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Today we’re taking a look at the 2015 Chevy Colorado. This is a
mid-size pickup designed to compete directly with Ford’s
F-150. This truck does have one major advantage over the F-150, and that’s power. The 3.6 liter v6 in this truck comes
with 305 horsepower 269 pound-feet of torque and it doesn’t
hurt you driving around town either because this baby will get to 17
miles to the gallon in the city 24 on the highway. When you’re talking an
all-wheel drive work truck that’s not bad. The truck were driving
today has the optional four-wheel-drive system. and it’s a proper four-wheel-drive, that
means it has a high and low gear it also has a rear locking differential. This baby is all work, but it also has an extremely
comfortable cabin. That’s right, heated seats, and an
advanced nav system. This baby is made for work but
it doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable doing it, right? In the bed you can haul up to 1590 lbs of stuff. And then there’s towing capacity the Colorado can tow up to 7,000 lbs. That right there is the benefit of a body-on-frame construction. This particular truck is priced at about $36,000. So what do you get? Let’s take a look.
Available in several configurations the particular Colorado we’re driving
today comes with four doors giving easy access to the second row
where there is plenty of space for full size adults. This is one crew
cab the crew won’t mind riding in. Our test truck also includes the
optional spray-on bedliner as well as standard corner steps and
for long days that stretch into the night there’s a handy bed light. Navigation is courtesy of the optional eight-inch touchscreen display. This upgrade is only an extra $495 over the base system and it’s well worth it. It includes, weather,
3D maps 3G WiFi and Chevy MyLink Audio The center cluster includes a
multi-function display where you can check your mileage as well
as other vehicle vitals air con controls are nicely crafted
buttons and dials. Okay that’s enough talking about the
truck let’s take it for a drive and see how it is. One really nice feature of this Colorado is the remote start which is really great for those cold early mornings. Since it’s pouring rain today, I’ll demonstrate it inside the vehicle. You simply click lock, and start. of course it also comes with the
traditional key Once on the road, the 2015 Colorado z71 displays its ability to be all things to
all people body roll is well controlled and the 305
horsepower v6 gives power when you demand it When the paved surface turns to dirt the
z71 becomes the truck it was meant to be Even steep hills are no match for the four-wheel drive low and locking
differential. Simply switch the dial and the truck does the rest. Here in the
Pacific Northwest we have some very sharp rocks the z71 comes with Kevlar-lined Wrangler
tires to help avoid punctures. Going down is just as easy as going up, here we engage the Colorado’s hill descent control system and it makes easy work up a loose, steep
surfaces. The 2015 Chevy Colorado z71 four-wheel-drive crew cab is one of
those trucks that makes even non truck fans stand-up and take
notice. It’s a crazy capable machine that
can traverse almost any obstacle and best of all it looks great doing it I’m Ryan Douthit for the AutoNation test drive. For more
information on the Chevy Colorado or any other truck, visit AutoNation.com, today.

10 thoughts on “2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review – AutoNation

  1. Umm, F-150 is full-size which competes with Tundra, Sierra, Silverado, RAM, and Titan. Midsize pick ups that the Colorado competes with are its better looking cousin – the Canyon, Tacoma, and Frontier. Otherwise, great review!

  2. Good review. Good thing I decided I to buy the Colorado after test driving a Tacoma. And off course I did a lot of research as well. Im not bothered with GM's reliability. Reviews are good for this little truck so decided it as my first ever truck.

  3. Well this pickup truck is not bad at all. I do like its design more than Tacoma, for instance. But the reliability is unknown for me. Never own Chevy pickups. By the way, I've just read about 2016 Colorado here, I think it's sort of speculations as always: http://carsintrend.com/2016-chevrolet-chevy-colorado-diesel-redesign-and-release-date/

  4. I plan on getting one to replace my 01 tacoma. The only thing I dont like about this colorado is that plastic peice below the licence plate holder.

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