2.1b Division of a decimal by a power of ten

In this question, you’re asked to divide
a decimal number by a factor of 10, in this case 1,000 or 10 cubed. So we have
36 point 9 divided by 1,000. I’m just going to write it a little bit differently. This means divided by or over 1,000. The way the metric system works,
different units such as milliliters and meters are different by factors of 10. So
there are 1,000 milliliters in 1 liter. It is not uncommon in chemistry to need
to multiply or divide by factors of 10. Therefore it’s not a bad idea to learn
how to do it without using the calculator. So what we can do for this is
take 36.9 and if you’re dividing by a thousand or 10 to the 3 you want to move
the decimal place three times. In this case you want to move it three times in
this direction one two three, put a decimal place, then fill in zeros as
needed. So this would be zero point zero three six nine. When dividing by a
thousand we need a smaller number, so therefore we move the decimal place to
the left. This zero may or may not be necessary. When you’re typing numbers
such as you may be doing in your lab reports, it’s always a good idea to put
this zero in. However, technically this is the same number. I would probably write
it prefer to write it this way.

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