20 LB of Slime – DIY Giant Slime

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to Lance’s house this time and today we’re going to make like, 10 kilos of slime and play with this. Alright. Have you ever done slime before? Yeah I have, but we usually use like Borax. I don’t know. You’re using… Borax is no good. Gain. (Detergent Brand) Especially for kids. This is a little bit more safer. For sure. We got here 32 bottles of 4 ounces of slime. So we’re gonna dump it all in, [of glue] of slime. Glue. Yeah. He’s also my translator for today. So we’re gonna dump it in a bucket. You wanna help me? Yeah, I’ll start doing this. Yeah Good idea. We filled it up, quite a bit of it now. Look at it. It’s at least an inch. And that’s pretty, wide bucket. So let’s now, the recipe calls for… a laundry de- laundry detergent. Oh so you’re gonna pour the whole thing in there? Not the whole thing. We’re gonna like, kinda pour it a little bit and you’re going to mix it Wow You see it’s already some Yeah. getting solid a little bit. I think i might need some help, honestly. Yeah, I think so too. I’ll help you mixing it. Imagine getting so much glue and filling up a whole bathtub. That would be insane. This kinda… That is definitely something we should do. Yeah, maybe in the future. Yeah. If you guys want to see that, like this video. I might go digging with the hands. Yeah, might as well. Let’s do this. to make it are more pic of ya got there and I think we feel a little bit too much of the largest urban here but i don’t think so it’s real the mall and registers you know you would there be because we’ll get all of my god there’s a lot more about my life because they love their children enough yeah this is gonna be better so we got to make this more oh I don’t you think this way to lake house filled with don’t tell me what’s going on Elliot it’s like 20 out at least it doesn’t have these 20 times because behind a lot of laundry detergent oval I want to put it on my head just to see you feel you put on your head yeah I got that oh my gosh haha i’ll be here because I can do this click that if they get out yeah you’re later of it open like you just do my technique from it and it comes right off that it’s okay I’m here now this war are you want to do you next but i wonder if you blow in this it’ll make like a little bubble or less by that Wow do not like like you want to blow on them up just stick it right in the middle want it over top tournament right maybe some more Wow down around better turn this baby on this is we got that one could be got great regard what’s going on sighs Wow who knows everywhere hi guys that’s pretty much it what do you think you have fun yeah and great yeah so we going to do it again you’re right now what I’m going to do we’re gonna fill up my dad with a thousand four hundred water balloons and then pretty much jumping it like watch the water balloon exploded in miracles so avoid and check out his channel listing description you can click someone here we’re going to thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time he got one more thing I want to see how many of you can go through huge media and time in college and he let them know that I think you there will be kind of cool experience how many people can come out there and link down below go check it out

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  1. very cool video you guys. lots of fun with slime. maybe I should make some. so many people around the world do this.

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