Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman Today Challenge Chicken Fried Rice Sabari: Ottadaiyan Samba Chicken Fried Rice yes it is ottadaiyan samba chicken fried rice one of our subscriber shibu asked us to chicken fried rice for last 4 to 5 months. for him and most of our viewers asked us to do this challenge so for them too today we planned to do this challenge in Tamil it is “Varutha Koli Soru” Sabari: yes in Tamil it is “ottadaiyan samba varutha koli soru” in this we added Fried egg, Fried chicken(Pieces are strong because it is country Chicken) Green chilli is here Sabari: it is not green chilli dad it is capsicum ok capsicum and rice is not attached to each other 😛 today i’m going to eat this except 2 ingredient it is fully organic only 2 ingredient from inorganic ok let’s Start today i’m going to cook fried rice in ottadaiyan Samba for that i’m going to soak the rice first we have to boil the rice i’m going to boil the rice in cooker this rice contain rich in fibre. for that i will cook in pressure cooker 2 teaspoon oil Salt we already did a video of this chicken. to know the ingredient click the above card. 90% boiled well it came well mom. rice is not over cooked vegetable boiled 75% we bought it from shop because for fried rice we have to use so that we bought i used good products for this fried rice let’s start 5…4…3…2…1… Start i tried this fried rice for first time in my life it is yummy carrot, beans, capsicum are gave perfect flavour but it take more time to chew i can bite those vegetables in my mouth fried egg Chicken pieces without water we can’t eat this fried rice green chilli it is capsicum dad ok capsicum 😛 it is hard to swallow i need curd Sabari: nope it is not perfect combination for me it is easy to eat it will take more than 30 minutes it is huge na and it is fried rice chew well and eat slowly fried chicken is strong? because it is country chicken dad so it will be like that chilli chicken pokora Mom: do you want tomato sauce no i don’t want sauce i need curd curd is there? mom: what will be the side dish sauces why you didn’t gave me curd? that is not perfect combination dad Chicken fried rice it take time to chew if curd is there means i will swallow easily i will give a credit to those who kept name for this dish chicken fried rice. see it is like rice people who are without teeth can’t eat this rice everyone eating one cup not like na 😛 i will be eat like this i think it will be more soft for that we have to use basmati chicken is awesome after this can i eat curd rice? it’s your wish dad. you can eat 18 minutes gone seriously my stomach is not full but can’t able to chew for me to complete this chicken fried rice it took 19 minutes 55 seconds from starting to end the taste was good but hard to chew some dishes don’t gave taste till end but it is not like that but my advice is chicken fried rice is not suitable us it is not good for health so many people asked so that i ate it will cause heart attack to normal persons it will increase bad cholesterol (Triglyceride) so my kind advice don’t eat chicken fried rice but people addict to this rice taste for them eat less it is not suit for our body frying of chicken, egg, rice is not good for health. it turn into bad cholesterol (Triglyceride) so cook like us and eat less not much till end taste was good today i came to know why people addicted to this taste. it was super but don’t try a lot i think this cup is enough more than that don’t try for your wish eat two or three month once why i ate means except that 2 sauce all are organic and home made still i said no to this dish even it is organic. so don’t try it in shop if you want to try this dish means kindly prepare it in home like us Fried rice is not suit for heart i saw in many shops they fried it continuously if you ate that it will give more taste they use more sauce but we use only 2 sauce so that i said from beginning 2 inorganic product except that 2 product all ingredients are good we use new oil don’t use used oil used oil create bad cholesterol (Triglyceride) so use new oil if want to eat in shop, ask them to use new oil. then u can eat in tamil it is “varutha koli arisi” for me itself it took more than 19 minutes i gave credit to who found this recipe it was super but don’t eat continously why i delay to do this recipe for this much month means it is the reason i mostly like good foods and it won’t affect my health so you to follow like that so i didn’t do this recipe we planned to do this recipe in organic way so we make this. it took few months mostly we use our own products like rice, chicken etc… that i ate now so that it took 4 months i hope you like this video because for you i did this please like, comment and share the video Subscribe to Saapattu raman and click the bell button until then bye from Porchezhiyan Bye….!!!

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