2 Bowls 1 Bong

Hi guys! Welcome to Rew’s Basement! I’m Rew, this is yet again not my basement! Today, I’ve just got a little fun video, ain’t
really got much goin’ on, but, we’re gonna do 2 bowls, one bong…eh? Here
we are… it’s got two bowls, loaded, just regular ol’
14 millimeter, got this little joint that goes into an 18 mil. Figure, fuck it, it’s what we’re gonna do. I- I’ve- I don’t think there’s anything else
you should do with a- with a joint like this- that- just take two bong hits to this face. Let’s do it! *lights bowls*
*bong rip* There ya go: two bowls, one bong. Remember to hit that like button,
make sure to subscribe, always share. Now get the fuck outta here!

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