200 millimeters of rain expected to fall in the central region _ 091019

Heavy rain continues to drench the nation
ahead of Chuseok. A northern cold pressure system is colliding
with hot air,…. forming strong rain clouds. Rainy conditions will continue to dominate
the forecast tomorrow with a heavy rain advisory issued for the central region. By tomorrow morning, the rain will start to
taper in the capital, but, it will take longer in the southern provinces. Scattered thunderstorms will become more widespread. Until tomorrow, some parts of the central
region and western areas of Gangwon-do province will receive a bucket load of rain of up to
200 millimeters,… whereas in the south will be between 5 to 40 millimeters. Going over to our temperature readings for
tomorrow,… morning lows will be a few notches cooler
than today with Seoul getting up to 23 degrees Celsius,… while Daegu and Gyeongju both
begin the day at 22 degrees. The daytime highs are still hot despite the
rain. Seoul climbs up to 28 degrees, while Gwangju,
Daegu and Gyeongju top 30 degrees. There will be no great inconvenience in traveling
home for the Chuseok holiday as the nation will be under mild weather. But then, there’s rain again on Saturday on
Jeju Island and the southern regions. However, the amount of precipitation will
be little, and it won’t interfere with traffic. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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