2015 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L My 100,000km Review Would i Buy Another?

Having Issue with the music during the drone footage.Im working on getting it working but for now it is what it is thanks for your support.

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  1. Good review. Thank-you. I have a 2012 Laramie Crew with 255,000 km. Have not had a lick of trouble with this truck. BTW at posted 110 kmph highway speeds I get 11.2 KM per 100 km. Occasionally it will go over 12 if I'm pushing a headwind and coming back from Medicine Hat to Calgary.

  2. Hey man, I'm on my second Ram now, both with 5.7 hemi.. You mentioned in the video that you have friend,who drives ecodiesel.. I was looking into one of those for a while now and wonder if it worth it in terms of the reliability-service cost and also how it does here in our Alberta winters compare to the hemi? Thanks in advance.

  3. Great vid. Thanks for the upload. Do you run with "eco" mode on or do you do the "manual shift" override? We just traded an 09 Avalanche cause cylinder #4 was pooched likely from cylinder deactivation. So we're paranoid to run it on the Hemi. The new rig is Big Horn with quad cab, 6'4" box, ram box storage, 3.92 gears, LSD and 9 speaker stereo w/sub. Great ride so far, kinda sad to see that manifold leaks happen on hemis too. What was wrong with the grill? I got a bad feeling it won't stand up to snow&ice here in Ontario.

  4. "It's nice right now, 4°!" Fuck the cold. And you washed your truck in that weather. Lol. You northerners have lost your mind from that cold shitty weather you live in.

  5. Good video I am definitely a ram fan pick up my ram that I built seriously from the ground up ..We’ve taken every single thing apart on the truck engine transmission we are rearend there’s a video on my channel for everything check it out. https://youtu.be/BbwuEmWyOsg

  6. I looked at a 2012 with 88,000km on it. It was from Alberta. And had a ton of rust under and cancer on the right rear fender. I live in Northwestern America so vehicles being rusted out is not common. What I'm asking is that seems like very low miles to be that bad off or is that common?

  7. Nice video. I am looking at a 2014 Ram 1500 Sport with the 5.7 Hemi and the 8 speed transmission with 63000km's on it. (SGI writing off my 2000 Ram Laramie SLT with the V8 Magnum – Loved that truck 🙁 Anything else you have come across that any potential buyers should be on the lookout for?

  8. Rennergade, Nice video, have you ever carried a motorcycle in a 6'4" rambox bed and a tow trailer? I ask because I'm about to trade in my 2005 yukon and buy a 2018 Ram 2500 megacab 4×4 6;4" rambox with the 6.4 hemi. My new TT is 25' and weighs about 5000lbs unloaded and my bike weighs about 530lbs, figure gear and a couple of passengers and I'm thinking the 1500 would be overloaded. I would appreciate your input.

  9. Nice truck. My '92 w250 has over 300,000 miles. Looking to buy a newer truck this spring lol. Definitely thinking a 1500 or a tundra.

  10. Good info man. I'm looking for a new truck to replace my 01 Sierra SLT. Considering only 2014+ Ram, Tundra and Sierra. I tow 5k about five times a week. Care about mpg and power.. also live in Alberta in Calgary. What do you recommend? I certainly don't wanna put too many parts into a truck costing 30-35 grand.

  11. I had a squeak in my dash as well .. 2011 Ram 1500 … took me a while to find it .. but mine was not the dash .. it was the windshield wiper drivers side .. especially when the temp outside is around 30 degrees fer or less … I sprayed lubricant at the base of the wiper .. where the hinge is and that takes care of it for awhile .. then when summer comes it’s gone ..

  12. Awesome video! I had a quick question. What does your engine oil temp normally run at while you’re on the highway or towing?

  13. I have a 2016 with the hemi and 8 speed. I have 30k on it. I’m thinking about getting the extended warranty! Anyone have suggestions? This is my first mopar product.

  14. The hemi tick. U think as long as this engine had been around they would have worked the exhaust manifold gaskets out by now

  15. Very nice video. I’m actually in the market for a used one. Can you give me any tips to look for? I hear the quarter panels rust very easily.

  16. Great vid. I'm going on 260k on my 08 Hemi powered Power Wagon. A few minor repairs and regular maintenance and she still runs like new,

  17. Great Video…. So after all that hard driving and pulling you had no BIG trouble with the truck??? And it's the sport package right???

  18. Got 183k on my Dodge Ram and it still runs good. Ready for a new model, but never a real problem aside from basic maintenance stuff and sensors. I am officially a Dodge fan now.

  19. 2015 Ram 1500 sport 5.7 L v8.

    First 100 000 K

    Coil pack

    First year of owning it, I spent $5300 in fuel also.

  20. I have a 2014 1500 Laramie, 8 speed, Hemi Gas mpg is the same as my previous Tacoma!! Very happy with that!
    , 120,000 and doing great, drive like the day I bought it! Use 92 gas most of the type.
    What services are you planning to have it done next?
    Only thing manual recommends is spark plug at 160K …

  21. For those "rock chips" go get Mothers clay bar kit. Takes it right off! Happens to my white 2014 every winter

  22. Around 60k miles in 2 years isn't that much, and what defensive proof do you have that your the "first", because your not even close to the first

  23. Great Video, thank-you! This is encouraging. You covered almost all of the major issues with the Ram 1500 w/Hemi. From what I am seeing, the common stuff is 1.) the cheap goodyear tires, 2.) the seat stitching coming apart, 3.) exhaust manifold bolts, and 4.) the upper ball joints. You did not mention anything about the ball joints, probably because they are still ok. But I would be interested in hearing how they end up in the next 20k miles or so. Mine went out on my Durango at around 110k miles. But yeah, over all seems to be a decent truck if the problems are limited to a handful of issues.

  24. Yeah I remember when I got my first ram, took it to Seattle from LA and back it was a great experience, the ride is so comfortable, it doesn’t tired you as much which is great if you’re driving a lot. The hemi was doing 23mpg so that was impressive.

  25. Thank you for the video. Looking to pick on of these up here pretty soon. Dodge has come a long way from the 5.9 being the only good choice.

  26. I’m a long time Chevy fan and employee.First time Ram owner.2016 shortbed single cab hemi.Question hoe reliable are these 8 speed autos.I think he is are dependable. So far best bang for my buck

  27. On the lot today was a 2015 limited Ram. 77000kms, asking price was $37000 Canadian. (Vancouver). While walking around I noticed many defects on the truck, but what blew my mind was the salesman's response to my comment. Now I don't know if other Rams have this problem or not, but on the outside of the drivers side door, the black plastic cover, like a vinyl was pealing and looked pretty bad. When I pointed it out to him, he replied " Well it is a 2015 you know" I thought to myself, you F…ing moron, this truck brand new was $70k and because it's 3 years old justifies plastic pealing apart and looking like shit now? Pissed me right off, coulda smashed his face into the glass window. Anyway, it was an eco diesel, motor ran nice, no leaks underneath or in the engine bay, but found the fit and finish to be kinda weak and cheap. Things pealing off, rust between the cab and the box etc. Just wondering if anybody else experienced the same.

  28. Nice to see someone using their truck. I have a 2017 3.6l with 20,000 miles on it (awesome truck) and I just got rid of my 06 HDMI which I had for 11 years (a little over 200,000 miles on it). I plan on keeping my 17 for that long as well. I would have double the miles on my trucks, but I always have two trucks and drive them just about the same amount of miles, keep things even. I beat the tar out of my 06. The only repair I ever needed (besides regular maintenence ie..shocks, brakes, plugs, filters, differential fluid..that kinda stuff) was a rear end at 150,000 miles which was $3,000. That truck was a great truck. Did what I needed it too and more. I will say, my 17 is quicker and more responsive. Even though the 17 has 40 less horse power, it is 1,000lbs lighter! 0-60 times are faster and navigating these country road and coming out of corners is definitely quicker, but could tow about 3,000 lbs more. Hauling is real close to the same. And ways..nice truck man. Take care of it and it will definitely take care of you!

  29. I bought my RAM at 100k for 25k CAD Good shape and all was worried it would be falling apart. It's worked great so far and I love it in this snow. I put a full exhaust on it, straight pipes out the end from a Flowmaster Super 10 exhaust dual out.

  30. If you dont tow, then the 3.21 is fine. I have a 2017 ram sport 4×4 and has the anti spin differential and 3.21 gears

  31. dodge ram trucks sure cheeped out on the fucking bumpers the back one just touch some thing and you have a big dent in it fucked up or what for that i would never buy another one of your fucking trucks again over priced for what you get.there tin is all they are 25 dollar bumper it,s all it is worth and it,s a 10,000 dollar truck off the show room floor

  32. Cannae hear ye very good. Been over a year now, but I just found. That's only 60,000 miles, so not much, but helps. I like it when people say, "I've got 36,000 Trouble Free™ miles on my _______!" To which I say, heck a Yugo would do that. I wouldn't call battery warmer and tires an issue. Fan thing, exhaust manifold leak, squeaking, etc., are issues with truck. If any y'all boys ever get Ram 2500 or heavier, make sure you get the Aisin (eye sheen; I speak Japanese, that's how it's said. Course, I don't say German car names right…) transmission. They are better than Allison, IMO. Chrysler has been different with shifters. Way back in 1950s, they had push button. Those Ecodiesels are known to give up the ghost at about 100,000 miles.

  33. Hi I'm going to purchase a Ram 2015-2017 I would like to purchase a 1500 V8 Hemi or Ecoboost Desiel . I believe it will be enough to tow with but guys keep telling me I need a 2500. Not exactly sure the lbs. will tow but can't imagine it will be much over 9,000. Please tell me your opinion I don't think they understand that newer engines can produce more torque.
    Thanks Dana

  34. Really wish these came wit factory hid/ led lighting like the new silverados. But I’m looking at the ram sports 2016-18s. Love the blacked out housings nice sport bucket seats. Does yours come with the alpine audio? Ima Chevy fan but man these in single cab form give way more value per dollar. And also lastly those Amber drl is that factory option don’t see that too much out here in the states

  35. Just traded my 2014 ram 1500 quad in with 162000 miles 2 months ago loved it so much I got the 2019 lone star classic crew

  36. DID YOUR AC BREAK YET? FRONT CV AXLES? COOLANT BYPASS VALVE? STEERING RACK? OH RUSTING FRONT AND REAR BUMPERS? Mine did all before 80k. Only on road no trailer or box load. Garbage truck!

  37. Hey bud, nice vid. Does your…or did your 1500 have air ride suspension? Any thoughts on the system? Any major issues with air ride?

  38. They are by far more stylish than anything ford & Chevy have to offer..the new interiors are almost car like.

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