2010 Dodge Nitro

cars.com auto review hi I’m bill Jackson we’re here with the
2010 dodge nitro it’s kind of a throwback it’s an
old-school truck-based SUV that means you’re gonna have to make some
trade-offs if you’re considering the Nitro so we’re going to run through some
of them right now now one thing you usually get with the
chart based SUV is better towing capacity and the nitros no exception our test model came with an optional
towing package and that bumps is towing capabilities to 5,000 pounds which is
good for the compact SUV segment now like I said there are trade-offs so
you do have that great towing capacity but the other thing
about the nitro is it’s got a pretty beefy suspension it struck base there’s just a lot of
weight and where you pay for that is in mileage this is estimated to get 15 miles per
gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway that’s not very
good so I think you need to think about how often you’re going to drive the
Nitro and how often you’re going to toe with it and how often going to go off
road before you think about buying it now again as you’d expect for all that
heavy-duty suspension the right is a little more firm in this than it is in a
car based SUV I don’t think it’s two firms just
something to check out same way with the steering requires a little more effort
than a lot of the other small SUVs are driven again it’s not bad it’s just
something you want to check out another thing to keep in mind there’s a choice
of a 3.7 liter or a 4-liter v6 and all night rose and the thing that really separate the
two for me was this 3.7 liter that we had only came with a four-speed
automatic normally that’s about one gear too few
but really driving a nitro around I didn’t really miss not having a five speed but it’s
one of those things are going to want to check out one thing I will say though
with the 3.7 liter and the four-speed automatic when you go to pass somebody
on the highway you’re going to hear it the acceleration
is ok for small SUV it’s just a little louder than you may
be used to otherwise now obviously the reason why a lot of
people by a sport utility vehicle is for the utility and i have to say i found
the second row room in the night or be pretty good obviously there’s just enough left over
to be comfortable on a medium to long drive and the cargo area is a nice size
in fact i was surprised they didn’t try to jam a third row seat back there since
they seem to be doing that a lot these days now the last thing about the Nitro it’s
got a part-time four-wheel drive that means you actually have to throw a
switch here to get it now the good part about that is it gives you
better traction for off-road the bad part is you really can’t drive around
all day with the car and four-wheel-drive it’s just not good for
it and so really what it comes down to with
the Nitro are those trade-offs like I said you have a good towing
capability and off-road capability but you get that at the expense of a really
great ride mileage so it’s kinda into the select
group of people and really you’re just going to have to decide whether you’re
one of those people for more car related news go to cars.com
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76 thoughts on “2010 Dodge Nitro

  1. Would be nice if they would also make a good one as well. One with proper suspention and what not. Shame 'cos I like the looks a lot, definatelly unlike any European SUV.
    But with those prehistoric features that are more than just trade off's, one would be pretty stupid or madly in love with it to buy for use here in Europe.

  2. this car actually isnt that bad and it is very safe. but its missing a lot. keep in mind they are driving the base model, and it actually doesnt look that cheap for a base model. the interior is pretty horrible, but once again its the base model. they are missing touch screen display, leather, leather steering wheel, rear seat dvd, 260hp 4.0L engine with 5 speed, steering wheel buttons

  3. I know the Nitro and Jeep Liberty are basically the same vehicle, but I think the Jeep looks better and has a better interior, still cheap, but better than the Nitro.

  4. @MakeLoveNoBabiez Unfortunately, their sales were up last month.

    Every time I see someone driving a Chrysler Sebring or a Dodge Caliber, I can't help but question how much that person really knows about cars.

  5. @Bojaxs I agree on the Sebrinig and the Caliber, but dodge cars are really nice. The muscle cars at least.

  6. BEAUTIFUL suv! every vehicle isn't for everyone, so one has to decide what's his or her own best fit. the NITRO is top on my list.

  7. NITRO is actually have its strong. IF they fix the fundamental like interior which from disaster-Daimler run…Its actually gonna be a amazing vehicle..

  8. OMG !!! Who wants to buy such SUV ?!!! Ugly exterior and bad on gas economy unreliable very expensive for its kind only one question for you WHAT THE HACK DODGE ARE THINKING in this days market is full of beautifully designed SUV's durability and reliability awesome why in the hell could some one buy that Ugly looking SUV for ????!!!

  9. This is the same as the Jeep Liberty. It is useless. It looks big on the inside, but tight interior, the cheapest materials I have ever seen in a car ever. It's 3.7L is underpowered, 210 hp from a big 3.7l? pathetic. It is also loud and horrible on gas. Just don't buy it…

  10. @davewhodavedunn Exactly thank for say it man JUST DON'T BUY THAT UDLY ASS SUV JUST DON'T THEY HAVE TO STOP MAKING THEM ASASP

  11. @girlafraid88 look you just don't get it don't you ??!! the Car is F ugly looking and bad on gas include to those two important things the can unreliable you can't argue that too expensive to its kind and you still talking about American ??? American what you sound like these ignorants if you want your American cars become reliable good looking cars good on gas STOP BUYING THIS SHIT

  12. @girlafraid88 no buddy, listen to what @East17A has to say man. Don't get me wrong Ford and GM vehicles of today are superb (they are American brands if you didn't know), Chrysler cars lag behind…a lot. Don't get personally offended when people call this car shitty ok you don't own Chrysler.

  13. @MakeLoveNoBabiez im a lot porter at a dodge dealership and yea ppl still buy them (and get ripped off lol) everything (excluding the 300c's and challengers- rt and srt) is garbage

  14. there are plenty of Nitros on the roads, so these SUVs are definitely making their presence known. all that's happening is that they are gaining even MORE popularity. everybody doesn't want an Escape, Xterra, 4Runner or Jeep. nothing wrong with those, but the Nitro's a great choice.

  15. i drove one as a rental for a 4 hour trip and it has a good throaty sound and it has more than enough power to pass and for city driving. the front and back seats are comfortable as well in addition to a comfortable suspension set up so i dnt know why they didnt like the suspension.

  16. @1997FordProbeGT you would know what ugly is sice you drive a shitty ass ford probe. Front wheel drive american ricer

  17. @macwanter lol dude ur bmw is a piece of shit… i want you to race a real american car and see how long you last… AMERICA RULES

  18. @shuzhoayun what you drive a 99 Camry, you obviously don't know shit about cars. I would smoke any american pos car. Ignorant shit head

  19. Only Americans could be so stupid to build and buy this car. I truly feel sorry for you guys. European cars are far superior to this junk in every aspect.

  20. Why cant dodge make something original?
    Nitro is a copy of a hummer.
    Charger is a copy of a Cheve.
    Viper is a copy of a BMW Z4.

    They make the ugly version of good cars (not that the hummer is ugly enough).

  21. @Drd4all Really, I have a Saturn Astra, build in Belgium and this car has proven to be very poorly made. In less than 3 years the AC compressor has failed, the evaporator coil housing leaks into the car and now sometimes the ignition switch won't turn and I can't start the car. This is in addition to all the rattles the car had from new. So, I don't think European cars are better maybe equal, but not better at all.

  22. @zep0rkychopz The Viper came out 13 years before the Z4. Chevy doesnt make a RWD sedan like the charger and they havent in a while so dodge did not copy anything from chevy or any other car maker. The charger is actually pretty original considering its one of the few RWD American sedans out there. The nitro is definitely not a copy of the hummer. I have no fucking clue why you would think any of this.

  23. @zep0rkychopz WTF LOL! first off whats ugly is personal taste… and copys ahha i thing enough people have rung you out for that HAHA

  24. @Drd4all sooo… im gonna ask you some questions, lets sayi want a Suv that can toe 5000lbs like this nitro can.. but i dont wanna spend more then 30K because im a student.

    only euro vehicle i can get that fits my discription is Vw suv… not only is that a fugly suv, but it cant tow the amouth that i need.

    the americans offer MANY vehicles, so do the japaniese.

    same thig goes with work trucks, compact cars, suvs, sedans and sports coups for under 30K… with that price range.

  25. I love fucking haters that what videos of cars that hate? Like really, get your shit together and stop wasting your fucking time already.

  26. the engine on the 2007-2011 Dodge Nitro
    3.7 L PowerTech V6
    4.0 L SOHC V6
    2.8 L VM Motori I4 Diesel (Europe only)

  27. Please stop complaining about how much gas it drinks. I've been driving my 2002 Jeep Liberty 3.7L for 2 years here in Germany with gas prices exceeding the equivalent of $9 a gallon. Gas is the US is free in comparison. I just bought a Nitro last week and I'll be paying less at the pump because it's a diesel, but it's not the reason I got it. I would buy a tanker truck if I was getting gas from the most expensive state in the US.

  28. 2012 models were sold as fleet vehicles only. If you don't like the gas mileage then buy a bicycle and be happy.

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