1986-1993 Mustang BBK Mass Air Meter for Cold Air Intake and 24lb Injectors Review

Hey, guys, Stephanie with americanmuscle.com
here with a review of the BBK mass air meter that’s to be paired with a cold air intake
and 24-pound injectors for 1986 to 1993 Mustangs. When it comes to the Fox bodies, whenever
you want to start looking at upgrading to get some more performance out of your car,
you end up having to turn to the mass air meter almost right away. Unlike most other Mustangs, the Fox body has
some preconfigured MAF options that’ll work with basic bolt-ons and calibrate your MAF
for you to give you a direct bolt-on option that’ll require no adjustment or tuning. This BBK mass air meter is a 76-millimeter
mass air flow that’s calibrated to be used in conjunction with 24-pound fuel injectors,
and it comes with a new sensor. BBK makes this 76-millimeter in a billet aluminum
one for those that want the aluminum look over the black look that this version offers. And I’ll go over the install in more detail
later on, but the install for this is easy. It’s a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter. A 76-millimeter mass air flow is a sizable
upgrade for the Fox, and depending on how it’s calibrated it can support either 19,
24, or 30-pound injectors. This particular one is calibrated for 24-pound
injectors, which means that you will absolutely need to upgrade to 24-pound injectors and
have a cold air intake to run this mass air flow. The car is gonna think it’ll be getting more
fuel from the larger injector and more air from the cold air intake and it’s gonna need
that support in order to run properly. If you aren’t planning on upgrading your injectors,
BBK does make a mass air flow that’s calibrated for the 19-pound injectors, and that’s what
you’ll need instead. At the end of the day, this isn’t a mod that
you get for more power, but it’s a mod that you pick up to support and tie together more
power. I will say that this housing does have a little
bit of a different look to it when compared to your other options. You tend to see more billet or cast looking
housings. If you’re digging the black and you like the
different look or if you have a black BBK intake tube that’ll match this, great. But if you hate it, BBK does offer that billet
aluminum mass air flow that’s the exact same other than the appearance. So you can always check that out if you’re
looking to match your polished intake tube. Just know that it’s gonna cost about $20 more. When it comes to price, you can expect to
pay right about the $250 mark. It’s a little bit higher than the C&L options,
but this comes with that new sensor while the C&L option does not. C&L calibrates differently. They give you a housing and they calibrate
with a calibration tube instead of the actual sensor, so if you’re looking to spend a little
less you can always check out the C&L option. The install here is an easy one. You can expect to spend an hour tops on this,
and it’s a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. Start by unplugging your mass air flow and
disconnecting the MAF from the intake system. All you need to do is loosen the clamps and
remove the two bolts that hold the housing bracket to the strut tower. You’ll swap in your new BBK mass air flow
housing, the sensor and all. It’s gonna directly replace your stock unit
and plug right into your factory wiring. You just need to tighten down your clamps
and bolt the new housing into place and that’s all it’s gonna take. Wrapping things up here with the BBK mass
air meter, this is a mass air flow for ’86 to ’93 Fox bodies that have a cold air intake
and 24-pound injectors. You can check it out more online right here
at americanmuscle.com.

3 thoughts on “1986-1993 Mustang BBK Mass Air Meter for Cold Air Intake and 24lb Injectors Review

  1. Does this come with the adapter because the Foxbody harness has a 4 pin connector not a 6 pin without the adapter this mass air sensor does not work on the Foxbody and will not be direct bolt on as stated in the video

  2. Americanmuscle.com its not a bolt on you need go get it tunned or calibrated so not bolt on!! and it talking about the 19 stock injector air meter

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