20 kilograms of red hot steel vs. frozen lake

Welcome to the Beyond the Press Channel Hi Today we are going to do some Frozen lake stupidity For Videos And We are going to do a lot tests but today we are going to test Can a red hot clump of steel go through the ice And here is about… *murmering* I’ll write it here (0.30 meters or 1 foot) this much ice and and our red hot steel clump is its about 130mm in diameter and it weighs about 20 kilograms so its quite big, and it’s already cooking over there and yeah i don’t think there is much to add here lets go see if that is red hot already so our steel clump is now hot and the cameras are ready so I just take it from there and put it on top of the ice and at this moment write in the comment your estimation about how this is going to happen my personal guess is that its not going to go through what is Anna’s opinion i don’t know Anna doesn’t know it’s quite hot really hot looks quite promising I think its really going to be, Anna come closer its still very reddish not any signs of cooling down i think it’s about a third, third of the way in so it still has some distance to cover but it slows very good the sound is very weird yeah (blub blub blub blub blub) but even if this works this isn’t the fastest way to make a hole in the ice (come on) it is becoming gray yeah, but even if…. its not so red anymore but even if like the surface isnt red the inside is still quite hot i think it starts to… this is really strange because the water is boiling in like… pot that is made out of ice so in theory you could like boil some potatoes in ice the water is hot! is it? yeah yeah very hot! like 50 degrees I think you could make like ice jacuzzi by this method I think its not going to be going through I think it’s… It stopped yeah but lets wait it to cool down and then we can like… try to get the water out and see what kind of hole it made I think its now just like heating the water and the water is melting the ice so… it’s… trying to make this really really large hole instead of small hole Ill try to move it slightly Yeah, it is there It don’t have very much to go because it’s this much… It is just couple centimeters, about one inch It’s really strange It’s really interesting what happens when the hot water here and cold water under the ice meet because… it’s about zero degrees under the ice and about… 80 degrees here what do you think, do we have more cracks in the ice than before or is it just like easier to see them? maybe because… there are many cracks here OHH!!! there was some cracks I think i have to cheat a little bit and like… it’s not far away There was new crack (ooh) OHOHH!!! Its really close now! I think it would be like nice to have it… go through. OOYY!!! hahahahaha (laughing together) HUEHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My tool is gone! (Incredible slow motion laugh) (Even better slow motion laughing lmao) My tool is gone! WTF! xD this is still quite warm but warm water is much lighter than cold water make like… Tempareture measurement. warm… warm… warm… waarm… cold as fuck. xD there is really sharp… like point where it… gets cold I think… you can see there where? Im not sure you can see it on camera. but… It isn’t very deep here and my tool and the steel part are there So, let’s put… coordinates of this hole yeah on our mobile phone so i can dive for them in the summer But now we have this hole here so we can start doing some ice fishing we have two holes. yeah, I take this one okay yeah but… err… we have just the perfect amount of ice because any more and it wouldn’t go through and any less we wouldn’t get this like… boiling water thing on the ice so, this was really great and i think this was the most interesting video to film that we have made So yeah. I think that is all for today Thank you for watching and have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Drops steel cylinder on ice:

    He drops straight through the ice disappearing in a split second

  3. If you had an air blower, you could blow the water aside and you would keep the energy transfer to the ice and would pierce in one shot.

  4. 7:46 sounds like pรธrn sounds on x0.25 playback ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. These two are absolutely one of the purest examples of the positive side of Youtube and the like. Without a forum like this, the World would've never "met" them. Love 'em!

  6. this video randomly popped out of my recommendations and i must say that i really had so much fun watching it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. This was a European "high science" experiment. In truth though I think it didn't go through because the ice is "flexible" like a net due, to the temperature gradients that radiate outward from bottom of the steel cylinder outward and upward. Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I watched the video by dustydorongo so I laughed out loud when I realized THIS was the press channel

  9. Very entertaining video I laughed and was intrigued at the same time to see if the hot metal would melt thru the ice.

  10. Considering the lake has a huge quantity of cold ice surrounding the entire lake compared to one little thing of red hot steel I don't think the steel will penetrate because it has no source to keep it hot like the ice does to help keep it cold therefore it'll cool down before it gets all the way through I do wonder how deep it will get though and how thick the ice there really is

  11. can you imagine all the noise that's making underneath the ice I bet it sounds weird if only you had a mic down there the Fisher I'll probably like what the hell is going on

  12. Even if it's not red hot the inside will be very hot and I guarantee it's still extremely hot I'd be careful

  13. geez… that much red hot pent up energy and it went that slow in warm climate ice… imagine how much energy it would take to melt through many miles of rock solid ice at Europa relatively near to absolute zero surrounding temp…

  14. Great fun vid. Just would have made sense to tie something to it just before you started trying to crack it through. Thanks.

  15. this is so cool to see! i've always wanted to try something like this, but i live in florida so no frozen lakes around. you guys could've made some tea that way! ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. I love this but I swear imma hands were shaking as they just. Casually stood and walked around on weak and broken ice

  17. Can tell they are European,many said Russian then were corrected to being Fin. I never thought Russian, he talks the way my Tante Annie talks when she speaks English, I was thinking German or Swedish. I know l sound funny when l speak German to my relatives and in laws, l never learned buch German, l speak the local dialect, my inlaws call in "Erlangenish" but l think in English so many sentences comes out backwards to them just as it comes out backwards when my relatives speak English to me, these two had the accent but the words were not backwards…..
    Example.. Let's go to the store may come out as to the store we will go..

  18. i think there will be a huge steam pocket and water keeping it from be effective going down due to the flat bottom and sides should be more optimised for excess outletting …

  19. In a few thousand years someone might find that weight and wonder how it got there and what it was used for…

    Little will they know that it was for pure shits and giggles. =P

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