 9,2 milhões?

  10. Seria muito massa ver um vídeo seu com o galego solitária, não sei se ele está Vivo tem vídeo na NET que diz que ele faleceu…não sei se é verdade…
    Seria show vcs juntos competindo hahaha

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