2 Liter Bottle Dime Challange – How To Save $700 With Just Dimes!

How’s It Going Guys, Kenny Here With And When I Mean Who Doesnt Love Money Seriously… Who Doesnt Love Money If You Are Looking For A Quick Way… Well Not Really Quick But If You Are Looking For Some Ways To Save Money And You Don’t Really Know What To Do With Your Change 1 AWESOME way To Save A Lot Of Money Is To Take Every One Of Your Dimes You Ever Get You Take A 2 Litter Bottle.. Pop Bottle, Whatever You Want Cut A Hole In The Top Of It And You Put Your Dimes In It EVERY Single Time When You End Up With A 2 Litter Bottle Full Of Dimes You End Up With About $700! What Can You Do With That $700? Spend It On College? Maybe… Spend It On Food? Maybe… Spend It On Gas? Spend It On Online Marketing? Investing Into Your Future… Check Out My #1 Recommendation WhoDoesntLoveMoney.com Save Your Dimes Get About $700 Into Your 2 Litter Bottle Hope You Like This! Thanks! 🙂

18 thoughts on “2 Liter Bottle Dime Challange – How To Save $700 With Just Dimes!

  1. My daughter did this and only got 390.00 and it was filled all the way to the top it was a challenge for all the children at our church and she was the only one that filled hers to the top, so this time she is doing it again and she will really shake it to compact it to make sure she get a lot and we will see what happen this time she has until July 2018

  2. It has to settle in order to get 500 dollars. That’s the amount you’re supposed to get when completed.

  3. Finally My 2 Liter Bottle Is Entirely Filled With Dimes – For The Reveal Check Out My Video https://youtu.be/1iLsahkE4jA

  4. Hey 700 dollars a d a b w ban in blue and white 1973 78 was a good year for di.es tac we ie mom Colin. Ie purp1 tyso n million hurts kk

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