hi I’m Kelsey Mays for cars.com if you
have more than a hundred thousand dollars to spend on a luxury SUV you’re
probably going to get something fast like an upper crust land rover range
rover maybe a porsche cayenne turbo but what if you need a third row of
seats well Mercedes has the gl-class which roughly competes with those two as
well as traditional three-row SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade the infiniti QX
the lexus LX redesigned for 2013 the gl-class now offers a gl63 AMG whose
twin turbo five and a half liter v8 rips this thing from 0 to 60 miles an hour in
just 4.8 seconds will cover how it competes what it does best and some of
its issues so stick with us behind all this hunker down bodywork is kind of the
reason this wears an AMG badge 550 horsepower 560 pounds-feet of torque it all goes to all four wheels through a
seven-speed automatic transmission that’s very quick to upshift and
downshift it goes down two or three gears at once without you even knowing
it very fun to drive plenty of power at all
ranges along the tachometer especially in the drivetrains sport mode there’s also a manual mode where you can
shift using the steering wheel paddle shifters or a/c control deficiency mode
Mercedes calls it that actually gives the car a lot of accelerator leg off the
line though not a very fun car around town in that mode we’ve noticed it in a
lot of other gl-class SUVs it’s very pronounced here the GL 63 gets
an AMG tune adaptive air suspension with one comfort and two sport modes the two
sporty modes render a definitely firmer ride especially over bumpy pavement
broken pavement than the comfort mode but we can’t help but think that in all
three modes the GL 63 rides a little bit clumsy for a big AMG SUV a lot of
chassis chatter a lot of brittleness over bumps that reminds us of a truck
based body-on-frame SUV despite the fact that the gl-class is
riding on a car based unibody platform inside there’s plenty of leather and
real metal trim along the doors in the dashboard as you’d expect for a vehicle
in this class aside from some tiny side mirrors a
little bit of a narrow windshield visibility is actually pretty good
thanks to second and third row head restraints that now just in the seats and get completely out
of the way for your sight lines speaking of those two rear Rose 2nd row
legroom and Headroom is a little bit snug and you don’t get some of the
things the Range Rover offers things like split dual-zone climate control for
the rear seats massaging chairs cooled seats back there
in the gl-class the third row makes up for it though nice high seating position
padding on the armrest dual map lights really a good spot that even adults
won’t mind sitting in a lot of ways to put the second row down up you need to fold it down like so this
renders a little bit shy of a load floor here if you’re putting things in so you
can also put the cushions forward lower flatter load floor here there’s also an innovative solution here
to accessing the third row an optional feature here it’s a power tumbling
second row seat it works even if the head restraint is
up this thing automatically comes back into the seat check it out what it also does you’ll see is to move
the front seat forward automatically so there’s enough clearance that this thing
can completely tumble now the third row also has a power
tumbling one touch feature it doesn’t work quite as well as a secondary you
got to put the header straight down and it’s already up first but again a OneTouch thing gets that
seat down with all the seats down you’re looking at about ninety five cubic feet
of maximum cargo room that’s about even with those 30 SUVs a
little bit short of the cadillac escalade but well ahead of two row
competitors a high-end performance SUVs you might get like the Porsche Cayenne
like that land rover range rover gl63 starts at close to a hundred and twenty
thousand dollars and the fact that the Bang & Olufsen high-end stereo and our
test car charges another sixty four hundred dollars beyond that is really a
mystery to us it’s kind of like a really high-end hotel charging extra for Wi-Fi
which surprisingly most of them do these days either way if you want a three or SUV
that doesn’t just handling accelerate the highway speeds were really ripped
past them with very little effort at all the GL 63 might be your five-star choice ok yeah

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