1989-2004 Mustang V8 SCT BA-3000 Big Air 90MM MAF Meter / Sensor Review

The SCT Big Air 90-millimeter mass airflow
sensor is available for any V8, Fox Body, or SN95 owner, with a Supercharged and custom-tuned
setup that requires a bigger setup than the stock option. Now, this will be able to handle the bigger
power that’s coming in, thanks to your forced induction setup, and it’ll definitely get
rid of some pegging issues you may be experiencing. The installation, as you can imagine, extremely
straightforward, one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. But we’ll touch more about that later on. Now, if you’re running that blower setup on
your V8, you’re probably already aware of that pegging issue I just mentioned. Now, pegging, if you’re not fully aware, is
basically the limit at which airflow can be read by your stock sensor, which basically
puts a cap on how much power your motor can make. Now, with a blower setup, you’re obviously
shoveling air into your manifold. So it does require a bigger sensor, like this
90-millimeter here, which completely eliminates that pegging issue. Now, the 90-millimeter option, while eliminating
that bottleneck, will hold anywhere between 400 to 725 rear-wheel horsepower on a centrifugal
blower setup, and up to 825 horsepower on a Roots-style blower. Now, the stock mass airflow sensor has been
known to start pegging around the 400 to 425 wheel horsepower range. So obviously, very big differences here. You’re pretty much doubling the capacity of
what your airflow sensor can hold. So if you’re running that kind of power, or
you plan on running that kind of power, this is definitely something you want to look into. So just about $200 gets you this sensor here,
along with the housing, and in my personal opinion, a very well-worth it price and obviously
a very necessary component to your engine bay if you’re looking to run that kind of
power. If you don’t plan on running anywhere kind
of north of 400, this is probably not going to be the one for you, as it can start to
bog down an engine that doesn’t need it. Keep in mind, this was specifically designed
for the blower and already tuned applications. Once you have this on your vehicle, you will
require a retune, so you want to make sure you’re working with your tuner on timing. Because once you get this thing on, you’ll
have to have a tune ready to go. The install, as you can imagine, extremely
straightforward stuff. All you’ll need is a ratchet and socket set,
and a flathead screwdriver, and about 30 minutes or so in the driveway. I’m definitely giving this one a one out of
three wrenches on our difficulty meter. The first thing you want to do is disconnect
the wiring harness from the factory sensor, and then use your ratchet and socket set to
unbolt the housing from the cold air intake setup. From there, you can swap over to the other
side and use a flathead screwdriver to unclamp the housing from the coupler. Remove that completely from the engine bay,
swap it out with the SCT one, replace those bolts, plug in the harness again and tighten
up the coupler, and you’re good to go. If you’re the owner of a V8, Fox Body, or
SN95, you might want to check out the SCT Big Air 90-millimeter mass airflow sensor/meter,
which is available right here at americanmuscle.com.

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