2015-2019 F150 5.0L MBRP Black Series 3 in. Dual Exhaust System – Side Exit Sound Clip & Review

Hey, guys. It’s Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we’re gonna be taking a closer
look at the MBRP Black Series 3-Inch Dual Exhaust System with the Middle Side Exit,
fitting all ’15 and newer 5.0 F-150. This is gonna be the perfect kit for you if
you’re looking for an exhaust that’s a little bit more budget-focused than the average exhaust
system out there and it’s seriously going to increase the volume and style on the side
of your truck. So right off the bat here, as you guys heard
in this sound clip, this thing is actually pretty loud. I’m gonna give it a little bit higher than
we usually give the Black Series exhaust from MBRP, I’m gonna go with a four out of five
on our wake the neighbor scale. Now this thing was definitely louder than
I expected it to be. And after reading some of the reviews online,
it seems like most of our customers would agree with me that this thing can definitely
take you by surprise. If you’re looking for a sleeper exhaust system,
something that’s comfortable while you’re driving on the highway, this is definitely
not the one for you. This is for the guy out there that really
wants to hear that 5.0 mode. So what is this thing made out of and what
is giving us that solid four out of five on the wake the neighbor scale? Well, this thing is made out of 3-inch diameter
aluminized steel which that’s gonna bring into play the budget-friendly side of this
exhaust is it’s not made out of that high-quality stainless that you would pay a pretty penny
for. So this stuff is definitely going to be tough
and in fact, they even coat it in a black powder coating which is going to add to the
durability a little bit more but most importantly it’s gonna save you a little bit of money
by going with something like this. So this is going to be the Black Series, right? And what that means is it’s got that black
powder coating on there. That’s the only difference between this exhaust
and the Installer Series version of that, both aluminized steel, but again on top of
that black powder coating adding to the durability, it’s also going to add to the looks. As you could see, with this lead [inaudible
00:02:49] gray color on our ’18 F-150. This looks amazing, right? These tips here, black powder-coated, 4-inch
slashed cut embossed with the MPRP logo, it’s just the perfect touch basically to any side
of any F-150 out there. And personally, it kind of reminds me of those
good old SVT Lightnings with the side-exit exhaust like this. I really like this setup. And on top of that, I think it adds to the
volume with the tips being a little bit further up the truck than if they were to exit all
the way at the back. Now most of the sound that’s gonna come out
of this kit though is gonna come down to that MBRP straight-through muffler. Now we’re gonna put it side by side next to
the factory muffler in just a second. You’re gonna see just how much less restrictive
this thing is as it’s only about a quarter of the size of that factory muffler and there’s
gonna be less of a restriction, there’s gonna be less baffling in there and that’s where
most of the noise and basically where the four out of five on this exhaust kit is going
to be coming from. So there is one potential downside with this
exhaust and it’s not MBRP’s fault or this exhaust’s fault in general, it’s just the
positioning of the tips. And if you do have aftermarket running boards
or sidestep nerf bars, something like that, take a look at this spacing here, you want
to make sure these are gonna fit on your truck before you pull the trigger on a kit like
this. So just a word of caution. So pricing for our MBRP exhaust here and it’s
gonna drop in right around 600 bucks, and in my opinion and in a lot of our customers’
opinions, in fact, that is gonna be well worth the money. If you take a look at the website, this is
currently sitting at around 4.7, 4.8 stars on the website with a bunch of reviews on
it. This is a really high-quality product. Now you are going to be paying a little bit
more than just a regular old aluminized steel single rear exit exhaust but the pricing isn’t
gonna be too bad for a dual exhaust with this side exit here. And that black powder coating just adds a
little bit of extra value on there. If you were looking to go with something a
little bit cheaper but get the noise again, the MBRP Installer Series is going to be the
same exact thing without that black powder coating on there. That’s probably the one I’d recommend if you
were looking to go with a little bit more of a cost-effective option. So let’s get down to the meat and potatoes
here. Let me show you how to get this installed
on your truck, but before I do, I’m gonna give it a two out of three wrenches on our
difficulty meter. It should take you about two to three hours
to get this fully installed even if you’re working on the ground. Now one thing I did want to touch on here
is this is intended out of the box for an extended cab truck with the 8-footbed, so
that’s gonna be the longest wheelbase possible. If you have anything but that you will have
to make a cut through the inlet pipe to get this thing to fit on your F-150 but we’re
gonna show you how that works in just a second here. So without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you’ll need and how it’s done. Tools we use for this install are going to
include an impact, ratchet, pry bar, basic socket set here including 15, 14 and 13-millimeter
sockets, 8-millimeter Allen key, a U-joint, 13-millimeter wrench, 14-millimeter wrench. Now, like I said, we will need to make a cut
through our inlet pipe and we need to mark our cut. We need to go over to the saw and for that,
you’ll need some safety glasses, an exhaust hanger removal tool is also really helpful,
a tape measure to mark our cut and some spray lubricant like PB B’laster is always a good
idea. Now the only thing not pictured here, like
I said earlier, will be the saw. So first step here for our install, we’re
gonna grab our 13-millimeter socket on the U-joint, we’re gonna loosen up the flange
up near our catalytic converters and that will basically let our exhaust sit in the
exhaust hanger isolated. So at that point all we’re gonna do is lubricate
them, slide the whole thing back. And since we’re on a lift we’ll be able to
pull the whole exhaust out in one piece. Now if you are working on the ground, you
won’t have as much room as I do, you might have to make a couple of cuts to get this
out but it’s just as simple as that. So this one is a little bit tough to get to. It should come right out. And the same thing goes with this one. The U-joint here is almost a must if you want
to use the impact. If you’re using a ratchet it should clear
no problem. So now our exhaust is loose at the front. We just need to lubricate these rubber hanger
isolators so we could slide our exhaust back and out. For that, I’m gonna use PB B’laster here. You can use white lithium grease. As you can see, this one I’ve had on it before
so we’re just gonna give this a shot here on both sides. So now we can take our exhaust hanger removal
tool and we’re just gonna work that out. So now we have two more hangers supporting
our exhaust and all we’re gonna do for this one right above our muffler is grease that
up for now. You can see it doesn’t have that barb at the
end, so we’re gonna leave this in just to support our exhaust. We’re gonna grease up the other one and then
we can slide this whole thing back. So this last one here, right on our tailpipe,
we’re just gonna hit it with some PB B’laster. And again, this doesn’t have the barb on it
either. So now we should be good to push this whole
exhaust back and pull it off of our truck. Now if you need to, you can use the pry bar
to help push this exhaust back and off the truck. Once you work it out over the axle tube, you
can now lay it on the ground. And next to our new MBRP kit you can easily
see all the differences and frankly the improvements that our new MBRP system is going to be making
for our trucks. So I figured we’d start at the front here
and just work our way down through all the differences here and all the improvements
from our new exhaust system. So starting with our inlet tube, before we
even get to the resonator here, we’re gonna be upping the diameter from 2.5 inches all
the way up to 3 inches. That’s going to help with our flow in general. Now our resonator here, completely deleted,
that’s gonna help improve our sound. Moving down through our inlet pipe toward
our muffler here, you can see with these two muffler side by side, we are losing so much
bulk off of this big, restrictive factory muffler here, going over to that sleek, less
restrictive, smaller frankly MBRP muffler is going to create a lot more noise over the
factory pit and it’s gonna sound good as well. So moving on out the back of our muffler,
we have a dual exit there rather than a single exit. Now this is the 3-inch pipe from the factory,
the same thing over on the MBRP but this time we’re getting two of them. Now it’s also black powder coated which is
there to help add to the looks but it’s also going to serve as a layer protection from
the elements. Now a big difference where that pipe exits,
the factory one behind the rear tire, our new MBRP in front of the rear tire. And we do it in style with our MBRP 4-inch
dual exhaust tip slash cut embossed with the MBRP logo, that’s gonna be a huge upgrade
over the factory exhaust which just basically has a cut pipe on the end of it. So that’s gonna be it as far as differences
go between these two. That MBRP system over there is gonna make
some huge upgrades to our F-150 and it’s gonna make the 5.0 sound come through a lot better. So before we head back to our truck, there
is a little bit of extra work we have to do here. That inlet pipe is a little bit too long. This kit is designed out of the box for an
extended cab truck with the 8-foot bed, so if you have anything shorter than that, you
will have to trim that inlet pipe. And for our SuperCrew with a 5.5-foot bed,
we’re gonna trim that length down to 29.75 inches but if you have anything other than
that, there’s a helpful guide in the instruction manual that tells you exactly what size that
pipe needs to be trimmed to. So we’re gonna take this apart a little bit
and make our mark, head over to the saw, trim that down, and then we can start installing
our exhaust. Now we’re back under the truck from the saw,
we can grab our inlet pipe and the flange that comes included in the kit and we’re just
gonna run that down over our pipe. We’re gonna get it in place just like that
and then we can install this to the factory flange and we’re gonna bolt it down using
the 14-millimeter hardware that comes in the kit. So before we tighten anything down, we’re
just gonna build the exhaust on the truck. And at the back of our inlet pipe, we’re just
gonna put the muffler on with one of the 3-inch clamps included in the kit. And when this gets installed it should be
angled approximately 30 degrees just like that. So now we’re gonna take our tailpipe with
the hanger on it, get a clamp on that, push up on this, get it started in the higher isolator
and in the back of our muffler. And that’ll support the rest of our exhaust
while we get the other tailpipe and clamp in place. Now before we actually install the other pipe,
the pipe that we just installed does have another hanger on it that’s gonna sit right
about there and you can see where these two meet up with that rubber isolator. Now to install that, obviously we don’t have
any threaded holes here but the kit does give you some nut clips, so we’re gonna get those
pushed in and then tighten down our hanger with the 13-millimeter hardware. Now the 13-millimeter bolt at the top is pretty
open, you can get that with the ratchet but this one down here is a little bit tighter
just because it’s actually behind that hanger. So it’s gonna come in here old school with
the wrench. And tighten that down. Now to finish this off, obviously, we have
to come in here with the isolator, so spray these down with some lubricant, PB B’laster. And then you can slide that on the tailpipe
and then over the hanger. And that is good to go. Now before we hang up our other tailpipe,
there is a couple of things we have to do first, the one that’s not as obvious is gonna
be this nut clip here. This mounting tab that I’m installing this
to is basically gonna secure the two pipes together. So I’m gonna make sure that that lines up,
right there. And then secondly we can put on a clamp and
get this started in our muffler. So now we can conjoin the two pipes together
with a 13-millimeter bolt. We’re just gonna thread that through the top
one and into that nut clip on the bottom pipe. Then just like the hanger, we can take our
13-millimeter wrench and tighten that down. So now we’re looking pretty good. We’re just gonna get our tips on here. And I’m just gonna make sure that they’re
all the way in and level. Now we can come in here with the 8-millimeter
Allen key and tighten those down. I recommend you do this one closest toward
the rear first because obviously if there was another tip right here, this would be
a lot harder than here. Now we’re gonna do the same thing on the other
one. And if they touch the bodywork right now that’s
okay. We’re gonna get these tilted in the correct
manner in just a second when we go and tighten down all the clamps. Obviously, though don’t let it scratch your
truck. So now we have our tips installed, make any
adjustments as needed to these pipes to make sure everything is lined up and seated where
you want it. Then we can come in with a 15-millimeter socket
and tighten down all of our clamps. We’re gonna do the same thing for this clamp
in front of our muffler. And then the final step here, switch back
to the 14-millimeter socket on the U-joint as well as the 14-millimeter wrench, and we
can lock in this clamp. So, guys, that is gonna do it for my review
and install of the MBRP Black Series 3-Inch Dual Exhaust System with the Middle Side Exit,
fitting all ’15 and newer 5.0 F-150s. Thank you guys for watching. Subscribe for more like this one. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all
things F-150.

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