2014 BMW F800GT, 140,000 KM SAU 4 NĂM THÌ RA SAO?

Hello everyone, how are you? Welcome to 2moto vp channel While I am getting a new rear tire, I wanted to talk a little bit about this 2014 BMW F800GT It is very reliable bike as far as I know.. it is at 86k Miles I haven’t have any problem with it, beside normal check up. I purchased this bike in 2014 and love it ever since. who said BMW is not reliable? I beg the different I haven’t even change the belt. hell yeah of course everytime it went in for services, the belt is checked talk about saving money right… If it was chain system, I would have changed at least 4 times.

4 thoughts on “2014 BMW F800GT, 140,000 KM SAU 4 NĂM THÌ RA SAO?

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