2 Liter Chocolate Syrup Challenge (6,666 Calories)

AHH UGH! HA! AHH! Yo! What’s up everybody? Furious Pete here
back at you for another epic video, back in my kitchen where epicness happens. This week… We got Chocolate Syrup. WOOOO I’m actually not that excited. I’m actually
kind of scared about this. This is two liters of chocolate syrup. TWO LITERS! Do you know how much sugars in here? Do you know how much sugar’s in here? Here, I’ll calculate it for you guys. I’ll calculate it for you guys. There is 50
calories Oh! Mind you, they already have this
costco version – has twenty-five percent less sugar as it is! So, even with that in
mind there is 50 calories per tablespoon a tablespoon is 15 milliliters! So, that
means for 2,000 milliliters ’cause that’s two liters my friends, we have a
hundred and 33.33 servings. When you multiply that by eight grams of sugar,
you have one- thousand and 66 grams of sugar! It’s Diabetes in a bottle my friends This is the Diabetes Challenge! And this also has 6,666 calories .6666 If that isn’t a warning not to do this, I don’t know what is. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Like why I’m
doing this and I – I just really don’t know So with that being said, I want 66,666 likes on this
video! Show me some love give me a thumbs up I need some motivation to do these videos.
This is not easy! Mentally, it’s not even easy! We gotta do
this, we’re going to pour into my giant mug here. We got 10 ounces, 20 ounces 30 ounces, 40 ounces and 50 ounces. 50 ounces says “What the Fuck?” 40 ounces says “Pussy” 30 ounces says “You suck” 20 ounces says “Badass” And 10 says “Well Shit Faced, and Proud of it” So, we gotta go above that 50 if you know what I mean. We just gotta go above What we’re gonna do is open this guy up for you
guys, right on camera. Sealed bottle. I feel, I feel as a child you probably all wanted to do this, or maybe some of you guys did. Oh it’s so good!
Mm So, what we’re gonna do is pour her out. Lets get a close up, here. Pour her out Oh Buddy! Oh oh It’s so thick! LOOK HOW THICK THIS IS! Holy Jesus. Is this even going to fit in here? This might not even fit. Oh my GOD! Ho buddy! This doesn’t even fit to the top. Wow! Holy smokes! That is Crazy! I thought it would totally fit. There’s probably another like; Well, that’ll be or finisher. That’ll be our finisher my friends. Jesus. look how thick that is. That is just
like black tar. Alright my friends, are you guys ready for
this? ‘Cause I… am NOT ready for this. This is going to be more sugar than I’ve ingested in like two months I kid you not. For you guys, my friends. FOR YOU GUYS! FOR TEAM FURIOUS! WOOWE NOW GET YOUR MIND IN THE GAME! GET IT, GET IT, GET IT! Alright Three Plus this. We’re not even done my
friends. Why am I so scared? Alright. Here we go. That is so thick! Holy Frig! AHH SO SWEET! Oh my GOD! It’s so thick! I totally didn’t think it would be that thick! Or I just forgot. Oh Man! AH! UGH! HA! AH! AH! AH! I don’t want anymore. My stomach feels like it’s going to explode. Ugh. Ugh.. man. My face feels like.. all the sugar’s just rushing to it. There we go. GET IN THERE! Are we.. are we god with that? Are we good with that? AH! Arh Ah! My stomach… is hurting already. -burps- Man.. “Enjoy the delicious taste of this syrup… with only eight grams of sugar per one
tablespoon a serving and no artificial sweeteners.” Directions: add one tablespoon to 250 milliliters of milk. I don’t think we followed the directions properly. OH MAN THAT HURT! and it is hurting more and more. This was the chocolate syrup chug. The two liter chocolate syrup chug. Done! Just here, for you, for YouTube, for my friends, for Team Furious. Show this video some love. I love you guys. I love you guys, more than you guys will ever know. Thank You so much for your daily support. Grab yourself some Furious apparel, so you can support my hospitable bills. hosb-b-bable bills. I can’t even talk anymore. hosb-b-bable bills. Links in the description below follow me on all my social media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you know the drill. snapchat: furiouspete123 because somebody
stole my username which is Furious Pete. Catch you guys later. As always, my friends… You guys are Team Furious. You’re dedicated for life. and we’re here to Stay Sexy, Stay Hungry, Get Gains … and Get Laid! BOOM! I hope you guys enjoyed that video
because I definitely did not. I passed out right after that video, from a sugar coma. It was.. It was.. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. So, I don’t recommend trying that at home. Just a quick announcement, I
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content. So, I really do appreciate it, I appreciate your support. Much love, Team Furious. We’ll catch you guys next week. Alright Team Furious, I hope you guys
enjoyed the episode. Comment below what your favorite moment was from the
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Stay Sexy, Stay Hungry, Get Gains, and Get laid.

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  1. he has to throw this shit up afterwards
    no way he’s not fat as fuck or dead from all the shit he does without throwing it up afterwards.

  2. Shut up u r voice tune was so loud and the next door neibours keep hit on the wall saying what the F&^^%#@k

  3. Umm I can just imagine that if u r not used to injecting that much sweet shots in ur vanes u will pass out on the floor for a 2 days and 20 hours and when u do get up I will have the worst migraine anyone in the world has had also good luck I on trying to sleep tonight!

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