2.5kg Chuckwagon Cheeseburger Challenge in Belgium!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Very very excited today I’m going for overall win number 425 and my fifth win in the country of Belgium this is our last day here then we move on to Germany, but I am at Chuckwagon in Tongeren, Belgium and I’m here back with my friend Radim here at Chuckwagon, we’re taking on the Chuckwagon Challenge burger now this is 2.5 kilos total it’s got over 1 kilo of fresh beef along with a whole bunch of healthy vegetables now bacon and cheese are not on this as the base challenge but just for flavor and to make it a cheeseburger! I added some cheese he opted it because it’s more food to go with no cheese but I got some samurai sauce on mine along with there’s tomatoes there’s onions some lettuce and then pickles and cucumbers but and then yeah so we’ve got one hour to finish this challenge and what I was going to say is I think he went with an ??? sauce or something like that but we’ve got one hour to finish this thing it’s 50 euros if we fail but if we finish within the 1 hour time limit we’ll get the meal free we’ll get up on the wall of fame and then I think with the challenge we have no friends here but I think if you win the challenge three of the people at your table you’re with get their meal free as well so that’s part of the challenge too but are you ready? Yes! alright let’s get this challenge started! All right I started off my portion of this tour in Belgium with the loss so I got to finish strong with a good win but about 10 to 12 people to finish this thing over the many years has been going on in the record is 28 minutes and as you see on the flag it’s two point four nine six kilos so right under the two point five so you’re ready alright let’s get this thing down in less than one hour! One, two, three all right! Veggies cheese and meat first then there’s 400 grams of bread ten minutes forty seconds in this means to cook off too long with the samurai sauce! Burgers excellent let’s keep getting it down! Eleven minutes in, I’m going to separate all the vegetables out the meat now and have a little salad just got my diet sodas to help get the bun down, but now let’s have some of the healthy veggies with the rest of samurai sauce, which there’s a lot of it but we’ll get all this done and then we’ll do the bread! all right 16 minutes 50 seconds sterilization bread blah blah the Twenty-one minutes forty seconds in that top button with all the sauce is gone now I got to eat some of the grease and the burger and stuff like that, the bottom but all this bottom half thinner so let’s get it down and beat the record! you 24 minutes in! [Owner] Congrats!
[Randy] 24 minutes and 29 seconds the new record for the challenge but before we celebrate Radim is not too far behind me so let’s go Radim, as he goes to get this finished! 40 minutes and 50 seconds down let’s go! Still has 19 minutes left plenty of times still get the win There it is quickly swallow, ah there we go! 45 minutes and 42 seconds Radim just smashed the Chuckwagon challenge burger here at Chuckwagon in Tongeren Belgium but awesome awesome challenge! what’d you think of it?
[Radim] Good! Excellent all right! Yeah yeah the beef patty was very well cooked loved the flavor of the beef they use which I think they get from a local butcher but the bun as I said was great all those vegetables there was a lot of vegetables but with the 2.5 kg that’s 5 and a half pounds of burger! I’d much rather need a whole bunch of vegetables and all that extra meat that we would have had to eat it not for the vegetables but awesome meal as I said I got it done in 24 minutes 29 seconds which is the new record we’ll both do for The Wall of Fame I think that either 11, 12, 13, 14 people to win but we’ll get 250 euro meals for free we’ll get on the wall of fame and then if you’re wanting to take the challenge part of the prize is that three people with you get their meal free as well but actually right here we are with Chuck, the owner of the challenge so what you got to say? [Owner] Congrats! Well done! He’s from Antonio, Texas so we were worried about the language barrier down here but the owners from the USA show it was all good! Thanks for the challenge Chuck! thank you guys for watching!

100 thoughts on “2.5kg Chuckwagon Cheeseburger Challenge in Belgium!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! My final challenge in Belgium during our trip!! Sorry that it's another burger challenge, but the next few videos will involve schnitzel challenges, steaks, and more!! Restaurants create "safe" challenges that they know people will eat (mostly burgers), and they don't make up crazy unique ones that may be "hit or miss," since "missing" will cause them to lose money. Thanks to Radim for doing the challenge with me, and thank you all again for watching!!

  2. I love how Randy mentions about the healthy vegetables in every video even though it might be just a few pickles that he's talking about xD

  3. +Randy Santel How many videos are in queue right now? In other words, how many videos are you sitting on right now? Considering this video is around 11 months ago.

  4. I love Radim videos because he literally hasn't beaten a challenge with you that was a solo challenge. Just showin' those Europeans who is the boss.

  5. I was thinking that it might be better to eat a big bun when you do a hamburger challenge if you smash the bun flatter with your hand it might let a lot of the air out of the bun and be easier to eat but that's just an idea of mine.

  6. I have a feeling that on a good day you could've devoured this burger in 15 minutes, still an awesome job though, Randy!

  7. My God, Americans are fat.  And as I've seen… Randy is on the smaller side of their fatness.  They will be an easy country to dominate.

  8. I really wish he would stop saying "healthy vegetables". All the veg in the world won't do much to counteract all the saturated fat in all that meat he eats.

  9. For real?….. This was by far your weakest challenge yet Randy, what is this? Please start doing actual challenges again!

  10. dude 50 euros is a ton for that burger. i mean, it's huge, yeah, but i figured about 25 euros is more reasonable.

    OK WHAT ?

  12. how do people do challenges with u? you talk so much everyone's food is cold by the time u say let eat 4 times before actually starting

  13. He finally said tomahtoes instead of tomatoes.

    I wonder if he was going to say shit load or shit ton before he caught himself.

  14. I didn’t know my country “🇧🇪”
    Had that many foodchallenges. Maybe i would try one seems like fun to do one

    Edit: randy loves his samurai sauce , seen a bunch of challenges of him and even when he can choose a sauce , he Goes a lot 4 the samurai . Respect Randy because its not easy , verry hot sauce 💪🏻💪🏻

  15. You always surprise me of how clean you are with your food. I have seen others…. omg. But you Randy nice 👍🏻

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