2012 Ford F-650 with 6.8-liter V-10 Gas Engine

this is michael Levine from pickup trucks
com and we’re here at the NTA work truck show in indianapolis what would
you do if you an extra eight thousand dollars in your pocket well next year some medium-duty truck
customers just might be asking themselves that question because Ford’s
f650 is getting a v10 6.8 leader gas engine for the first time the standard
engine for medium-duty trucks is typically a diesel powertrain but as
emissions regulations have gotten much tougher over the last half decade prices
have gone up by almost thirty-six percent on average what that means is it
costs about an extra eight thousand dollars to have a diesel engine these
days relative to what it costs $MONEY for gas
engine for is hoping to bust down that barrier with the 6.8 liter engine but
having a gas engine understood won’t compromise much capability for the 650
it’ll have a gross vehicle weight rating of 30,000 pounds and a combined weight
rating of up to 33,000 pounds the 6.8 litre v10 used to be available for ford
super duty pickups but it was discontinued last year when it was
discontinued was only available with a 5-speed transmission for the f650 for is
going to pair it with the all-new $YEAR 6 are 146 speed transmission that’s also
available for the latest engines in the super duty pickup trucks that’s going to
help with fuel economy forward reps say that it’s possible with the right
calibrations this engine transmission combination might get within ten percent
of the same fuel economy as what a diesel engine is capable of just because
you’re in a medium-duty work truck doesn’t mean you have to travel like
you’re in one all new for the f650 and forwards medium-duty trucks is the same
interior as was introduced on the 2011 f-series super duty the 6.8 litre v10 is
rated at a decent like 362 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque the engine
will also be available with a compressed natural gas option the new f650 with the
gas engine will go on sale in 2012 and orders will be available by the second
half of this year for more news and information about the f650 and the work
truck show be sure to check out pickup trucks . com

92 thoughts on “2012 Ford F-650 with 6.8-liter V-10 Gas Engine

  1. 6.8l V10 and only 362hp? Really? What bullshit. And the torque aint that great either. Other manufacturers get the same ammount of power and torque from a much smaller V6 / inline-6. And that while getting way better mileage than this huge V10 aswell.
    As great as Fords latest cars and trucks might be … hands down, they still can't build good engines. The new V6 EcoBoost engines might be an exception, but then again, those were designed and first built in Europe …

  2. @ratmtbola its not meant to be a high performance engine, sure people can get 600+ HP with an engine less than half the size of this, but this engine will last 10 to 20 times longer, plus a high performance motor cost more $ too.

  3. @FordNissanChevy Yeah I know, it's not meant to be a high performance engine. But then, why did they go for a nearly 7l big gas guzzling V10 instead of a much more economical V8 or even V6 that produces the same ammount of power and torque?

  4. @telj1 Yes, and? Who says that a work truck has to have a V8 or even a V10 like this one? A good V6 would make the same ammount of power and torque, while using much less gas than the V10. So why not use one?

  5. @ratmtbola So why not use one??? hmmmm….. you let me know of a heavy work duty v6/v8 truck that is successful @ it's task. NON-diesel But then again I'm no engineer. I'd like to believe they'd push out the most efficient overall product that is possible @ the time to benefit the company.
    Most passenger car engines are getting smaller/more efficient. Maybe in a few years more options on larger vehicles will follow…????

  6. Take that junk 6.8 out and make an Ecoboost with the new 5.0 block… If the 3.5 Ecoboost makes 365hp and 420lbs/ft imagine how deadly a 5.0 would be..

  7. Wow, a gasoline commercial truck that will comparable to a diesel?, image what kind of power or energy savings they can achieve from a real diesel truck incorporating these latest technology.

  8. i know nothing about trucks, forgive my ignorance, but the power numbers seem compatible low for such a big engine no? am i completely missing something? i know the price difference is huge and their is no comparisons but forgive me for saying, some mercedes top 800 torques and the they're coming from v8s. Again, forgive the ignorance.

  9. @Ji99i3 Making an engine put out more power causes excess stress on the engine, as does pulling around 20,000 lbs. They could make this engine put out 800lb/ft, but doing that combined with the very heavy loads it will have to cope with will destroy the engine very quickly…They are aiming for longevity and low cost operation, not performance

  10. this engine was kind of sluggish in the super duty, i could only imagine how much of a dog this thing will be in this big ass thing. and the sterring wheel, ford hasn;'t used that steering wheel since what? like 2005? got that freshened up interior with an old steering wheel. we'll see how this truck performs, with 457 lb ft of tq, this thing shouldnt be too bad.

  11. I think this guy is an idiot. The diesel gets enough better gas mileage to make up for the cost of diesel fuel to gas and the initial cost of one

  12. @telj1 You want to know a heavy work duty truck with a V6/V8 that's succesful? Just turn your head to Europe or Japan (or basically anywhere outside and the US) and you'll see nothing else besides V6's and V8's in heavy duty work trucks.
    And if a V8 or V6 can get the exact same ammount of power AND torque, while getting much better mileage, then why not use? Thise huge V10 is just a huge waste of gas.

  13. Wow, this is a huge fail. Gas engine several ton vehicle = heart attack at the pump. Any respectful person will calculate fuel costs and see for a heavy duty work truck a diesel is the clear winner by miles.

  14. imagine if they would have done the variable valve timing and all that new stuff like on the new "5.0L mustang" to that V10.. WITH ECOBOOST!! omg.. that shit would PWN!!

  15. @Lambo6fo The Ranger, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 are all light-duty trucks. The F-650 and F-750 are medium-duty trucks. Ford doesn't make any heavy-duty truck (those are produced by companies such as Freightliner, International, Mack, Peterbilt, and Volvo).

  16. did he say that the horse power was in the 300s….thats a little more than my car that has a 3.8L V6…maybe I miss herd him ……twice….

  17. @ShepperdW You should watch the video over again. Ford says they think they can narrow the difference between gas and diesel in the F-650 application to about 10 percent (in favor of diesel). The latest national average for fuel shows diesel costing $.40 more than RUG plus you'll pay an extra $8,000 for a diesel over a gas engine at purchase time. Ford is betting states (many of which are facing budget problems) will opt for a lower-priced truck that runs on gas instead of diesel.

  18. @Carscom Nah. These big trucks need to run on premium to maintain proper function with these heavy loads. Premium and diesel 40 cents apart? Hell no. Maybe you should learn about trucks.

  19. @hinesquarterhorses -Whaaat? you own a "08 f350 DUALLY v10(Gas engine)"?and its about to blow up? ok, you ever heard of "Maintenance"?how in the living hell are you gonna blow up something like that, in such a short time?Theres nothing wrong with your truck, its the shithead owner that doesnt know how to do a simple oil change.I own a f 150 Saleen,and I just use it for cruising around, even my truck, the engine would blow up on a poor maintennance.Learn how to whip ur ass before buying a dually

  20. I think this is a smart move for FORD. And the "virtual" advantage the DIESEL option may have over the V10 GAS option fades away. First the V10 GAS F650 will be $8,000 less than de DIESEL option. The fuel consumption advantage the DIESEL option has over the V10 (10%) even goes away if you consider that the DIESEL option NEEDS an aditional aditive called DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID for proper operation of the SCR SYSTEM. Add to that the DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER wich consumes DIESEL fuel on its REGEN


  22. FORD MOTOR CO.please pay attention to this…Time to get an ECO-BOOST upgrade for the 6.8 V10! And make true that 7.0 V8 ECO-BOOST being rumored.

  23. @ShepperdW nevermind. Or: I don't think we have different opinions, maybe some misunderstanding on my part. or your part. I'm fine.

  24. With the right gearing I'm positive 90% of the people that will own one of these won't notice the difference in power from the diesels.

  25. @Zephas99 Good god. Could you imagine the sheer power that beast would have? Even a twin turbo V V T and high pressure direct injection on the 5.4 would be awesome.

  26. @wilburfudd 362hp 457ft lb torque. The torque is the important number. Horsepower isnt what does the work. Also the RPM at which the HP/TQ is made also matters. The V-10 will have a wider power band that starts and less RPM.

  27. @Carscom You are not going to get any TORQUE from a gasser. Opt for the 6.7L Cummins instead. BTW 6.7L Powerstoke is NOT an option!

  28. OOOOOOOOPS sounds like Ford has an overstock V-10s they need to burn through while they can still meet the current emission standards! Great marketing guys…

  29. No the numbers for this engine aren't astronomical, but the engine is tuned to achieve its best numbers at a lower engine speed (rpm). The EcoBoost v-6 doesnt hit 365 hp til 5500 rpm, and 420 lbft til 3500rpm, where as the v-10 hits 362hp at 4750 rpm and 457 lbft at 2500 rpm. What that means is you dont have to run the engine as hard. Lower engine speed = less fuel use and ultimately longer engine life . The Ecoboost is a great engine, but theyre designed for different uses different purposes.

  30. @rebelsike Yay but whoever buys this truck as a V10 then the are stupid i hate cummins but if i were to get this truck i would get the cummins in it just because it would be gas hog and it doesnt putout as much horses and torque

  31. With CNG running about $2 a gallon, how can the $4 diesel compete at all?

    LNG is also around $2 per gallon. The conversion and tanks will only cost a few hundred dollas, then the running cost per mile will be much lower than a diesel truck.

  32. pounds feet? If this guy weren't reading this he would know that it's foot pounds. He stutters on it too because he knows something wrong with the script. So don't hate on this guy, hate on the people that wrote his script.

  33. @dosalt O_o i have a 97 ford f150 I live in California the gas is high I'm just saying -.- and no Sr I'm no city folk I don't keep my truck inside a garage like the rest of these people it's a working truck I don't care if it gets dirty I don't put stupid rims on it or slam it down I keep the truck American fuck those shitty imported truck Toyotas are a joke keep America American -.-

  34. Haha emissions… People really follow those rules? Haha I have a ford v10 in my 250 and a torquey cummins for my other… Use red diesel in my cummins, ford costs me quite a bit… But both tow the same dodge might be a little on the fast side…

  35. This is stupid putting a gas enging in a truck this size. I can see this getting great gas milliage thats for sure NOT. And the tree huggers can kiss my u know what with their emissions crap. the fuel milliage sucks and its chocking out the engine. People say what you want but for me if your gonna dish out the money for this size on a truck your gonna want disel hands down.

  36. бля продай машину и иди крестиком вышивай. у тебя момента сколько и у него сколько. в тракторе белорусь 100 лошадей вообще хули

  37. Hmmmmm pretty nice but ill keep my F-650 a 6 speed automatic diesel 6.8L 220 HP 540 TRQ Cummings engine thank u

  38. WOW Something that expensive looks extremely ugly inside. They could’ve done a better job with the steering wheel. It just looks like a bunch of bullshit hope you’re going to be moving a big O house pretty much worthless.. 200 gallon tank?🤔

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