it’s earth it 3 2 1 whoa
boomers dry ice salad hey what do I got pasta all gone when you expecting it out
now but guys we are back it’s a brand new day it’s absurd that got Logan the
editor here and we have some cool stuff we’re doing Logan what are we doing
today so guys today we woke up and I looked outside it’s gray like you know
it’s not fun out so I was like guys how could we have a little bit of fun with
the pool what should we do today to make today a little bit more happy because
look at Logan you’ve got a frown on the face we need to turn that frown upside
yeah we drove up to our friendly neighborhood a dealer of liquid nitrogen
and dry ice and we’re like yo can we get some dry ice cream you guys in there
like hell yeah Papa Jake will give you all the dry eyes we got a truckload of
dries and we’re going to be throwing it in the pool by the way a couple of you
guys are asking about the nerve wall it’s coming along we are getting this
all set up we’ve got a bunch of nerf guns down here which I’m still going to
be unboxing and you guys ever want to see me do a toy unboxing you should
definitely don’t subscribe to my channel top of Jake toys I do live toy unboxings
we hang out we open to it it’s a bunch of fun I absolutely love doing out with
you guys here they are like little mini ice cubes like there’s so many of the
whole he opens old coal grill Jake this so heavy think we got a solid cubes of
dry ice Papa Jake yeah Ross strongman Papa trick oh did you jump down that far
oh my god holy balls they’re so cold and it’s not a place it shouldn’t be see
really cold in the place there shouldn’t be really cool really cool really cool
what don’t live you guys ask me Oh Papa Jake why you always drink in your mouth
well I’m gonna show you why Papa Jake drinks milk this is what Papa J drinks
no looking at Jack yeah oh oh oh man Plusle odd right time to
cut into these babies we’ll see what this looks like have you got some never
seen dryers before and you don’t know what to do it’s almost like ice that’s
dry it doesn’t melt in the water it actually turns into gas which is co2 and
that’s where you get this really cool affective smoke so this is what it looks
like and this is extremely cold guys point where I can barely hold it for too
long so it is completely stacked up all of
the dry ice into this massive tower dude that is crazy there is so much dry ice
already all bro so it’s so cool man yo no no you started idea yo look at how
much smoke is coming off of it already guys not even in the water and already
there’s so much smoke oh my god so cool dude it’s so cool yo if you just sit
beside those guys it’s like free air conditioning well we have the sack ready
guys and once we are good to go we are going to push this into the pool and
this is going to create a bunch of smoke it is going to be insane before we do
this if you think we should go bigger if you think we should double the size of
this tower maybe even triple the size of this tower I want you guys to smash that
like button down below if we get 30,000 likes on this video guys we will double
this and go even bigger next time if you’ve never seen us use drives before
you’ve never do it looks like I have a tub of water here to do like a small
scale test you guys see what happen so I’m gonna throw this thing let’s jump
this in here and see what happens right off the bat so guys you can
imagine if all of this was in the pool just how much smoke will be coming out
yo oh my god that is crazy and so that’s
just going in there it’s boiling off and creating all this smoke and this is just
two small pieces of dry ice imagine this on the large scale in the pool
oh it’s weird it’s like really not feel it’s really hot cold huh cool dude you
look so milky click from a Papa Jake milk boys all right guys it’s time to do
this are you ready dude all right I start
this 3 2 1 Hoover’s is dry ice oh that was crazy oh my god I was crazy
just like I couldn’t swim the bottom of my me was just like bubble was it your way really like a bubble
poori thing you check that out Wow your backyard looks like a giant hot tub guys
with all the co2 it makes it really hard to breathe like Jacob I can barely
breathe once you jump right there it just pushes you up you try to swim
towards it and it pushes you back it’s insane
crap we should do before it bursts we can block for every guy’s book guy dick
very scared of heights oh this is a big deal for him we have never jumped off
the roof Jake I was like for this occasion we got to do it man we host you
with the deafness to shut out this is crazy
this is absolutely a little bit scary good yeah five man dude a box word on a
slanted roof might be a bad idea if you’re a slouch we could do it on my
roof hello I mean where they could just roll
into the pool I’ll speak overcoming is for your height b2 is yet you’re going
up on the peninsula right alright here we go
Jake overcoming fear hi part 1 part 2 is the plant 200,000 without guys we got
some like this video everyone it’s not like button right now if you all hit the
like button off the date you jump into the pool you’re 5 seconds to hit the
like button 5 4 3 2 1 go guys Jake took over to your hate that like
button but remember guys don’t do this at home in 3 2 1 turned a rainy day into a sunny day alright guys here’s the special surprise
at the end of the video this is a quick little vlog from yesterday when I was
driving it around with my girlfriend that we ended up finding some ducks that
were in need of a little bit of help so here is our epic duck rescue video so my
girlfriend already made us pull over because she saw it duck this pretty cute
baby I am bringing hope ok guys so we thought that the duck might have lost
its babies and it looks like that thing happened Wow ok so the babies fell down
there okay we got to get them out how we’re going to get them out you guys we
got to grade off and they’re down there so what we’re going to do now is we’re
going to try and find a pool skimmer or something so I can pick them up and
bring them back to the mom luckily the water’s blown up that they can walk just
kind of worried that they might not get well and there’s the mom guys she’s just
like chilling around waiting so hopefully we’ll be able to get them out
soon here the rest are on the grass alright guys so we did it successfully
all the little ducklings are out of the sewer pipe we did it all because my
girlfriend wanted to duck and we happen to walk over here but they’re all good
so hopefully the mom will come back now all right well they got bread they’re
out of the sewer place yeah they’re all ok so that’s good none of them got hurt
I was really worried one of them might get hurt but we’re gonna move away the
mom is still here the mom hasn’t abandoned them I think we got to walk
away the mom should come over here and look at accident mom
little guys you

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  2. Dear papa jake in this video it says that you had a total weight of 1500 lbs of dry ice and then you said that if you have a lot of likes on this video you would have double the amount well I just watched another one of your videos and 2000 pounds of dry ice is not double the amount of 1500 to make it double you have to get 3000 pounds of dry ice

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